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Life’s a Party, Dress like it!

When she opened her Juice stand in Palm Beach in the 1950’s, Lilly Pulitzer had no idea how far a juice stained shift dress would take her in life. Born into a high class New York City family, Lilly attended Miss Porters School with her close friend and future first lady, Jackie Kennedy. She graduated in 1949, and after a year in college, she eloped with the grandson of the well to do publisher Joseph Pulitzer.

After the couple married they moved to West Palm Beach where her husband, Peter Pulitzer, opened a number of Orange Groves. It was on these groves that Lilly opened her infamous juice stand. To her dismay, Lilly found that making the juice left colorful stains all over her clothing. In attempt to cover up the mess, she decided to make brightly colored cotton shift dresses just as any innovative preppy women would.

Soon, her costumers began to want the dresses, more than they wanted the juice. Lilly ended her tenure in the juice industry and focused on her budding fashion career.

The story goes that once her friend, Jackie Kennedy, was seen on vacation wearing one of the vibrant print shifts women couldn’t get enough of them. By 1959 Lilly was the owner of her very own company, outfitting preppy elites such as the Kennedy’s, Vanderbilt’s, and the Rockefeller’s.

Despite the fact that the company has been bought, Lilly is still involved in every aspect of the company. Her legacy of fashion lives on through the vibrant prints which will always be a preppy stable for any girl. You know you’ve made it big when your company is mentioned in ‘ The Official Preppy Handbook’ as being a must have for preppy women.

In honor of Lilly Pulitzer‘s birthday today, embrace some colorful summer prints, despite the chilly weather.

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Always Polarizing

Utilizing the latest and most innovative lens technology, Yachtsea’s 8-base curvature lenses block yellow light to enhance vision, deepen colors, and sharpen contrast to an astonishing degree.  All of Scottie Hampton’s laser sculpted lenses include highly effective polarization which are specifically designed to eliminate glare therefore allowing superior visual clarity, definition, color transmission, and optical comfort.  Scottie Hampton lenses also incorporate anti-reflective coatings to improve visual acuity and reduce eye fatigue. Yachtsea’s injection-molded Grilamid nylon frame offers lightweight wear and high impact resistance for remarkable durability.  Each and every pair has been precisely crafted to deliver all day comfort whether you are flying, boating, driving or skiing.

Our newest advertiser Scottie Hampton makes some kick-ass shades. I’ve been a fan of Ray Ban Wayfarers for the longest time and thought they were the best shades around, but after trying out the Yachtsea, my eyes will never be the same. I kid you not, these are the best polarized lenses I’ve ever used. Usually Oakley is known for good lenses, but everyone knows Oakley frames are for hardos. The thing I like about Scottie Hampton is that their frames are both preppy and sporty. Based out of Palm BeachScottie Hampton offers the perfect shades for any prep school yachter.

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The Dress Code Diaries

This series of posts is intended to serve as a crutch for the unimaginative boarding schoolers who have to follow a specific dress code (coat, tie, khakis).

For this second post of the series, we would like to introduce you to Stubbs & Wootton.  “Purveyors of hand made slippers to be worn day into evening, from jeans to dinner clothes, these slippers are the perfect shoes for classes or as classic dinner shoes.  Stubbs & Wootton bring Palm Beach styling to the Northeast.

Skull Black – Slippers



Stubbs & Wootton also offer custom embroidery, monogramming and other custom slippers.  Check them out here.

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The Blue Magic hoodie by Unruly Heir


I really like this seersucker hoodie by Unruly Heir. Island spun threads meet the Big Apple’s streets. Palm Beach meets Rockefeller Place. Get the relaxed yet edgy feeling you’ve been looking for with the Blue Magic Hoodie by Unruly Heir. Perfect for any event whether it’s on the streets, on the beach, or even with a tie.


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Strong Boalt Splashes into the Prep Radar

Strong Boalt is a new line of men’s luxury swimwear featuring an imaginative and alluring assortment of seasonal prints inspired by salt water life in Florida and the Caribbean. Our classic swim trunks and board shorts are made from premium quality, quick-drying materials with a perfect updated and modern fit.

Strong Boalt is based out of Palm Beach and is currently being sold in luxury resorts and specialty boutiques around the world…

With this warm weather, it got me inspired to do some research on the next big preppy swimwear company. I think it’s safe to say Strong Boalt takes the prize. Located in Palm Beach, FL, Strong Boalt has produced trunks with preppy patterns and the ever so popular quick-drying materials. Take a second to check out some of their trunks here and grab yourself a pair. 

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