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Sideline Swap

If you’re an athlete you love having apparel from you’re sport. Wether it’s a club team, college or at the professional level. Sideline Swap is the way to go. You can sell trade and buy things pertaining to your favorite sport. They even have stuff worn by pros and top college players. If you’re a lacrosse player like I am, this is heaven. They have helmets, heads, and uniforms worn by household names. Check out the website, sidelineswap.com, create your own locker where you can sell and trade. Give them a follow on twitter for some sweet promos as well(@SidelineSwap).

Founder Brendan Candon attended Chaminade in NY and played lax at Holy Cross as well.

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Five Questions with Concord Button Downs

The New England prep school look is timeless and rich with history. Many brands established in New England have successfully cultivated the apparel which makes us prep schoolers so unique. L.L. Bean’s duck boots, Vineyard Vines’s ties, now Concord Button Downs’ shirts. One thing that makes Concord Button Downs stand out as an up and coming clothing brand is their honest and classic New England style. New England is rich in history. The Mass Minutemen defended Lexington and Concord

1. How would you define the Concord Button Down style?

Concord Button Downs style is both classic and traditional. Our shirts embody an old-school New England look that is simple, while also authentic. We strongly believe that true New England style should be produced domestically, which is why all products found on our website are produced here in the states.

2. For any non-New England fans, what makes Concord a special town?

Concord is a special town for many reasons. Whether it be its historical significance, literary connotation, or All-American feel, Concord, MA possesses the best of what a New England town has to offer.

3. Where’s your favorite spot to rock Concord Button Downs?

What’s great about Concord Button Downs is their versatility. We tried very hard to construct a shirt that contained many formal features (i.e. rear box pleat, no front pocket, double button barrel cuffs), yet also maintained a laid-back look. That said, one can wear their Concord Button Down at the bar, on a date, or even in the office (depending upon the situation). Each shirt acts as a nice compliment to a blazer, but also looks great as a standalone.

4. Which pattern is your favorite?

Although it’s hard to pick just one, I’d have to say either the Parkman Tavern Plaid, or the Bulkley & Willard Plaid. But again…it’s tough!

5. What’s next for Concord Button Downs?

Our main priority right now is spreading the word through local events, partnerships, and grass roots marketing campaigns. We’re very pleased with the rate the company is growing, and excited about the support we’ve received thus far. As we look forward our hope is to work more closely with Ellen’s Heart and Soul, add a Spring Collection with additional accessories, and drop a “special product” here and there. There is a lot of potential in our market, and we’re excited for what the future has in store.

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Headed to Figawi This Weekend?

Are you headed to ACK to see the first major regatta of the Northeast this year? If so, you should probably stock up on some new threads to replace the favorite shirt or hat that you will invariably lose during the weekend.

For a great deal on things you love, check out the Tuckernuck online store over at UScoop.com.

True trivia about The Boss: I have a classmate named after Tuckernuck Island

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The Dress Code Diaries

This series of posts is intended to serve as a crutch for the unimaginative boarding schoolers who have to follow a specific dress code (coat, tie, khakis).

We all realize that many boarding schoolers have credit cards (their parents or their own), which can be used to add to their weekly wardrobe. Rather than wearing the same three pairs of pants and ties every week with that old, shiny Ralph Lauren blue blazer, I’ll be giving you tips/ideas for new clothing items you can purchase to swag up your style while still following the dress code.

For the first post of the series, I figure it’s safe to say every prep needs at least one bow tie in his rotation of ties. Learning how to tie your own bow tie is an essential rite of passage to being a gentleman.

Cordial Churchman – Waite Bow Tie

Cotton/Linen blend

Light blue and pink stripes


Seeing as how it’s Spring and all, it’s time to hide your bright red and green Christmas ties away in your suitcase. May is the perfect month to rock linen bow ties. This combo of Baby Blue and Pink will go well with almost any colored blazer. Try to match it with a ribbon belt too.

The Cordial Churchman offers some pretty unique hand made bow ties which are half the price of most preppy bow ties on the market. Check out their story and get yourself a new bow to add to your boarding school wardrobe.

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Woman’s Wedges Are Back!

Why let the guys have all the fun…

The “Wedge” Collar by johnnie-O is setting the new standard for style and comfort. This pique polo shirt has all the flair and innovation you’ll ever want, yet the classic, traditional look that you desire.

The “long” version is about 1.5 inches longer than our original Women’s Wedge collar polo.

95% Cotton/5% Spandex.

Ladies, if you go to prep school, hit the links, wear The “Wedge” Collar, or all the above hit me up. The “Wedge” Collar by johnie-O is something I am really digging on prep school girls this Spring. Click the photo above to get your hands on a “Wedge” Collar today!

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Check out the new website for Southern Dignity Clothiers

Southern Dignity has been a company that I have been watching for awhile. They were developing a website to showcase their threads, and just launched in the past week. I’m a big fan of their bowtie & suspenders combos, although they may have picked this combo before the Crimson Tide rolled the LSU Tigers. 

They have a really cool collection of SEC mascot themed ties, so check them out at  http://www.southerndignity.com/


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Up your swag exponentially

Our college, university and prep school blazer buttons are traditionally crafted. Brass buttons are die struck with the emblem of the school and colorful cloisonné enamel is hand applied. The buttons are then plated with 24kt gold for greater durability through the dry-cleaning process. For a more subdued look, every button can also be ordered in a dead gilt and burnish finish: no enamel is applied and the crest is buffed to a burnish against a muted background. There is no additional charge for this finish. For a truly unique gift, we also offer our Blazer Buttons in precious metals – including 14kt gold fill, Sterling Silver, and 14kt gold. All are available as a special order and can not be returned. Additionally, 14kt gold jewelry requires a 50% deposit.

Ben Silver has taken the prep game to a whole new level.  Hand crafted Brass, Sterling Silver, Gold, your school’s crest… I’ve never heard so many good things in one sentence. Tons of prep schools have these buttons available. Get yours here.

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Breast Cancer Laces

Eastbay Breast Cancer Awareness flat shoe laces will add a nice touch to your breast cancer awareness event. Flat laces made of 100% polyester and are sold in pairs.

Swag for a good cause.  Need I say more?  Pick yours up here.

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Twines & Vines Wrist-bands set to go on sale tomorrow!

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To kick off our own Swag line, I have decided to begin with something simple, yet elegant. Wrist-bands were huge when Livestrong came out. Then, every cheap company had to make their own knockoffs causing the wrist-band fad to fade. Now however, wrist-bands have come back into the prep school light. These exclusive T&V wrist-bands are just as good quality as Livestrong, and will be the prefect preppy accessory to any outfit.

Twines and Vines Wrist-bands are going on sale for $3, but I only have a limited amount. Like us on Facebook, and comment on our wall post to reserve yours now!

If you are interested in purchasing a small amount of bands and selling them on your school’s campus email me at theboss@twinesandvines.com

P.S. I will be building a store that will be put on the site where you can purchase your own wrist-band via PayPal. Via the website, the bands are $3.49 including shipping.


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