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Beach Bonfire Guide

While June 21st is the start of Summer by astrological measurement and the Augustan Calendar, us preps get off to an earlier start. Every Memorial Day Weekend, we break out our whites, seersucker, and pastel prints for the Summer. While we treat this weekend as the beginning of the warmest time of the year, the weather patterns don’t always favor our plans for leisure.


This past weekend, I was lounging in Chatham with my friends from Pomfret, Groton, Phillips Andover, Westminster, and Nobles. Our most challenging decision involved choosing whether to day drink at Chatham Bars Inn or Wychmere We celebrated our final night in quintessential fashion. While I grilled out for the gals, my friend mixed up some cocktails for overconsumption in the parlor. He is an alumnus of the Harvard School of Mixology and did not disappoint. Following a few stiff rounds, us gents decided to head out and start a bonfire on the beach. What could be a better night cap to the final evening of the weekend?


Upon collecting fuel for the fire and arriving at the beach, it began to rain. Time was of the essence, and we had limited resources. Naturally, I took charge.IMG_7323

Here is a list of instructions which may help you the next time you are tasked with starting a beach bonfire even if you have limited resources and subpar conditions.

Step 1: Acquire some industrial sized palettes. Preferably of the seafood market variety.

Step 2: Find a secluded beach area. Preferably private.

Step 3: Dig your fire pit.

Step 4: Line the base of your fire pit with sand, rocks, or wet seaweed to prevent your fire from increasing in surface area. You don’t want to burn your beach house unless of course you have a fat insurance policy you can leverage to buy a house with a better view.

Step 5: Collect small sticks, lint, dry seaweed, and newspaper for tinder (not the dating app).

Step 6: Separate tinder to increase surface area and airflow.

Step 7: Place tinder underneath a corner of the palettes.

Step 8: Add a splash of high proof alcohol (Don Julio works like a charm).

Step 9: Collect larger pieces of dry drift wood, logs, or whatever other fuel you can find (private property signs always make for phenomenal fuel).

Step 10: Spark, blow, and watch it grow.


Other tips:

-Marshmellows roast best on embers, not flames

-Don’t use towels or blankets if it’s raining

-Remember to bring a stocked cooler, but don’t waste all of the Goose on a fire you can start with nautical resources

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Breaking News: Bomb threat at Groton

According to student sources, there was a bomb threat at the Groton School this past Saturday morning.

One Groton Senior-who preferred to remain anonymous-told T&V staff, “Somebody left a typed out note outside [the deans office] that said, ‘there will be a bomb tomorrow night.'”

Police were called in as well as dogs and the bomb squad.  Student sources report that the authorities are in the process of fingerprinting the letter. 

Students report the letter was written on a school computer the night before, as the computer had been left open by the author. 

In the most respective way possible, we have dubbed the alleged perpetrator, the Zebra Bomber.

We will keep our readers updated with news.

Scandals and scares at prep school are usually kept on the down low. Here at T&V, our goal is to inform prep school students the events at other schools in the most candid and informative way possible. This is an attempt to keep rumors from spinning out of control weeks down the road. To the best of our abilities, we’ll report the facts.

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Spring Sports Are Just Around The Corner!


Although southern prep school’s Spring seasons are mostly underway, the Mid-Atlantic and North East are just getting rolling. Lots of teams are headed south for preseason training this year. Look around Tampa for some prep school lax this week. Here’s a taste of prep school lacrosse in New England this Spring.

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Krass & Funnell Releases New Site!

Today, Krass & Funnell, a small preppy sports label, relaunched their website and released their new line of shorts for the Spring and Summer! Krass & Funnell have a very interesting background and are both graduates of prep schools.


The concept for Krass & Funnell originated in 2009 by two high school friends and teammates, Pierson Krass and Sam Funnell. They felt that athletic shorts currently on the market lacked a certain style and flair they were looking for. This inspired them to create the first pair of Classic Embroidered Lobster Shorts, which laid the foundation for what was to come; a brand focused on blending high quality products with a flashy style.

Pierson is now a Junior at Lehigh University where he has joined a fraternity and relishes in the full college experience. His design ideas tend to err more on the wild side and are influenced by his passion for extreme sports. This is balanced out by Sam, an avid lacrosse player , and freshman at Trinity. Having grown up on the Cape and attended prep-school, Sam brings a more refined and traditional style to the mix. Combined, they are able to strike a perfect balance, that is Krass & Funnell. With a work hard, play hard mantra, their goal is to continue to try and design original products for their peers.

Feel free to reach out about anything to Pierson and Sam at their personal emails: pierson@krassandfunnell.com and sam@krassandfunnell.com. If you are interested in learning more about them or Krass & Funnell in general, definitely check out the K&F blog for frequent updates.


Krass & Funnell shorts are not the typical athletic shorts you find at a sporting goods store. They provide an element that stretches beyond high quality and high performance. Whether you are going to school, heading to the beach, playing a sport, or just lounging around, our shorts keep you looking good and feeling comfortable wherever you go. They combine timeless, beach influenced, preppy style with an unquestionable flash that is suitable for any adventure.

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Saluting our prep school Presidents on President’s Day

With everyone kicking back and enjoying a day off on President’s Day, I figured that we should recognize those men who graduated from some of our country’s finest prep schools.

Franklin Roosevelt on the Groton Football Team

First up to the plate is Franklin D. Roosevelt. I did some research, and it seems like FDR is the first true prep school grad to win the high office. His cousin Teddy Roosevelt was home schooled. FDR went to Groton, and as much as we sometimes hate on Groton, I have some friends there and you can’t deny its a great school. 

Check out FDR in his Groton JV football t-neck. Classic.


JFK is swag surfing

Following FDR was John F. Kennedy. We have already written about JFK being so prep. He went to Choate before it became Choate Rosemary Hall and then went to Harvard.  Just check out the photo above. JFK had so much coastal swag going on that it was ridiculous.

George H.W. Bush as a student at Phillips Academy in Andover, Massachusetts

The next President up was George H.W. Bush, who attended Phillips Andover, ’42. Bush was a legend at Andover, and went to Yale to play some baseball AFTER serving in the Navy in WWII. Despite his wealth and connections, Bush chose to serve his country before going on to college. He and his family are well liked in Kennebunkport.

George W. Bush at Andover

Last up is George W. Bush, who also attended Andover. Bush followed in his father’s footsteps in many ways, although he did not excel as an athlete as his father did. Like his father, “W” went to Yale and then got his MBA from Harvard. Even though he has solid east coast prep cred, W really has more cowboy swag than anything else.

So, in case you are keeping score, it’s Groton: 1, Choate: 1 and Andover: 2. If Mitt Romney becomes president, Belmont Hill gets 1/2 a point because Romney sent all his boys there.


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