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Phillips Exeter faculty shows the Evolution of Dance

Instant prep school classic. You didn’t think that Exeter was going to let Andover put up The Andover Song and not respond, did you? The Andover Song has a big lead in YouTube views. Exeter has some ground to make up.

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Zak DeOssie represents NE prep school football and Phillips Andover with two Super Bowls rings

While Tom Brady is looking forward to another offseason of whizzing down water slides in Mexico, Zak DeOssie will be receiving his second Super Bowl ring as a member of the New Your Giants.

DeOssie attended Phillips Academy Andover in Massachusetts where he was named to the All-New England Prep Team. He was the football team captain his senior year and captained the basketball team his senior season.

DeOssie then went on to Brown University, where he was a two-time I-AA All-American and was twice among the finalists for the Buck Buchanan Award, which goes to the nation’s top FCS defensive player. As a senior in 2006, was a First-team All-America by The NFL Draft Report, earning 3rd-team honors from the Associated Press.

After he  became the first player in Brown’s history to be invited to NFL Combine in 2007 and was the only Ivy league player invited that season, DeOssie scored a 24 on the Wonderlic test, which is an average score (I looked up the highest score ever, and it was a perfect 50 by Pat McInally of Harvard; Ryan Fitzpatrick of Harvard scored a 49).

At least there were two New England prep school grads on the Giants (DeOssie and Victor Cruz). That made the loss a little easier to swallow. Congrats to the Giants.

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Many prep schools make you swim for a diploma

From thenews.choate.edu


In order to use the Larry Hart Pool facilities, Choate students are now required to have a sticker indicating their aquatic competence fastened to their ChoateCards. This measure, in effect since January 27th, is a follow-up to October’s installation of the swim test as a school-wide requirement for pool-use.

“The most important thing, in my opinion, was implementing a simple method that the lifeguards could easily use,” said Ms. Sara Massa, Choate’s Aquatic Director. “I didn’t want to use lists for risk of outdated information or misprints.” Since Ms. Massa joined the Choate coaching staff in 2006, she has advocated for a swim test. “There is nothing safe about having a population with access to aquatic facilities that don’t know how to swim,” she said. Ms. Massa pointed to athletic practices, form events, and outside pool parties as instances in which Choate students may be using the pool. “It’s not just for the students’ sake; these situations also endanger the lifeguards,” Ms. Massa explained.

Choate’s peer schools also require a swim test for access to pool facilities. Similarly, Phillips Andover Academy and Miss Porter’s require students to complete a swim test before graduating.

By next fall, Ms. Massa plans to implement “the swim test as part of freshman orientation. That way, students can fulfill their requirement immediately when they arrive at school.” Ms. Massa believes that this will encourage a greater number of new and current students to take the swim test.

This is a great idea. Everyone should know how to swim, because you never know when you might take one in the jugular next to a pool.

My school doesn’t have a pool, but we have a pond, which makes me really, really glad that we don’t have a swimming test. The only time I am jumping into Nonesuch Pond is after commencement.

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And the celebrity prep school grad of the week is…

…Bill Belichick of Phillips Andover. Many people may not know who this guy is, but he is coaching a football team playing in a “big game” next weekend. He has won big games a few times. No big deal.

Just kidding. He is a coaching god, huge lacrosse fan and father of three prep school grads. More people know him as the Jedi-master coach from the New England Patriots, just rocking swag wherever he goes. Check out his Team Bass Masster lacrosse swag and legit hardware from the Patriots below.

Anyone who can email me with the name of his boat which is docked off the ACK gets a prize.

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