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It’s Black Friday. Time for your Christmas wishlist

Today is Black Friday–a common euphemism for the ultimate day in American consumerism.

Have you made up your wishlist? If you are a lovely lady reader of T & V, you will doubtless ask for something Lilly Pulitzer. Here in New England, it’s cold in the wintertime. Think Barbour.

If you are a guy, think outside the box. Buy your own copy of Assassin’s Creed and ask for this Dalvey shaving kit instead.

Here is a classic Christmas wishlist from a Deerfield bro. It’s been posted on Deadspin and Brobible, but they overlooked the prep school angle and just listed it as being from a Richmond bro.

The fact that he wants a new Deerfield lax hat is priceless. I know it’s from a few years ago, otherwise he could have claimed that Taylor Swift had stolen his.

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