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Hit the links if you aren’t at Figawi


There has been so much noise in the golf world about Sergio Garcia talking about Tiger Woods and fried chicken. We’re all just way too sensitive. The real focus should be on how Sergio plays slower than a Galapagos Tortoise.

Many of our readers will be at Figawi, even though the weather is supposed to be less than ideal. We expect to have some of our readers sending us photos from Figawi parties, so follow us on Twitter and Facebook for updates.

The Boss will most likely be on the links after picking up a new set of sticks for a graduation present. I think that we would all agree that the hardest part about golf is getting into the right club.

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Media Tease — Figawi 2013

With the annual Figawi Race Weekend being only a month away, I figured I’d throw together a bunch of classic photos from years past.

Have any good Figawi photos worth sharing? Send them over.

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