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Holiday Gift Guide — The Boss

Although the weather hasn’t quite gone along with the Winter Wonderland theme the past two Decembers in New England, it doesn’t mean the staff at T&V can’t celebrate the most wonderful time of the year! To kick off my gift guide/wish list, I’d like to thank our advertisers who have supported us through the year. You’ve helped the site grow and outfit our readers in some awesome clothing! Without further adieu, here is The Boss’ Holiday Gift Guide:

The “Deerfield” shirt via J.J. Threads. Inspired by Deerfield Academy. Use code “t&v” for 20% off.

Men’s Madras Blazer via Cape Madras. They have great madras fabrics for each month of 2013!

 (Gray) Pullover by Goodees Clothing. Just as comfortable as VV and Patagonia for 1/2 the price.

Leatherback Tabbed OG Knot via Knot Belt Co. These belts are very versatile and can be worn by the docks or links. 

I don’t want to take up too much space with visuals, but here’s a list of some other gear every prep should be asking for this year!

Signature Sweatshirt — Orvis

G4Z Stockingfoots — Simms

Battle Road Plaid — Concord Button Downs

Vineyard Whale Bow Tie — Vineyard Vines

Helios Fly Rod + Guided trips to Newport, Vineyard, ACK, & Cape Cod — Kyle Prussing 

Yorktown Weekender Duffel — Hudson Sutler

Classic Board Short Brittle Starfish in Lagoon — Strong Boalt

Men’s Reefton in Grizzly — Ugg

Entourage, Curb your Enthusiasm, Eastbound & Down on DVD

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JJ Threads Giveaway

Thanks to our friend Jay Wich, Founder of J.J. Threads, we’re running an awesome giveaway! A few months ago, I designed and ordered my third J.J. and it’s safe to say, this is my best design yet. The perfect combination of preppy and frat. Casual and dressy. Overall a damned sharp custom button down. You only feel as good as you look, so why not feel as good as The Boss in your very ownCherry Blossom button down? 

The giveaway ends Wednesday at Midnight so hurry to enter!

If you aren’t an optimistic person, click our JJ add for 20% off your own custom shirt.

Hint: Get more points by tweeting at us and @jjthreads daily. Good luck!

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Kimball Union grad is a lax cage monster by day & mix-master by night


From the Tufts Daily newspaper, April 24, 2012

On the night of Tuesday, April 10, the lights shone bright upon Bello Field. As the stars came out and the final seconds ticked off the clock in Tufts’ 11−5 defeat of Endicott, the Jumbos rushed the field and collapsed into a dog pile in front of the cage. In the middle of the scrum was backup goalie Mike “Cheese” Maggiore, a sophomore who had just seen his first minutes of collegiate play.

But that wasn’t the top moment of the night for Maggiore. As the Jumbos lined up to shake hands with the Gulls and fans assembled along the fence, a familiar song came blasting through the loudspeakers. It was Maggiore’s own voice, and all of a sudden even the goal he’d let in that night couldn’t wipe the toothy grin from his face. The song, ironically, was called “Smile,” a track on the rapper’s second studio album, “The SKLife, Volume Two,” which he released this month.

Dubbed “Cheese” in middle school by his brother Matt because of a scene in the film “Old School” (2003), Maggiore prefers these days to go by his artist name, “CheddaSK.” And while his imprint on the stat sheet may be small, he has his eyes on something bigger: giving a voice to Tufts by representing himself and his team through music.

Last spring, Maggiore debuted his musical talent with his first mixtape, “The SKLife, Vol. 1,” and in April, his sophomore album, a 10−track collection of studio quality recordings produced by local talent Mike Irish, hit the Web.

Pretty cool story, but if you know anything about prep schools, you can’t swing a d-pole without hitting a few aspiring rappers or DJ’s. Our school has a few who have been featured here on Twines & Vines, not to mention preps like Sam Adams and Jazz Cartier. 

Who would nickname their little brother “Cheese” from “Old School?” That was the dean’s nickname, and everyone hated him and locked him in a dumpster. I would have went with “Blue” if my little brother was a boss. Well, actually, my little bro is kind of a boss, but he’s already got a nickname.  

On another note, J.J. Threads has been outfitting Pro laxers to Djs with sick shirts–Why not hookup a combo of both?


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Paul Rabil rocking J.J. Threads

Although Paul Rabil went to a catholic school, not quite a prep school, I’m still gonna share this with ya’ll. 

It’s fair to say Paul Rabil is the face of lacrosse. He has taken its somewhat violent reputation and made it stylish with the help of J.J. Threads. Paul Rabil’s style inspired the New York Times to write a headline asking, “Can Paul Rabil Make Lacrosse Sexy?” And we all know what the answer is.

If you haven’t already, checkout J.J. Threads’ background info–it’s a great story. If you want to purchase the shirt Paul Rabil is wearing or design your own, just click on one of the pictures above or the J.J. Threads Ad on the sidebar for 20% off your purchase.

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Flash Sale!

This is a sweet deal you definitely shouldn’t pass up. FYI people: You can design your very own shirt that no one else at your school will have for 40% off! Take advantage before the new year.

J.J. Threads

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