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PPW Determination Tank + Discount Code

Prove People Wrong started off as a phrase. However, it has turned into something much more in the last year or so. To learn about their relaunch from a few months ago or how they got started, click here.

Look and feel great in this PPW tank top.  Emanating the quiet confidence that you have in your pursuit of success, this tank is ideal for everyday use and as a reminder of your determination to Prove People Wrong.

This tank runs for $17.99, but make sure to use this code for a discount at your checkout: jdbow34

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Prove People Wrong Relaunches with a Bruin’s Roar

It all started with an inspired notion. Cam Brown came up with a saying to help him stay motivated and overcome his small size while trying to make it to a college hockey team.  Along with three other college hockey bound friends, they adopted their philosophy and spread it throughout their circles. One thing led to another and together they embarked on a journey that took them from printing and selling PPW wristbands in their garage to having the greatest professional hockey goalie in the world, Tim Thomas of the Boston Bruins asked them to be a part of their movement.  Their story is an inspiration, but more importantly their optimism is too. They believe that to help others succeed is the greatest accomplishment a person can achieve. Their mission rides on their strong belief that others will defy the odds and prove people wrong.

PPW is checks off every box on my list of prep apparel company requirements. Prep school founder (Jack Brewer, The Rivers School ’10). Items you can add to your wardrobe (sporty and casual). A true cause (Proving people who doubt your success wrong). Support YOUR cause by getting some PPW swag and feel free to share your story with them on facebook or twitter. Give them a follow while you’re at it. #PPW

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PPW was just a simple idea. It was a slogan we lived by, especially during the off-season. Whether training in the weight room, skating at the rink, or stickhandling in the garage, we all reminded ourselves of our hockey future and goals with one simple slogan: Prove People Wrong. For all of us throughout our careers, there were doubters at every level, and there always will be. As the summer progressed and the slogan ‘PPW’ drove us more and more, we realized this simple slogan could push people to succeed at any part of one’s life. Everyone during their life will be told no. Here at PPW, though, we believe that the only one that can tell you what you can or cannot do is yourself. For us four we all had one simple goal: to play college hockey. We wear PPW bracelets to remind ourselves that success is in our own hands, not anyone else’s. We’re just simple guys that are driven by a simple slogan in order to make us the best we can be. So whatever your next goal is, go get it. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise, because as we believe here at PPW, success is a choice.

It’s not too late to get your PPW breast cancer awareness t shirt even though October is coming to a close. PPW stands for a great cause and is blowing up in New England. Get yours today and be a part of the movement!

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