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Catalina Island

As North Eastern preps rang in Memorial Day with barbecues on the Vineyard, all of us SoCal dwellers hopped on our boats and jetted off to Catalina Island for the weekend.  Many of the local yacht clubs have coves over at the island for their members to anchor/moor in.  Balboa Yacht Club in particular hosts an “Opening Day” over Memorial Day Weekend each year, signifying the official opening of the cove for the season.  While no wine mixers were attended, a fabulous time was enjoyed by all.  My family was spread across 3 boats and had at our disposal 4 paddle boards, 3 coves, 2 jet skis, and endless sun.  Saturday was spent hanging out between 2 coves (Moonstone and White’s); riding the jet skis, wakeboarding, paddle boarding, heading to shore to meet up with friends.  Sunday we headed to Avalon, the town everyone knows Catalina for.  We relaxed at the Tuna Club (the world’s oldest fishing club) for a while before hitting the bars and the Descanso Beach Club.  We left Monday afternoon, making it home just in time for the BYC barbecue.




PS- Family friend Corinne, from Boardwalks and Boulevards, came with us.  Check out her post about the trip here!

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Hitting the Slopes

Number one on any skier’s Christmas list

Last weekend myself and some buddies piled into the car and made the trip up to Mount Snow in Vermont for some skiing. Definitely not our ideal location but skiing nonetheless. While there we ran into some bros and gals from St. Johnsbury Academy, one of Vermont’s oldest prep schools that has produced numerous senators and a president in Calvin Coolidge. When I asked how the skiing had been I received a strange look. Then it hit me and my buddies, not one of them had poles, they were all snowboarding.

I was in awe, I had always viewed skiing as the traditional winter sport epitomizing the prep-school lifestyle. If anyone remembers the Johnny Tsunami movie, skiing was only for the elite private school kids and snowboarders weren’t allowed on their side of the  mountain. What happened to the good old days? Maybe times are changing and snowboarding is becoming acceptable among the elite when it used to be just for mountain bums. I’m not sure what the answer is so I figured who better to ask but the preps yourselves.

Like I said Mount Snow is definitely NOT ideal for skiing, and maybe that’s where I went wrong so I wanted to hit you guys with what are going to be some gems this winter for New England skiing. Obviously besides the amazing slopes out west such as Vail Resort in Colorado, my personal favorite, the second best option is New England. My biggest hidden gem is Jay Peak in northeastern Vermont. Since being taken over by Forbes lister Bill Stenger, foreign investments totaling over 200 million dollars have poured in from Switzerland, Austria and Canada.

With all that money being poured into the resort the mountain is becoming a luxury to ski at and one of my new favorites. The same investment group has also bought nearby Burke Mountain and is transforming the small slopes into a hotbed for skiers. Although a four and half hour drive from Boston these mountains are guaranteed to have some of the freshest powder in New England and are a prime location for prep schoolers who want to hit the slopes over winter break.

From the family lodge,


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