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And the celebrity prep school student of the week is…

…Suri Cruise of the Convent of the Sacred Heart, a posh NYC all-girls prep school.

From BlackBook.com

It looks like Katie Holmes plans to stay awhile: the recently freed actress has enrolled six-year-old Suri Cruise in the Convent of the Sacred Heart, a posh NYC all-girls prep school. That sounds all fine and good until you realize this school was responsible for Paris and Nicky Hilton’s education. However, let’s not forget Suri was thisclose to being brainwashed at a Scientologist school.

Sacred Heart is located on East 91st Street at 5th Ave, a bit of a trek from Katie and Suri’s current Chelsea digs. The $38,000-per-year tuition has also been footed for the likes of the somewhat more respectable Caroline Kennedy, Jordana Brewster, Caroline Giuliani, Ally Hilfiger, and the late Gloria Vanderbilt. None other than Lady Gaga is also the Roman Catholic school’s alum. A rival prep school student once sniffed to Page Six magazine that Sacred Heart girls were “a little sluttier and less smart.” Don’t say you weren’t warned, Katie.

Suri Cruise isn’t really a celebrity yet. Her parents are celebrities. I honestly cannot think of any movies that Katie Holmes has been in, but we all know Tom Cruise. He didn’t go to prep school, but he is forgiven for this scene in Risky Business.

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And the celebrity prep school grad of the week is…

…Matthew Fox of Deerfield Academy. Fox was born in Crowheart, Wyoming and graduated from high school in Wyoming and attended Deerfield Academy for a Post-Graduate year. Following Deerfield, Fox attended Columbia University where he majored in Economics and became a brother of Phi Gamma Delta Fraternity. He later went out to Hollywood, where he eventually landed a role on a hit TV on Fox before taking the role of Jack on Lost.

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