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The Etta

It seems that lately everyone has been obsessing over J. Crew’s new shoe, The Etta.  With so many styles to choose from, there’s no questioning why.  This J. Crew On Film video just makes my obsession grow even more.

289 pairs?!  If only we were all so fortunate.  Here are my top picks for J. Crew shoes!

Etta glitter-heel pumps in hummingbird floral


Etta cap toe leather pumps


Etta canvas stripe pumps


Comment below with your favorites!

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Category 5 Boat Shoes

  The Yachtsman is Category 5’s inaugural Boat Shoe. Envisioned in 2010, it took nearly 2 years to perfect the design and engineering.  Made from durable and premium leather, The Yachtsman is perfect for a day on the water or a night on the town.  Optimizing style and functionality, The Yachtsman features non-marking and slip resistant outsoles, water resistant leather, rust resistant eyelets, and American Made laces.  Available today, The Yachtsman is being introduced in 3 different colors: Oak, Mahogany, and Walnut.

About Cat5:

Category 5 is a lifestyle.  Finding its roots on the beaches of Cape Cod, Cat 5 is for those that love the laid-back nautical life and represent what they believe in.  The company, founded on July 4, 2011, is the vision of 5 best friends. Unsettled by the abundance of overpriced products with subpar quality, The Cat 5 team sought a solution. After recognizing how much family and friends cherished custom attire, the journey finally set sail. Category 5 Boat Shoes became the best of both worlds, a company that offers affordable custom products with first-class quality.

My classmate and editor NEPSAC.PAT gave me the heads up on Cat5. Before attending Rivers, NEPSAC.PAT went to Belmont Hill, a fellow ISL school. He had heard about Cat5 through his former classmates and found out that one of Cat5’s founders, Greg Karelitz, is a Bel Hill alum.

I personally am a huge fan of fashion lifestyle start ups. The fact that the founders of Cat5 have the stones to call out the flaws in the boat shoe market (cough cough…sperry…cough cough) then research and develop their own superior product is flat out awesome. For some time, I’ve been looking for someone to make a fashionable boat shoe besides sperry. Note: our editor WHOLLEY points out every reason why prep schoolers hate sperrys here. While WHOLLEY may prefer Euro Loafers, I’m a long time boat shoe advocate. Hopefully, Cat5’s will take prep school campuses by storm this year!

Pre-Order yours here!

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The Confessions of trueprep

Dear Readers,

I have a confession. I was trifling through my things getting ready to leave my house for a day trip and came to the realization that I have a serious problem. It’s called monogramitis. This terrible disease is basically the need to monogram everything one owns. From pillow cases to gym shorts to my backpack, I have my initials on practically everything. Not only is monogramitis a personal issue, but it is infectious and has caused many of my friends to start down its dangerous path. It has proven quite difficult for me not to adore things that are specifically mine and cannot be mistaken for anyone else’s so I have decided that, despite how risky this is, I need to share my love of monogrammed items with all of you. I have found Converse shoes, iPhone cases, virtually indestructible “Roadie” cups, and rain boots that can be monogrammed to your liking. (By the way, Vineyard Vines also has phone cases that make me happier than a five-year-old in Disney World.) If monogrammed things aren’t for you, that’s fine too. I discovered some classy knit bow ties to keep you/your guy’s preppy neck warm for the fall and winter and some tacky shorts to watch the London Olympics in. Enjoy!

Send in pictures of your favorite monogrammed item to the Twines & Vines Twitter page and you may be featured on our Instagram!

<3 Stay Preppy


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The Dress Code Diaries

This series of posts is intended to serve as a crutch for the unimaginative boarding schoolers who have to follow a specific dress code (coat, tie, khakis).

For this second post of the series, we would like to introduce you to Stubbs & Wootton.  “Purveyors of hand made slippers to be worn day into evening, from jeans to dinner clothes, these slippers are the perfect shoes for classes or as classic dinner shoes.  Stubbs & Wootton bring Palm Beach styling to the Northeast.

Skull Black – Slippers



Stubbs & Wootton also offer custom embroidery, monogramming and other custom slippers.  Check them out here.

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Talk about flop

As we speak, my toes are cold. JK… there is hardly any snow on the ground. Despite the lack of snow in most parts of the country, it couldn’t hurt to be prepared. Lace up these sick boots from Gorsuch.

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Warm up your tootsies

Usually in the winter (where it is cold), prep school campuses are dominated by (m)Uggs, high top Sperry’s, and Timbs. I, The Boss, am a big fan of having unique style and setting trends. Not to the point of being a hipster, but being stylish enough to catch a few eyes. This Driving Moc by Del Toro Shoes is a great shoe for the cold weather. It combines the Ugg flop with the high top look of a Sperry. I am really intrigued by the grip on the sole. You can’t see it well on this picture, but there are a bunch of blue dots for grip in icy conditions. 

Set a trend today with your own pair of  Del Toro shoes!

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Breast Cancer Laces

Eastbay Breast Cancer Awareness flat shoe laces will add a nice touch to your breast cancer awareness event. Flat laces made of 100% polyester and are sold in pairs.

Swag for a good cause.  Need I say more?  Pick yours up here.

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