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5 Questions with Haymakers for Hope

I was recently put in touch with Andrew Myerson, Co-Founder of Haymakers for Hope, thanks to our friends at Streaker Sports! After getting in touch with Andrew, I had the pleasure of learning more about his charity organization.

1. How can prep schoolers around NYC and Boston get involved? 

There are a lot of different ways, but unfortunately fighting is reserved for men and women who are already out of college and in the work force. We are always looking for people to help us sell t-shirts around to help build awareness, and people who can help us spread the word about our organization. We always can use an extra set of hands on the night of the event as well.

2. Favorite moment while training/fighting in the ring?

Training is the toughest part, and the actual fight should be fun (should be). I would say win or lose the best moment is when that final bell rings because you get the most amazing sense of accomplishment. As Muhammad Ali said, “I hated every minute of training, but I said, ‘Don’t quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion.”

3. Where do you see Haymakers for Hope heading in 2013?

We’re going to do 3 shows in 2013. The timelines for our flagship Boston and NYC shows will be the same, and then we’re adding an all women’s show in October to benefit breast cancer month.

4. Favorite boxing movie?

Gotta be Rocky 4!

5. What are the most rewarding parts of involvement with Haymakers for Hope?

Outside of writing big checks to organizations like Dana Farber and Memorial Sloan Kettering, I would say being able to watch the development of each fighter over the four-month training program is really great to see. For a lot of fighters day one is the first time they’ve ever put on boxing gloves, so to see them go from learning to throw a punch, actually being able to get in the ring to fight in four months is a really amazing transformation.

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