Tie One On, A Bow Tie Tutorial

Everyone, yes everyone, should know how to tie a bow tie.  I mean, The Boss is literally a pro.

bow tie the boss

Wearing High Cotton

Done in under 30 seconds, with better dimples than a clip on.

I found this great tutorial from SarahBelle93x, who is just fantastic.  I actually found her on instagram after seeing that she was in the same business as an old friend of mine, Allie Evans.   If you haven’t come across her instagram or youtube account yet, I definitely recommend checking her out!

As promised, the bow tie tutorial:

If your prom hasn’t come up yet (mine isn’t until June 3rd!), consider one of these bow ties that all of the girls will love!
college bow tieRep where you’re going next year! Go Tarheels!

southern proper bow tie

Old school prep

lilly pulitzer bow tie

Match her dress

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