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The Great Gatsby Collection by Brooks Brothers

F. Scott Fitzgerald was a life-long Brooks Brothers customer. Double Academy Award winning designer, Catherine Martin noted “Brooks Brothers is mentioned several times in F. Scott Fitzgerald’s writings as a representative of the ultimate gentleman’s purveyor of fine clothing to the American man of distinction.

The line gives a modern twist to the decadent fashion of the roaring twenties. 

The narrow lapels and hightened armholes on the jackets are great ways in which BB altered the line to display the classic Gatsby style. If you’re in need of a new three piece suit for your prep school’s Graduation festivities, the Gatsby line is the way to go.

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Ringing in the New Year

Happy New Year’s Eve, preps!  Tonight, we celebrate new beginnings, new experiences, and new adventures.  If you don’t have a party lined up yet, you’re just in luck! Here’s my guide to throwing a totally last minute Great Gatsby themed New Year’s party:


Outfits | This is the night to go all out with dressing up…and there’s no decade classier than the 1920’s.  Tell the gals to dress in flapper attire; long pearl necklaces, short dresses, hair pieces.  Guys shouldn’t be admitted without proper suits and bow ties.


Decor | It’s last minute, so don’t worry too much about having to buy flowers and do place settings.  However, this most definitely is not a night to use red solo cups. Bring out the champagne flutes, hang a “HAPPY NEW YEAR” banner, pick up some noise makers at the grocery store.


Have Fun | Throw on the Carson Daly Countdown, kick back with your friends, and have fun.  Don’t stress over little details because everyone will already be grateful for your hospitality.

Hope you all have an amazing New Year!


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