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NE prep school hockey represents in upcoming NHL draft

The New England Hockey Journal is a must-read for anyone following hockey in the Northeast. They always do a great job breaking down the local prospects moving up to the next level from prep school.

Here are some of the top prep prospects in New England, possibly joining The Show in a few years.

  • John Hayden–Brunswick School
  • Wiley Sherman–Hotchkiss
  • Ed Ellis–Phillips Andover
  • Ryan Segalla–Salisbury
  • Miles Wood–Nobles
  • Connor Light–Phillips Andover
  • Tyler Wood–Nobles

New England prep school hockey is some of the best HS hockey in the country, but there are not too many good quality videos online. First Scout does a ton of lax videos, but I found this one of PE hockey. Enjoy.

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And the Celebrity Prep School Grad of the Week is….

Patrick Bateman — Phillips Exeter

…Patrick Bateman (played by Christian Bale) from the film, American Psycho! In this film, Bale plays “A wealthy New York investment banking executive hides his alternate psychopathic ego from his co-workers and friends as he escalates deeper into his illogical, gratuitous fantasies,” as summarized by IMDB. 

I saw the movie a month ago and to be honest, it’s pretty fucked up. However, I do see how years of excessive, unhealthy stress from prep school and a career as a top investment banker could result in a fictional character driven to dementedness like Patrick Bateman. So, the moral I took away from PB pretty much don’t go to Exeter… kidding. In all seriousness, when life gets too stressful, take a break from the books and talk to your friends about your problems before you end up like the guy in the movie below.

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Oldest rivalry in prep school sports. Take that, Exeter.

It’s not enough that Andover soccer  just flat out dominated rival Exeter 9-0, but they are making it good off the field too. Thanks for Twines & Vines fan James McLeod for the submission. Keep ’em coming and good luck to PA in the NEPSAC tournament.

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And the celebrity prep school grad of the week is…

…Mark Zuckerberg of Phillips Exeter Academy

Zuckerberg is a web developer and entrepreneur, known for creating a little website known as Facebook. 

Of course, unless you have been living under a rock, you already know that.

Zuckerberg attended Phillips Exeter before going to Harvard. If you’ve seen “The Social Network,” you already know what happened next. Facebook has become the most successful social networking website of all time. While at Exeter, Zuckerberg was the captain of the fencing team, so if you thought he was a total computer nerd, he could probably thrash you with his foil.

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Preps dominate NHL draft boards

Cristoval Nieves of The Kent School scores a goal v. Team Russia

Local New England prep school hockey players stand a good chance to get drafter in the upcoming NHL draft. Here are some of the prospects with their rankings according to the NHL Central Scouting Service:

  • 27 Cristoval “Boo” Nieves, Kent School, 6′ 2.75″ 184, C
  • 33 Dawson Sprigings, The Gunnery, 5′ 11.25″ 206 G
  • 54 Brian Hart, Phillips Exeter, 6′ 2.0″ 216, RW 
  • 69 Chris Calnan, Noble & Greenough, 6′ 1.75″ 188, RW 
  • 76 Danny O’Regan, St. Sebastian’s, 5′ 8.75″ 162, C
  • 79 Devin Tringale, Lawrence Academy, 5’11.5″ 186, LW
  • 99 Doyle Somerby, Kimball Union, 6′ 4.5″ 232, D
  • 101 Adam Gilmour, Noble & Greenough, 6′ 2.25″ 193, RW
  • 108 Matthew Beattie, Phillips Exeter, 6′ 3.0″ 173, LW 
  • 132 John Stevens, Salisbury, 6′ 1.25″ 175, C 
  • 145 Kevin Duane, Brunswick, 6′ 4.0″ 219, RW 
  • 166 Alex Rauter, Choate-Rosemary Hall, 6′ 0.0″ 174, LW 
  • 208 Tim Boyle, Noble & Greenough, 6′ 1.75″ 185, D 
  • 210 Zachary Pryzbek, Salisbury, 6′ 2.75″ 199, LW


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Spring Sports Are Just Around The Corner!


Although southern prep school’s Spring seasons are mostly underway, the Mid-Atlantic and North East are just getting rolling. Lots of teams are headed south for preseason training this year. Look around Tampa for some prep school lax this week. Here’s a taste of prep school lacrosse in New England this Spring.

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Phillips Exeter faculty shows the Evolution of Dance

Instant prep school classic. You didn’t think that Exeter was going to let Andover put up The Andover Song and not respond, did you? The Andover Song has a big lead in YouTube views. Exeter has some ground to make up.

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