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Spring Threads

Since Punxsutawney Phil indicated the upcoming seasonal change, it’s time to add a few new threads to your Spring wardrobe.

Indian Cotton Shirt — J.Crew

Whether you’re an online shopper (boarding students) or live a convenient 20 minutes from the nearest J.Crew (day students), every guy should be adding a few new button downs to their wardrobe. The J.Crew shirts have patterns to layer with solid sweaters, and also come in brighter colors for brighter days.

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VV Releases Spring Preview

I just found out that VV released their spring preview recently and thought to myself, “It’s way too cold… Spring can’t be that close.” But then as I was walking back and forth between academic buildings today and it was 60 and sunny, I changed my mind.

Overall, I dig the feel of this release. Nothing too flamboyant, but at the same time it stands out. It’s almost as if the clothing is shouting out, “Hey, I’m preppy, but I’m here to be casual!”

Check out the rest of the preview here!


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