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Hoss dropped the ball. Who’s to blame? It’s not out of character for a freshman to drop the slack at an all boys Catholic school. But, you can’t really blame El Hoss. It’s pretty hard to run the internet’s only prep school website that also doubles as a Deep Web marketplace for gambling away Nantucket estate rights. That’s why I’m back…

With any return, a story is in order.

Some would call this limbo a party and sorority girl induced inception; we like to refer to it as college.

Although your teachers have been preparing you for some mystical extension of our beloved high ceiling halls, it’s best described as a shit show out here. Prep schools charge your parents egregious sums of money, not for academic preparation, but so that you can outwit public-school kids on a day to day basis. While the public schoolers are running late, fumbling with their shitty windsor knots for formal events, us blue bloods are already have executed a perfect dimple, having the luxury of conversing with our dates and theirs about weekends in Kennebunkport and summer trips to the Amalfi Coast. Although most stories are structured with character and plot development, narrative and morals, this one is not. I think we all get the drift.


This is why Twines and Vines is coming out from retirement for the summer. Interning in a cubicle for the summer is JV compared to writing about prep school ongoings from a Harkness table.

We are looking for contributors. If your parents are nagging you to put another internship on your college apps, or you have a true passion for writing about anything pertaining to the prep school lifestyle, shoot me an email at theboss@twinesandvines.com.

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Happy Thanksgiving!

There is NOTHING better than turkey & football. Of course, prep schools do not have Thanksgiving football games, since boarding students go home or to a friends house for Thanksgiving. Our football season is over. However, there will be tons of great football on TV today and this weekend with college football rivalries on tap.

Have a great weekend!

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Sammy Adams “All Night Longer”


Check out prep school grad, Sammy Adams’ new single “All Night Longer.” It’s a pretty sweet upbeat track good for a night out. Play this at a Sweet 16 or House Party, and things will get going.

Seeing as Sammy Adams went to prep school, and makes sick music, we’re currently trying to set up a Sammy Adams concert in conjunction with Twines & Vines for MA prep schoolers in the near future.

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Category 5 Boat Shoes

  The Yachtsman is Category 5’s inaugural Boat Shoe. Envisioned in 2010, it took nearly 2 years to perfect the design and engineering.  Made from durable and premium leather, The Yachtsman is perfect for a day on the water or a night on the town.  Optimizing style and functionality, The Yachtsman features non-marking and slip resistant outsoles, water resistant leather, rust resistant eyelets, and American Made laces.  Available today, The Yachtsman is being introduced in 3 different colors: Oak, Mahogany, and Walnut.

About Cat5:

Category 5 is a lifestyle.  Finding its roots on the beaches of Cape Cod, Cat 5 is for those that love the laid-back nautical life and represent what they believe in.  The company, founded on July 4, 2011, is the vision of 5 best friends. Unsettled by the abundance of overpriced products with subpar quality, The Cat 5 team sought a solution. After recognizing how much family and friends cherished custom attire, the journey finally set sail. Category 5 Boat Shoes became the best of both worlds, a company that offers affordable custom products with first-class quality.

My classmate and editor NEPSAC.PAT gave me the heads up on Cat5. Before attending Rivers, NEPSAC.PAT went to Belmont Hill, a fellow ISL school. He had heard about Cat5 through his former classmates and found out that one of Cat5’s founders, Greg Karelitz, is a Bel Hill alum.

I personally am a huge fan of fashion lifestyle start ups. The fact that the founders of Cat5 have the stones to call out the flaws in the boat shoe market (cough cough…sperry…cough cough) then research and develop their own superior product is flat out awesome. For some time, I’ve been looking for someone to make a fashionable boat shoe besides sperry. Note: our editor WHOLLEY points out every reason why prep schoolers hate sperrys here. While WHOLLEY may prefer Euro Loafers, I’m a long time boat shoe advocate. Hopefully, Cat5’s will take prep school campuses by storm this year!

Pre-Order yours here!

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Always Polarizing

Utilizing the latest and most innovative lens technology, Yachtsea’s 8-base curvature lenses block yellow light to enhance vision, deepen colors, and sharpen contrast to an astonishing degree.  All of Scottie Hampton’s laser sculpted lenses include highly effective polarization which are specifically designed to eliminate glare therefore allowing superior visual clarity, definition, color transmission, and optical comfort.  Scottie Hampton lenses also incorporate anti-reflective coatings to improve visual acuity and reduce eye fatigue. Yachtsea’s injection-molded Grilamid nylon frame offers lightweight wear and high impact resistance for remarkable durability.  Each and every pair has been precisely crafted to deliver all day comfort whether you are flying, boating, driving or skiing.

Our newest advertiser Scottie Hampton makes some kick-ass shades. I’ve been a fan of Ray Ban Wayfarers for the longest time and thought they were the best shades around, but after trying out the Yachtsea, my eyes will never be the same. I kid you not, these are the best polarized lenses I’ve ever used. Usually Oakley is known for good lenses, but everyone knows Oakley frames are for hardos. The thing I like about Scottie Hampton is that their frames are both preppy and sporty. Based out of Palm BeachScottie Hampton offers the perfect shades for any prep school yachter.

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Kimball Union grad is a lax cage monster by day & mix-master by night


From the Tufts Daily newspaper, April 24, 2012

On the night of Tuesday, April 10, the lights shone bright upon Bello Field. As the stars came out and the final seconds ticked off the clock in Tufts’ 11−5 defeat of Endicott, the Jumbos rushed the field and collapsed into a dog pile in front of the cage. In the middle of the scrum was backup goalie Mike “Cheese” Maggiore, a sophomore who had just seen his first minutes of collegiate play.

But that wasn’t the top moment of the night for Maggiore. As the Jumbos lined up to shake hands with the Gulls and fans assembled along the fence, a familiar song came blasting through the loudspeakers. It was Maggiore’s own voice, and all of a sudden even the goal he’d let in that night couldn’t wipe the toothy grin from his face. The song, ironically, was called “Smile,” a track on the rapper’s second studio album, “The SKLife, Volume Two,” which he released this month.

Dubbed “Cheese” in middle school by his brother Matt because of a scene in the film “Old School” (2003), Maggiore prefers these days to go by his artist name, “CheddaSK.” And while his imprint on the stat sheet may be small, he has his eyes on something bigger: giving a voice to Tufts by representing himself and his team through music.

Last spring, Maggiore debuted his musical talent with his first mixtape, “The SKLife, Vol. 1,” and in April, his sophomore album, a 10−track collection of studio quality recordings produced by local talent Mike Irish, hit the Web.

Pretty cool story, but if you know anything about prep schools, you can’t swing a d-pole without hitting a few aspiring rappers or DJ’s. Our school has a few who have been featured here on Twines & Vines, not to mention preps like Sam Adams and Jazz Cartier. 

Who would nickname their little brother “Cheese” from “Old School?” That was the dean’s nickname, and everyone hated him and locked him in a dumpster. I would have went with “Blue” if my little brother was a boss. Well, actually, my little bro is kind of a boss, but he’s already got a nickname.  

On another note, J.J. Threads has been outfitting Pro laxers to Djs with sick shirts–Why not hookup a combo of both?


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The Boss’ 2012 ISL Lax Preseason Predictions

Yes I know the season doesn’t start for another month and a half. Yes I know a few of the schools in the video do not belong to the ISL, but they are still prep schools (one difference is the ISL doesn’t allow PGs).

Here’s my two cents on this season and its ever so often twists and turns…

1. Governor’s 15-1 – Repeat as champs offensive firepower led by UNC, Penn St., Villanova, and NESCAC commits

2. Rivers 14-2 – Upset Gov’s, but lose a couple heart-breakers. Led by Loyola, Army, UVM, NESCAC and other D3 commits

3. St. Sebastian’s 13-3 – Win with athleticism and lose the ones that count. Led by ND and other commits.

4. Middlesex 13-3 – Will be a sleeper this year. Expected to be a rebuilding year, but gained key transfers.

5. Belmont Hill 11-5 – Very athletic and many D3 players. Will beat everyone they’re expected to, but won’t upset.

6. Thayer 10-6 – Solid team all around. Outstanding underclassman goaltender.

7. Roxbury Latin 10-6 – Two D1 caliber poles. One committed to Hopkins. Will give everyone a run for their money.

8. Nobles 8-8 – Young team with lack of experience. Will see success rebuilding.

9. Groton 7-9 – Led by Princeton commit among a team of gritty players. 

10. Milton 6-10 – Lose a huge senior class and terrific goalie. Still manage to pull out a few wins.

11. St. Paul’s 5-11 – A team who is always looking to take a win from you. Be wary of lethargy after the long ride up to NH.

12. B.B.N. 4-12 – Young team looking to improve from last year.

13. St. George’s 3-13 – Take stabs at lower ranked teams and lose by a lot to everyone else.

14. Brooks 2-14 – Only finds success over a few teams.

15. St. Mark’s 1-15 – Not too much recruiting or skill to work with at such a small school.

16. Lawrence Academy 0-16 – Haven’t seen much success in the last decade. Not much for them to build on.

Feel free to comment with your arguments/agreements about the upcoming season. If you are interested in putting together a write up for your prep league, shoot me an email.

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