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I’ll be freezing at Fenway

This Wednesday at Fenway, The Rivers School’s Girls Varsity Ice Hockey Team will be facing off against St. George’s. Both schools have historically successful girls programs sending players to Boston College, Harvard, the U.S. National Team, and many others. 

A few years ago, boys prep powerhouses collided at Fenway as shown in the above videos.

I’ll be there to witness history Wednesday. Will you?

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And the celebrity prep school grad of the week is…

…Adam Duritz of Counting Crows. Duritz was born in Baltimore and hopped around the country before attending the Taft School in CT. 

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And the celebrity prep school grad of the week is…

…Max Pacioretty, who graduated from the Taft School in Connecticut and went on to play hockey at the University of Michigan and then the Montreal Canadiens.

Pacioretty is one of those players that you would love if he were on your team, but since he plays for the opposition, you hate him. I suppose that’s a compliment, except that he plays for the Canadiens. If he ever goes to another team, I can root for him.

Oh yeah, he also got blown up by Zdeno Chara last season. Chara was not arrested for this hit, but went on to win the Stanley Cup.

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