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And the celebrity prep school grad of the week is…

Where's the lettuce?

…Mick MacLavarty of Hotchkiss and Northfield-Mt. Hermon.

This is my first stab at writing about a celebrity prep school grad, so I had to go with Brantford Winstonworth, the Ultimate Lax Bro, the alter-ego of Mick MacLaverty. For those of you who don’t know him, MacLaverty went to NMH and Hotchkiss before moving on to St. Lawrence University and their men’s varsity lax team. Inspired by a club lax duster who left a D3 college to play club lax at a school with a DI varsity lax program while claiming that he was taking his lax career to the “DI Club level.”

When it came out, the ULB video was an instant classic. Unfortunately, the “Ultimate Lax Bro” style got copied by so many public school dusters that totally missed the whole prep school angle and thought it was just about wearing a lax pinnie and shades. With the ULB merchanding that MacLaverty sold to LacrosseUnlimited, the ULB lost it’s appeal to most prep school kids who lax. It would have been far better to have not gone viral, but to have stayed an inside joke amongst prep school laxers from New England.

My favorite part is when he split dodges the girl in the hallway in the original.

Watch for yourself and you decide.

Ultimate Lax Bro (the original)

Ultimate Lax Bro II (the visit)

 Favorite Quotes: “Nantucket. Acklax, my first screen name when I was a little kid.” “Preakness? Yea never been to it. I heard it’s fun though. My parents cater the whole thing. Could I go? Yes, but I usually don’t have enough friends to go with.” “This summer I was pretty busy. I ran a couple camps. I didn’t really work much, I just kinda chilled out.” “I’m not really sure if anyone in my family has donated a building here, which is kinda rare for me anywhere on the east coast.” “I’m clearly a product of the New England Prep School world.”

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Spring Sports Are Just Around The Corner!


Although southern prep school’s Spring seasons are mostly underway, the Mid-Atlantic and North East are just getting rolling. Lots of teams are headed south for preseason training this year. Look around Tampa for some prep school lax this week. Here’s a taste of prep school lacrosse in New England this Spring.

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Paul Rabil rocking J.J. Threads

Although Paul Rabil went to a catholic school, not quite a prep school, I’m still gonna share this with ya’ll. 

It’s fair to say Paul Rabil is the face of lacrosse. He has taken its somewhat violent reputation and made it stylish with the help of J.J. Threads. Paul Rabil’s style inspired the New York Times to write a headline asking, “Can Paul Rabil Make Lacrosse Sexy?” And we all know what the answer is.

If you haven’t already, checkout J.J. Threads’ background info–it’s a great story. If you want to purchase the shirt Paul Rabil is wearing or design your own, just click on one of the pictures above or the J.J. Threads Ad on the sidebar for 20% off your purchase.

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Phillips Andover grad tallies his first goal for Crimson


Will Walker (Phillips Andover ’11) has certainly made his mark for the 15th ranked Harvard Crimson lax team over the weekend. The freshman attackman scored his first goal in his first game. Harvard went on to defeat UVM 11-4. Will’s brother Jack (Phillips Andover ’09) also had a goal.

***Note: in the video it says Will is committed to Duke. During his senior year, Will de-committed and then committed to Harvard***

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Boston Rockhoppers Unis

Boston Rockhoppers uniform modeled by Lawrence Academy alum, Hartford All-American, and MLL fogo, Tim Fallon.

Here’s a closer view of the uni. I posted a few weeks ago about the Boston Rockhoppers being started up by two MA prep alums and entrepreneurs, Tyler Low and Jason Wellemeyer. Overall, the uniform is pretty sweet. It almost reminds me of a different colored version of the Washington Capitals uniform. Bravo to ProAthletics for designing this and bravo to the Rockhoppers for the sweet new look.

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The Boss’ 2012 ISL Lax Preseason Predictions

Yes I know the season doesn’t start for another month and a half. Yes I know a few of the schools in the video do not belong to the ISL, but they are still prep schools (one difference is the ISL doesn’t allow PGs).

Here’s my two cents on this season and its ever so often twists and turns…

1. Governor’s 15-1 – Repeat as champs offensive firepower led by UNC, Penn St., Villanova, and NESCAC commits

2. Rivers 14-2 – Upset Gov’s, but lose a couple heart-breakers. Led by Loyola, Army, UVM, NESCAC and other D3 commits

3. St. Sebastian’s 13-3 – Win with athleticism and lose the ones that count. Led by ND and other commits.

4. Middlesex 13-3 – Will be a sleeper this year. Expected to be a rebuilding year, but gained key transfers.

5. Belmont Hill 11-5 – Very athletic and many D3 players. Will beat everyone they’re expected to, but won’t upset.

6. Thayer 10-6 – Solid team all around. Outstanding underclassman goaltender.

7. Roxbury Latin 10-6 – Two D1 caliber poles. One committed to Hopkins. Will give everyone a run for their money.

8. Nobles 8-8 – Young team with lack of experience. Will see success rebuilding.

9. Groton 7-9 – Led by Princeton commit among a team of gritty players. 

10. Milton 6-10 – Lose a huge senior class and terrific goalie. Still manage to pull out a few wins.

11. St. Paul’s 5-11 – A team who is always looking to take a win from you. Be wary of lethargy after the long ride up to NH.

12. B.B.N. 4-12 – Young team looking to improve from last year.

13. St. George’s 3-13 – Take stabs at lower ranked teams and lose by a lot to everyone else.

14. Brooks 2-14 – Only finds success over a few teams.

15. St. Mark’s 1-15 – Not too much recruiting or skill to work with at such a small school.

16. Lawrence Academy 0-16 – Haven’t seen much success in the last decade. Not much for them to build on.

Feel free to comment with your arguments/agreements about the upcoming season. If you are interested in putting together a write up for your prep league, shoot me an email.

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Prep school entrepreneurs introduce Boston Rockhoppers pro lax team

The Boston Rockhoppers are the newest team in the newly formed North American Lacrosse League. The NALL will start playing soon, and the team is owned by two Babson College grads.

Co-owner Tyler Low graduated from Noble & Greenough and was a 4 year player for Babson’s lax team, while co-owner Jason Wellemeyer graduated from Catholic Memorial and was a 4 year player on Babson’s lax team as well. The two launched PrimeTime Lacrosse a few years ago, and they have been featured as “America’s Top Young Entrepreneurs” in Bloomberg’s BusinessWeek magazine.

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Filmed @ Governor’s Academy, here is the Crooked Arrows movie teaser trailer

Here’s the official teaser trailer for the first ever major movie (to my knowledge) to be solely based on the sport of lacrosse. Based on this trailer, it much more athletically represents lacrosse than the MTV show Teen Wolf. To top it all off, most of the movie was filmed at The Governor’s Academy in Byfield, MA.

Fun fact – The Governor’s Academy has won 5 ISL championships in the past 6 years.

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Get the flow goin'

Traditional Strings just released their Traditional Circle Bar Hat! As you should know, the fall is where the flow begins for lacrosse players. The clean cut men you saw on campus for fall yearbook photos must transition into athletes. In most cases, flow comes in four stages: 1. The wings 2. Lettuce 3. Flow 4. Overflow. Metal slider adjustable hats are perfect for the early stages of flow before you must whip out the snapbacks, fitted, and occasional beanies.

The TS Traditional Circle Bar Hat is perfect for steps 1 and 2 of the stages of flow, so get yours going today.

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Catamount Classic @ Thayer Academy

The 2011 Catamount Classic – Lacrosse for a Cure is scheduled for Sunday, October 9. Sixteen Division I college lacrosse teams will face-off in scrimmages all-day on Thayer Academy’s off-campus turf fields.

This Fall-ball tourney goes to a great cause. All proceeds go to Testicular Cancer research. It’d be great to see more of these college tourneys at prep schools! http://www.catamountclassic.com/

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