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Prep School Grads – Sterling Archer

A few years ago, an American spy satire aired. Archer is a deadly concoction of James Bond’s suave style, plenty of action, and cynical humor. One woman’s douche is another’s prep school grad.

He spent up to 15 years at boarding school, despite American schooling taking 13 years. His hobby was lacrosse, and flashbacks have indicated he had few friends. At age 18, he was regarded as the most recruited lacrosse player in America, although an incident with a crazed stalker gut-shooting him cost him both his lacrosse career and a possible scholarship to Johns Hopkins University (although it is implied this would not have happened anyway because of his poor SAT scores). A picture of Archer in Placebo Effect shows him graduating from Georgetown University, implying he is at least smart enough to receive a bachelor’s degree in an unknown major (although according to his mother, he flunked out of college).

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Clash of the Titans – Avon Old Farms vs. Deerfield Academy

Outside of the MIAA in Maryland, the Founders League boasts the most depth in the country. AOF and Deerfield are two perennial contenders for the league title. Take note of the names in the highlights as you will see them again and again in NCAA scoresheets in the seasons to come.

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ISL Lacrosse: Week 1 Recap

As many of you preps in New England know, the ISL is perennially one of the best leagues–top to bottom–in the nation. I was so busy myself preparing for the season that I forgot to write a preview of the league. So, without further adieu, here’s a recap of Week 1, 2013.


Nobles/Seb’s 8-3

BH/Thayer 9-6

Gov’s/St. G’s 18-7

Rivers/Milton 10-7

RL/BBN 10-5

MX/St. Mark’s 17-3

The big matchup of the weekend was most definitely the Nobles/St. Sebastian’s  game. Seb’s returned a majority of their 2012 ISL championship team, and has arguably one of the best defensive units in New England. Nobles played with nothing to lose as a young bunch under the leadership of their new coach. Seb’s has a tradition of running a sprint for every goal allowed immediately following each game. Eight sprints must have sucked after that upset. Read the full recap of the game via BostonLax.

For highlights of New England prep school games, check FirstScoutTv’s library. They update it on a weekly basis.

Looking ahead to the upcoming week, some big games will be Belmont Hill/Roxbury Latin, Thayer/Nobles, Middlesex/Nobles, Rivers/Thayer, Governor’s/Belmont Hill. Every week is full of surprises in the ISL. I’m looking forward to seeing how Week 2 plays out.

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And the Celebrity Prep School Grad of the Week is…

John Robinson

…John Robinson of Oregon Episcopal School! Robinson is best known for his role as Stacy Peralta in the film Lords of Dogtown. In his free time at Oregon Episcopal, Robinson enjoyed snowboarding and playing lacrosse. 

John Robinson as Stacy Peralta

While skateboarding isn’t really a hobby of any prep school students I know, L.O.D. still had one of the better storylines of the decade. I would rank it up there with The Fighter and Miracle. Lords of Dogtown also has an awesome soundtrack featuring the classic rock legends of the late 70s. If you haven’t seen the movie yet, watch the trailer below and then set it to DVR on your TV.

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University of Virginia Lacrosse Season Preview

As a continuation of my most recent post, here is a look at a top division one lacrosse team, today’s is the University of Virginia:

Steele Stanwick ’12

Inside Lacrosse has UVA ranked #9 on their preseason poll and are projected to come in third in the ACC. However, I don’t see them having that great of a season. They will be in a similar situation that Syracuse found itself in last year. UVA graduated their three of their top scorers: Steele Stanwick (Loyola Blakefield), Chris Bocklett, and Colin Briggs (Bishop Hendricken). For the most part this will be a rebuilding year for the program. Hopefully, their new recruits can help restore them to the top of the loaded ACC conference.

This Spring, two of UVA’s top players come from New England Prep Schools. Junior middie Blake Riley attended the Governor’s Academy. The program has consistently won ISL championships and produced D1 players for the past decade. Senior attackman Charlie Streep also played his high school lacrosse at Loomis Chaffee.

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UNC Men’s Lacrosse: Welcome to the Grind

I may be a little biased here because they’re my favorite team, but this video is amazing. I watched it for the first time in the dead of December but I was so inspired and amped up I went out and played wallball. North Carolina is in contention for the NCAA Championship and in my opinion, they have the best attack line in the whole country. With Holman (Gilman), Bitter (Deerfield), and Sankey (Penn Charter) opposing goalies should be shaking in their creases. This video shows the work in the off season that will help them hoist the hardware come May. The season is only a couple weeks away with games starting in February. Get ready! I’ll be giving reviews on some of the top teams in the country leading up to the season. 

Jimmy Bitter — Deerfield ’11

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The Adventures of trueprep Start Now


Hey everyone! My name is Sarah and this is my first post as the newest T&V girl editor. I’ll be taking you all along with me on my summer adventures on the Cape, in the Hamptons, and anywhere else life takes me. I’m a preppy kid from the north *gasp* who loves Lilly, lacrosse, sailing, and boys in bow ties. I can’t wait to share my music, tastes, and lifestyle with you!

♥ Stay Preppy


I realize that there is a new Preppy Handbook called “True Prep” but that is purely incidental and I did not realize that was the name of the sequel until I had already adopted the name but feel free to check it out anyway.

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The Best of Booker Corrigan 2012

To many prep school laxers in the Mid-Atlantic, Booker Corrigan has become a household name. He is well known for inputing rap lyrics into his play-by-play announcements at Pennsylvania and Maryland lax games. This guy is too classic!


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And the Celebrity Prep School Grad of the Week is…

Hakeem Lecky, Avon Old Farms ’10, Syracuse ’15!

Redshirted with an injury during his Freshman campaign with the Orange, Lecky has bounced back this year as one of their top midfielders. Before Syracuse, Lecky was born in Jamaica and then adopted by a family living on Nantucket Island, MA. Massachusetts lax rumors have it that in high school, Lecky moved to Duxbury to play for the reigning state champions and alma mater of Max Quinzani. After winning multiple state champions, Lecky pg’d at Avon Old Farms where they finished as one of the top teams in the elite Founders League.


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Boston Lax

A new website entitled, Boston LAX, has recently launched covering all things Massachusetts lacrosse.  The website includes rankings by division, player rankings, game calenders and commit lists (with the ability to sort by school in order to track your favorite ISL powerhouse).  From the looks of the site it has just gotten off the ground, but already it is shaping up to be pretty a neat website for Bay State laxers.  BBN’s own Chris Coady `12 stands atop the Top 25 Poles, while Gov’s Sam Davis `12 and Seb’s Jack Connolly `12 hold #1 and #2 respectively for Top 30 Middies. Check out Boston LAX here.

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