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Don’t shoot the Goat Man

SALT LAKE CITY (AP) — A man spotted dressed in a goat suit among a herd of wild goats in the mountains of northern Utah has been identified as a hunter preparing for a Canadian archery season.

After a hiker spotted the so-called goat man on July 15 in the mountains above Ogden, about 40 miles north of Salt Lake City, wildlife officials said they wanted to talk to the person to be certain he was aware of the dangers as hunting season approaches.

They speculated he might have been an extreme wildlife enthusiast who just wanted to get as close as possible to the goats. A few days after the spotting, state wildlife authorities received an anonymous call from an “agitated man” who simply said, “Leave goat man alone. He’s done nothing wrong.”

This week, however, the mystery was solved.

Phil Douglass of the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources said he received a call Monday from a 57-year-old Southern California hunter who explained he was merely trying out his goat suit in preparation for a mountain goat hunt in Canada next year.

What does this have to do with prep life or prep schools? Nothing at all, except that it made me think of this scene from “Dinner for Schmucks” with Middlesex School grad Steve Carell.

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Steve Carell’s Princeton Graduation Day Speech


Oh, Steve. You never cease to make people laugh at your driest of dry humor. Enjoy!

Comment for a prize if you know where Steve Carell went to prep school.


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And The Celebrity Prep School grad of the week is…

Kevin Systrom, the founder of Instagram, of The Middlesex School


 Ever used Instagram? Of course you have.

After graduating Middlesex in 2002, Systrom attended Stanford. A previous employee of the predecessor to Twitter, Systrom has changed the mobile upload game big time and has earned a great amount of money by selling the startup to Facebook. Whether Used for an upload of your friend sleeping in the library, or an artsy shot of kids hanging out on your school’s quad, Instagram has grown to become the go to app for prep schoolers with iPhones and other smart phones. 

A big question posed by The Boss: should Twines & Vines get an Instagram? Would our readers follow us? Comment below with your thoughts.

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Nine Fantastic Prep School Novels…I mean Films


The Huffington Post just put up an article titled “Nine Fantastic Prep School Novels.” I looked over the list and I have read exactly one of these books, which was Catcher in the Rye. I thought that Holden Caulfield was kind of a whiny loser, so that wouldn’t make my list.

This is a visual world, and movies are the new books. It doesn’t matter that some of the facts in “The Social Network”are wrong. Because they are on screen, people believe them.

With that in mind, here are nine great prep movies:

  1. Dead Poet’s Society–No brainer
  2. Scent of a Woman–No brainer part II
  3. School Ties–Filmed at Middlesex School. I have a friend who could play Matt Damon in the remake.
  4. Outside Providence–“Exactly how many people do you know named ‘Drugs,’ Mr. Dunphy?”
  5. Old School–Not exactly at a prep school, but it’s frat.
  6. Point Break–“Utah, gimme two!”
  7. The Social Network–They were all prep school grads
  8. Mighty Ducks III–Ducks on scholarship
  9. Superbad–OK, Seth and Evan were public school kids, but this movie crosses all lines. Plus, Evan and McLovin were going to Dartmouth. Actually, what are the odds that they would BOTH get into Dartmouth?

(Profanity in both clips)

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And the celebrity prep school grad of the week is…

…Mindy Kaling, Buckingham, Browne & Nichols class of 1997.

Kaling graduated from Dartmouth College and is most well known for her time as Kelly Kapoor on “The Office,” but I thought that she was funnier as Amy, Paul Rudd’s ex-girlfriend/obsession in “The 40 Year Old Virgin.” Also in this clip is Steve Carell, who graduated from Fenn and Middlesex. 

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Middlesex School grad perseveres

From Boston.com

By Marvin Pave, Globe Correspondent

Five years and two surgeries after playing his last football game at the Middlesex School in Concord, Amherst College junior Mike Aldo took the field for his first college game last weekend at Bates.

His performance was inspiring and improbable after his long layoff.

Aldo, who contemplated giving up the sport two years ago after taking the fall semester off, recorded seven tackles, three sacks, two forced fumbles and a blocked punt as the Lord Jeffs won their opener, 20-7, earning NESCAC Defensive Player of the Week honors.

Aldo had been told just prior to training camp by head coach E.J. Mills that he was being moved from defensive back to linebacker.

Aldo broke his wrist as a freshman at Amherst in a preseason scrimmage. He had surgery and was relegated to the practice squad while wearing a protective cast. Aldo spent the next fall in the working world while his financial aid situation was worked out, then came back last fall with a shot at playing defensive back.

Again, hard luck followed him: In another preseason game, he blew out a knee, which was surgically repaired after Thanksgiving break.

“Last weekend I felt ready to play and healthy for the first time in years,” said Aldo, who played during a postgraduate year in 2007 at the Holderness School. “What I didn’t expect was being Player of the Week, and what makes it even more special was that my dad and grandparents finally saw me play my first college game, and I was happy for them.”

His father, Ron, was also coached by Middlesex head coach Joe Lang when he played at Malden Catholic High.

“Mike was determined to play in college and he’s been through a lot,” said Lang, who saw Aldo lead the team to a New England title in his junior year at the private school, “but his toughness and love for the game never wavered. He just loves to put on the gear and compete, just like his dad.”

He has had a lot of injuries to overcome but he seems determined to win. Hopefully he can stay healthy and help Amherst top their rival Williams this year. PPW. 

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