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Sammy Adams “All Night Longer”


Check out prep school grad, Sammy Adams’ new single “All Night Longer.” It’s a pretty sweet upbeat track good for a night out. Play this at a Sweet 16 or House Party, and things will get going.

Seeing as Sammy Adams went to prep school, and makes sick music, we’re currently trying to set up a Sammy Adams concert in conjunction with Twines & Vines for MA prep schoolers in the near future.

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Which colleges are the most prep?

Well, according to the Huffington Post, here is the list:

  1. University of Virginia
  2. University of the South (Suwanee)
  3. Miami of Ohio
  4. College of Charleston
  5. Davidson
  6. St. Lawrence
  7. Bowdoin
  8. Claremont McKenna

The author at Huffington Post must have gotten lazy or fallen asleep and just decided to submit the list with eight schools. Why not go to ten? We all know that there are a lot more preppie colleges. So, it’s time to vote on which two schools should be added to the list. There are a lot of choices. Vanderbilt? Elon? Trinity? Princeton? Ole Miss? You pick your favorite or write in another choice.

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