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Steve Carell’s Princeton Graduation Day Speech


Oh, Steve. You never cease to make people laugh at your driest of dry humor. Enjoy!

Comment for a prize if you know where Steve Carell went to prep school.


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Bros vs. Hipsters… Can you be both?


Every prep school has its handful of bros and hipsters. Each group constantly trying to outdo the other with different styles. The question this video brings up is, “can you be both a bro and a hipster?”

Can you find the VV 1/4 Zip, Rayban Wayfarers, and the ST croakies?

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Happy Holidays from SNL

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Call Him Chaw

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Colleges buying up porn site URL’s



ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — The University of Kansas is buying up website names such as www.KUgirls.xxx and www.KUnurses.xxx. But not because it’s planning a Hot Babes of Kansas site or an X-rated gallery of the Nude Girls of the Land of Aaahs.

Instead, the university and countless other schools and businesses are rushing to prevent their good names from falling into the hands of the pornography industry. Over the past two months, they have snapped up tens of thousands of “.xxx” website names that could be exploited by the adult entertainment business.

“Down the road there’s no way we can predict what some unscrupulous entrepreneur might come up with,” said Paul Vander Tuig, trademark licensing director at the Lawrence, Kan., school.

Now who would do such a thing? Oh yeah, some fifty-year old dude sitting in some dark basement trying to make a buck off people who want to see KU girls or nurses getting naked. 

For anyone who is considering it, don’t go and register anything like GirlsofNobles.xxx. No class.

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