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Our latest giveaway, courtesy of J.J. Threads!

Thanks to our friend Jay Wich, Founder of J.J. Threads, we’re running an awesome giveaway! A few months ago, I designed and ordered my third J.J. and it’s safe to say, this is my best design yet. The perfect combination of preppy and frat. Casual and dressy. Overall a damned sharp custom button down. You only feel as good as you look, so why not feel as good as The Boss in your very own Cherry Blossom button down? 

P.S. I named the shirt after a scene in a certain HBO comedy. A Twines & Vines wrist band goes out to anyone who tweets the name of the show/character behind the name of this shirt.

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The Boss’ Back to School Style Guide via Vineyard Vines

As prep school orientations are wrapping up and classes are just around the corner, many preps are finding their summer outfits of choice (button downs and bathing suits) don’t quite meet dress code. So, here are a few back to prep school wardrobe ideas for all of our readers and fans.

For the nautical boarding schoolers. St. George’s. Tabor. You know who you are. You spend your summer days sailing off the shores of Newport, and by night you charter helicopters to local parties. For the fall, trade in your Rainbow flip flops for boat shoes and button up your button down.

This look is strictly for the adrenaline-junkie prep schoolers. I see you on the ISL ski teams. I see you VT, NH, and ME boarding schools, where 1 out of 10 alums become ski bums living off trust funds. You spend your summers on a lake up north, or chilling by the ocean with George Bush Sr. Your school has a somewhat casual dress code and this outfit gives you a rebellious, earthy crunchy look.

What’s up Mid-Atlantic preps? New England preps reign supreme, but I know you’re down there trying hard. Dad works in D.C. so you can enjoy crab cakes on the Potomac at the family estate. You a little geo-curious–much like your forefathers. You can’t decide if your Northern prep, or Southern. So, you bring the two styles together.

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