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Prep Basics for Him and Her

Spring is quickly approaching, which, as we all know, means it’s time for a wardrobe update.  As we all head off on our shopping sprees for the upcoming season, remember that one can never have too many of the following items. Yes mother, I really do need a fourth pair of TB flats!


1. Vineyard Vines Polo

HisFrom Classic to Slim-Fit, from Solid to Striped, from Cotton-Piqué to Jersey, Shep and Ian have all of their bases covered when it comes to their polos.

HersWith the Classic and Shoreline cuts in just about every color imaginable, picking out the perfect polo is easier than picking out what sweetener to put in your iced tea.  Which has less calories: Splenda or Equal?

2. Monograms

HisWhile girls like to monogram just about everything they own, these cuff links are a simple and subtle way to integrate the monogramming trend into any closet.

HersI consider myself a monogramoholic, living my the words of Reese Witherspoon: “If it ain’t moving, monogram it.” I’ve put my monogram on everything from totes, to cardigans, to pockets on pants… even my car! This bracelet is the perfect starting point.

3. Boat Shoes


I cannot stress enough the importance of a good boat shoe.  Sperry has mostly resorted to outsourcing the manufacturing of the majority of their shoes; however, their “Handcrafted Original Boat Shoe by Made in Maine” (which is available for both men and women) could be the best quality boat shoe I have ever seen.  I can’t imagine walking on the bow of the boat without a pair on–they really do grip to slick surfaces.  Plus, have you seen anything more adorable than a Sperry ad?  But Daddy, I need a golden retriever to go with my new shoes!

4. Beautiful Bows

HisI hope that any prep, when confronted with the decision to choose between a neck tie and a bow tie, would choose the bow tie every time.  I always recommend an American brand that’s proud of their fun patterns–Southern Proper, Vineyard Vines, and High Cotton all make high quality bows for bros.

HersWe all love Kiel James Patrick and seriously envy Sarah Vickers.  Since she released her “Vicker’s Bow Collection” (which I also wrote about here), it has become easier to be just like our adored idol. This “Scarlett O’Hara” bow is one of my favorites.

5. The Frat Collection Frocket

His | Hers

The Frat Collection could be one of my favorite brands of all time.  If you don’t have one of their shirts yet, I highly suggest purchasing one!  Basically, you pick out a pocket (they have a ton of patterns!), the color of your shirt, and whether you want it to be long sleeve or short sleeve.  They’ve also now come out with sweatshirts, tanks, and men’s sport shirts. My favorite part?  They donate 10% of each purchase to the charity of your choice!

6. Sweet Sunnies

His | The Ray-Ban “Wayfarer” shape is probably the most iconic in sunglass history.  There is no basic more necessary, especially as the weather gets warmer.

HersAviators are great for any face shape and any outfit.  This gold color works great for blondes, like me, but if you’re looking for something darker, Ray-Ban also makes them with dark brown and black frames as well.

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Preppiest Couple West of the Mississippi

Hi all! Based on my incessant habit of Instagramming (we can make it a verb, right?) this week, some of you may have picked up that my senior year Winter Formal took place last Friday, February 1st.  I guest posted for Grace from the blog Preppy on the West Coast this week and talked about everything from asking my date, to finding a location, to what everyone wore.  Click over to her blog to read all about it!

Everyone knows that the best part of a school dance is taking pictures with your date and getting to post them everywhere, so I’m taking full advantage of that.  We hired a photographer and took pictures at Balboa Yacht Club, looking over Newport Harbor. These are the results:


 We’ll pretend that the boutonniere didn’t poke him…


On him: shirt, Vineyard Vines | bow tie, Vineyard Vines

On her: dress, Lilly Pulitzer | belt, Another Line |shoes, Steve Madden

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Vineyard Vines: Final Sale Discount

The press release above pretty much says it all. Unfortunately most of the popular items are only in XXL, but you can still score some good deals on cashmere and flannels for next Winter.

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Last Minute Gifts for the (Almost) Forgotten

Every year in my house, it seems, there’s always one person my family has forgotten to get a gift for until the last minute before Christmas.  “Did you get something for the next door neighbor?” “Yes.” “The manager of the yacht club?” “Uh huh.” “Field hockey coach?” “Done.” “Uncle Peter?” “…Oops…”

Here are some ideas for spur of the moment gifts from our friends at Vineyard Vines!

last minute gifts

1. This cover is the perfect accessory for the iPhone your parents bought the nanny this year. $38

3. When the country club bartender is feeling low, surprise him with this holiday bow tie that will make him the talk of the town! $45

4. Even though you forgot Hanukkah ended on the 9th, your attorney’s wife will still adore this bangle. $48

5. This lazy pants set is perfect.  I mean, the cleaning lady wants to be cozy too… pants $65 top $49.50

6. Get this tumbler for your SAT tutor who’s on that juice cleanse. $16.50

7. Forgot there was a gift exchange tonight?  Pick up this reindeer whale ornament on your way to the party! $22.50

8. Don’t forget Fido! This patchwork leash is the best.  The handle has a buckle to easily attach your pup to the cafe table at lunch or the lamp post at Starbucks. $42


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Holiday Gift Guide — The Boss

Although the weather hasn’t quite gone along with the Winter Wonderland theme the past two Decembers in New England, it doesn’t mean the staff at T&V can’t celebrate the most wonderful time of the year! To kick off my gift guide/wish list, I’d like to thank our advertisers who have supported us through the year. You’ve helped the site grow and outfit our readers in some awesome clothing! Without further adieu, here is The Boss’ Holiday Gift Guide:

The “Deerfield” shirt via J.J. Threads. Inspired by Deerfield Academy. Use code “t&v” for 20% off.

Men’s Madras Blazer via Cape Madras. They have great madras fabrics for each month of 2013!

 (Gray) Pullover by Goodees Clothing. Just as comfortable as VV and Patagonia for 1/2 the price.

Leatherback Tabbed OG Knot via Knot Belt Co. These belts are very versatile and can be worn by the docks or links. 

I don’t want to take up too much space with visuals, but here’s a list of some other gear every prep should be asking for this year!

Signature Sweatshirt — Orvis

G4Z Stockingfoots — Simms

Battle Road Plaid — Concord Button Downs

Vineyard Whale Bow Tie — Vineyard Vines

Helios Fly Rod + Guided trips to Newport, Vineyard, ACK, & Cape Cod — Kyle Prussing 

Yorktown Weekender Duffel — Hudson Sutler

Classic Board Short Brittle Starfish in Lagoon — Strong Boalt

Men’s Reefton in Grizzly — Ugg

Entourage, Curb your Enthusiasm, Eastbound & Down on DVD

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Trueprep: Christmas Edition

Now that Thanksgiving is over and the snow is falling, there is something I must admit: I have a slight obsession with Christmas time (and by slight I mean quite extreme). You may or may not know this, reader, but I go a little overboard when it comes to the holiday season. As soon as the turkey is put away, the last piece of pumpkin pie is devoured, and my father is fast asleep on his chair by the fire, it begins. “It” entails decorating with as many lights as I can find around the house, consuming copious amounts of baked goods, and listening to Nat King Cole Christmas carols for days on end. I even make my dog wear stupid Santa hats and mistletoe… poor Liberty never has a chance. However, when I’m wrapped up in all this holiday spirit (no pun intended…), I seem to forget that others do not 100% share my enthusiasm all the time – much to my chagrin. Friends have shared with me that although they see tons of products they would love to have during the year, when it comes to the gifting season, they have no idea what they want. In response I say, “Cheer up, Scrooge! I have PLENTY of gifts that can help jog your memory.” They then reply with a joyous “Whipee!” and we skip off together to Candy Cane Land to enjoy our holiday treats. (Alright, maybe that part I made up but who doesn’t want to visit a place called Candy Cane Land???) So to help all of you get an idea of what you may want under your tree, menorah, etcetera here is my basic Christmas list that I’ll be placing in an envelope and mailing to the North Pole ASAP. Happy Chrismahannakwanzaa and don’t forget to stay preppy. <3

TruePrep’s Ultimate Christmas Wishlist:

  1. Ryan Gosling (shouldn’t be too much trouble, right?)
  2. Gibson Hummingbird Acoustic-Electric Guitar
  3. NuMe Hair Curler
  4. Frye Melissa Logo Boots
  5. Hamptons Navajo Jack Rogers (White/Gold) (since I ruin mine every season)
  6. Saint Christopher Pendant Necklace
  7. Gift Cards on Gift Cards on Gift Cards
    1. Vineyard Vines
    2. Lilly Pulitzer
    3. Madewell
    4. J-Crew
    5. Jack Wills

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The Boss’ Back to School Style Guide via Vineyard Vines

As prep school orientations are wrapping up and classes are just around the corner, many preps are finding their summer outfits of choice (button downs and bathing suits) don’t quite meet dress code. So, here are a few back to prep school wardrobe ideas for all of our readers and fans.

For the nautical boarding schoolers. St. George’s. Tabor. You know who you are. You spend your summer days sailing off the shores of Newport, and by night you charter helicopters to local parties. For the fall, trade in your Rainbow flip flops for boat shoes and button up your button down.

This look is strictly for the adrenaline-junkie prep schoolers. I see you on the ISL ski teams. I see you VT, NH, and ME boarding schools, where 1 out of 10 alums become ski bums living off trust funds. You spend your summers on a lake up north, or chilling by the ocean with George Bush Sr. Your school has a somewhat casual dress code and this outfit gives you a rebellious, earthy crunchy look.

What’s up Mid-Atlantic preps? New England preps reign supreme, but I know you’re down there trying hard. Dad works in D.C. so you can enjoy crab cakes on the Potomac at the family estate. You a little geo-curious–much like your forefathers. You can’t decide if your Northern prep, or Southern. So, you bring the two styles together.

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Hit up the Vineyard Vines Whalehouse Sale


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How to Dress for a Preppy Beach Weekend

I’m sure that everyone knows of someone who has never heard of a Nantucket Red or a ribbon belt. We all know that these items of clothing are wardrobe staples for prep schoolers, but if you have a friend who is still in the dark, share Twines & Vines with them. 

Summer beach weekends are often at seaside towns steeped in preppy style, especially in the Northeast. But what if you’re an urbanite just visiting for the weekend? How far do you need to go to fit in?

For Ian Murray, the 37-year-old co-founder and co-chief executive of apparel brand Vineyard Vines, the preppy look is all about attitude, “exuding a sense of comfort in your environment—you’ve been here before, you know the etiquette and you’re having a good time. You’re having fun but you’re also confident in who you are—when people are preppy they’re not chasing trends.” READ MORE…

Shep & Ian Murray are the pioneers of the 21st century prep lifestyle. They’ve contributed so much to the prep school fashion industry in the past decade or so. Thank you Shep. Thank you Ian. 


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Vineyard Vines 30% off Sale Today!

Get over to the Vineyard Vines site for a big 30% sale on select items today!

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