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Preppiest Couple West of the Mississippi

Hi all! Based on my incessant habit of Instagramming (we can make it a verb, right?) this week, some of you may have picked up that my senior year Winter Formal took place last Friday, February 1st.  I guest posted for Grace from the blog Preppy on the West Coast this week and talked about everything from asking my date, to finding a location, to what everyone wore.  Click over to her blog to read all about it!

Everyone knows that the best part of a school dance is taking pictures with your date and getting to post them everywhere, so I’m taking full advantage of that.  We hired a photographer and took pictures at Balboa Yacht Club, looking over Newport Harbor. These are the results:


 We’ll pretend that the boutonniere didn’t poke him…


On him: shirt, Vineyard Vines | bow tie, Vineyard Vines

On her: dress, Lilly Pulitzer | belt, Another Line |shoes, Steve Madden

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Lilly’s Newest Line

Lilly Pulitzer has released their newest Spring 2013 Line!  Here in Southern California, it’s somewhat tough to pull off all of the adorable patterns Lilly provides, but that doesn’t stop me from wearing the best southern prep brand on the market.  Here are my favorite pieces from the Spring Collection that can be rocked without getting wear looks from the girls in Brandy Melville (ew).

Rylan Dress
Sandrine Dress
How cute would this be for V-Day with a pink cardi?
Delia Dress
Cassie Dress
Pair with a floppy hat, and you have the perfect outfit for an afternoon out on the boat.
What are your favorite pieces from the Spring Collection? Comment below!

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Trueprep: Christmas Edition

Now that Thanksgiving is over and the snow is falling, there is something I must admit: I have a slight obsession with Christmas time (and by slight I mean quite extreme). You may or may not know this, reader, but I go a little overboard when it comes to the holiday season. As soon as the turkey is put away, the last piece of pumpkin pie is devoured, and my father is fast asleep on his chair by the fire, it begins. “It” entails decorating with as many lights as I can find around the house, consuming copious amounts of baked goods, and listening to Nat King Cole Christmas carols for days on end. I even make my dog wear stupid Santa hats and mistletoe… poor Liberty never has a chance. However, when I’m wrapped up in all this holiday spirit (no pun intended…), I seem to forget that others do not 100% share my enthusiasm all the time – much to my chagrin. Friends have shared with me that although they see tons of products they would love to have during the year, when it comes to the gifting season, they have no idea what they want. In response I say, “Cheer up, Scrooge! I have PLENTY of gifts that can help jog your memory.” They then reply with a joyous “Whipee!” and we skip off together to Candy Cane Land to enjoy our holiday treats. (Alright, maybe that part I made up but who doesn’t want to visit a place called Candy Cane Land???) So to help all of you get an idea of what you may want under your tree, menorah, etcetera here is my basic Christmas list that I’ll be placing in an envelope and mailing to the North Pole ASAP. Happy Chrismahannakwanzaa and don’t forget to stay preppy. <3

TruePrep’s Ultimate Christmas Wishlist:

  1. Ryan Gosling (shouldn’t be too much trouble, right?)
  2. Gibson Hummingbird Acoustic-Electric Guitar
  3. NuMe Hair Curler
  4. Frye Melissa Logo Boots
  5. Hamptons Navajo Jack Rogers (White/Gold) (since I ruin mine every season)
  6. Saint Christopher Pendant Necklace
  7. Gift Cards on Gift Cards on Gift Cards
    1. Vineyard Vines
    2. Lilly Pulitzer
    3. Madewell
    4. J-Crew
    5. Jack Wills

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Life’s a Party, Dress like it!

When she opened her Juice stand in Palm Beach in the 1950’s, Lilly Pulitzer had no idea how far a juice stained shift dress would take her in life. Born into a high class New York City family, Lilly attended Miss Porters School with her close friend and future first lady, Jackie Kennedy. She graduated in 1949, and after a year in college, she eloped with the grandson of the well to do publisher Joseph Pulitzer.

After the couple married they moved to West Palm Beach where her husband, Peter Pulitzer, opened a number of Orange Groves. It was on these groves that Lilly opened her infamous juice stand. To her dismay, Lilly found that making the juice left colorful stains all over her clothing. In attempt to cover up the mess, she decided to make brightly colored cotton shift dresses just as any innovative preppy women would.

Soon, her costumers began to want the dresses, more than they wanted the juice. Lilly ended her tenure in the juice industry and focused on her budding fashion career.

The story goes that once her friend, Jackie Kennedy, was seen on vacation wearing one of the vibrant print shifts women couldn’t get enough of them. By 1959 Lilly was the owner of her very own company, outfitting preppy elites such as the Kennedy’s, Vanderbilt’s, and the Rockefeller’s.

Despite the fact that the company has been bought, Lilly is still involved in every aspect of the company. Her legacy of fashion lives on through the vibrant prints which will always be a preppy stable for any girl. You know you’ve made it big when your company is mentioned in ‘ The Official Preppy Handbook’ as being a must have for preppy women.

In honor of Lilly Pulitzer‘s birthday today, embrace some colorful summer prints, despite the chilly weather.

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