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Prep school video of the week

Teachers at The Rivers School in Weston, MA with a flash mob performance of “Call Me Maybe”

You can easily see which teachers had experience at the legendary prep school dances when they were in middle school and which ones didn’t. 

Classic Mr. Caplan.

In a related story, The Rivers School was ranked as the 21st best high school in the country in an article in the Washington Post. I’ll bet that the author did that rating before he knew about Twines & Vines.

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Prove People Wrong Relaunches with a Bruin’s Roar

It all started with an inspired notion. Cam Brown came up with a saying to help him stay motivated and overcome his small size while trying to make it to a college hockey team.  Along with three other college hockey bound friends, they adopted their philosophy and spread it throughout their circles. One thing led to another and together they embarked on a journey that took them from printing and selling PPW wristbands in their garage to having the greatest professional hockey goalie in the world, Tim Thomas of the Boston Bruins asked them to be a part of their movement.  Their story is an inspiration, but more importantly their optimism is too. They believe that to help others succeed is the greatest accomplishment a person can achieve. Their mission rides on their strong belief that others will defy the odds and prove people wrong.

PPW is checks off every box on my list of prep apparel company requirements. Prep school founder (Jack Brewer, The Rivers School ’10). Items you can add to your wardrobe (sporty and casual). A true cause (Proving people who doubt your success wrong). Support YOUR cause by getting some PPW swag and feel free to share your story with them on facebook or twitter. Give them a follow while you’re at it. #PPW

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Another Belichick is coaching. Fear the hoodie.


Phillips Andover grad Amanda Belichick is an assistant coach for the women’s lax team at the Ohio State University. The Buckeyes are at Gillette Stadium to play in a women’s lax event against perennial women’s lax powerhouse Northwestern University (coached by Thayer Academy grad Kelly Amonte Hiller).

The prep tree grows wider, as Amanda Belichick has two brothers who have played prep school lax: Stephen, who played at The Rivers School, and Brian, who played at Suffield.

Check out that stare in the huddle. Does it remind you of anyone?


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The Rivers School’s Winter Athletics Straight Killing it in the Postseason


Tayra Melendez of The Rivers School ’12, committed to URI

First the Boys Ski Team cleans up at NEPSACs with a  gold. Then the Boys Hockey Team claims its first Eberhart Trophy since ’85. 

Now this weekend, the Girls Hockey Team and both Boys and Girls Basketball Teams are/were up for a championship.

The Girls Hockey Team won a thriller in 6OTs vs. rival Southfield, but then fell short in the semi finals on Saturday.

Now the Boys and Girls Basketball teams are in the finals hoping to give Rivers its 3rd and 4th Winter Championships this year.

A 4 out of 6 championship success rate with scholar athletes is something you don’t find outside of prep school.

Good Luck Rivers!

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I’ll be freezing at Fenway

This Wednesday at Fenway, The Rivers School’s Girls Varsity Ice Hockey Team will be facing off against St. George’s. Both schools have historically successful girls programs sending players to Boston College, Harvard, the U.S. National Team, and many others. 

A few years ago, boys prep powerhouses collided at Fenway as shown in the above videos.

I’ll be there to witness history Wednesday. Will you?

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Quor Splash, a senior at The Rivers School is dropping his first mixtape next Monday. The mixtape titled December 19th drops no sooner than December 19th. Bump to Splash’s tracks from earlier this year and be hyped for next Monday.

Trend #December19th on twitter, post about it on facebook, and don’t forget to download the mixtape December 19th on Datpiff.com

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Prepsters start small business

No need to go to the store or wait for hats in the mail. If you buy a hat from us all you have to do is contact either T.swartz or S.mcgonagle and your hat will be delivered to your house in a timely fashion. Buying hats from T & S Lids is cheap, easy, and it turns your swagger up.

Snapbacks of all brands and colors.

A couple of my friends from The Rivers School just started a small business called T & S Lids. As most of ya’ll know, snapbacks are in right now for swag especially Mitchell & Ness and Tisa. Rather than ordering directly through a hat company, get a discounted price through T & S Lids and have it sent to your house in a just a few days.

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I be goin ham

Quor Splash’s first released song from his mixtape December 19th. Pretty fresh track.

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Shaquor Sandiford-The Rivers School

The Redwings have their first game tomorrow up at St. Paul’s in NH. Shaq finished his junior year with 1154 passing yards, 14 passing tds, and 5 rushing tds, as well as 1st team All-ISL. After helping lead Rivers to an undefeated season and ISL title last year as a junior, how far can Shaq carry the team in his senior season?

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