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Boston Marathon Bombing

The thoughts and prayers of the Twines & Vines family go out to everyone involved in today’s terrorist attack, the entire city of Boston and the state of Massachusetts.  A few of our writers are from the Boston area and I personally have been to several Boston Marathons; this one definitely hits home.  

I would like to quote something which a friend and classmate of mine posted today on Facebook regarding the event;  Ward Scott is a sophomore at the United States Naval Academy and a proud American.

I normally don’t post about these things, but I felt compelled today. Boston’s a great city full of great Americans and great people.
Just at a time when popular support for the War on Terror is at what seems to be an all time low, this happens.. It’s incredible to see how time and time again, the terrorist for some reason thinks that his tactics of targeting innocent civilians will strike fear in the heart of the American, that his bombing our cities will shake us, will make us weak and prompt us to hide and revert to the pre-WWII isolationism that emboldened Imperial Japan and Nazi-Germany.
But just as Bin Laden learned, these attacks on our innocents do NOT shake us; these attacks do NOT make us weak. Contrary to their incredibly short sighted and historically ignorant strategies, tactics and goals, the United States only comes closer when cowards attack from behind.
Behind Boston, we will stand, and we will make sure that any ass-clown that thinks bombing a street in the US will scare us into isolation learns that you don’t mess with the U.S. I am certain that we as a country and a community will only come closer and rally behind this to ensure that this type of cowardice is wiped from the face of the Earth. I only hope that our leaders – especially our politicians – can do so in a more informed and responsible way than has happened in our past.

God bless the city of Boston… It stands today, and it will stand tomorrow.

*this is my own personal opinion and in no way reflects the opinions of the USN, USMC, or DoD

God Bless Boston and God Bless America.

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5 Questions with Haymakers for Hope

I was recently put in touch with Andrew Myerson, Co-Founder of Haymakers for Hope, thanks to our friends at Streaker Sports! After getting in touch with Andrew, I had the pleasure of learning more about his charity organization.

1. How can prep schoolers around NYC and Boston get involved? 

There are a lot of different ways, but unfortunately fighting is reserved for men and women who are already out of college and in the work force. We are always looking for people to help us sell t-shirts around to help build awareness, and people who can help us spread the word about our organization. We always can use an extra set of hands on the night of the event as well.

2. Favorite moment while training/fighting in the ring?

Training is the toughest part, and the actual fight should be fun (should be). I would say win or lose the best moment is when that final bell rings because you get the most amazing sense of accomplishment. As Muhammad Ali said, “I hated every minute of training, but I said, ‘Don’t quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion.”

3. Where do you see Haymakers for Hope heading in 2013?

We’re going to do 3 shows in 2013. The timelines for our flagship Boston and NYC shows will be the same, and then we’re adding an all women’s show in October to benefit breast cancer month.

4. Favorite boxing movie?

Gotta be Rocky 4!

5. What are the most rewarding parts of involvement with Haymakers for Hope?

Outside of writing big checks to organizations like Dana Farber and Memorial Sloan Kettering, I would say being able to watch the development of each fighter over the four-month training program is really great to see. For a lot of fighters day one is the first time they’ve ever put on boxing gloves, so to see them go from learning to throw a punch, actually being able to get in the ring to fight in four months is a really amazing transformation.

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Greater Boston Prep School Commits — 2013

Here’s a list of 2013’s most recent private school commits via The Boston Herald.


Amherst: Brian O’Malley (St. Sebastian’s), Matthew Gustafson (Belmont Hill), Anthony Bongiorno (St. John’s Prep), Nick Widen (Middlesex)

Bates: James Fagan (St. John’s Prep), Nick LaSpada (Billerica/Taft)

Bentley: Sean Myers (Roxbury Latin)

Boston College: Mackay Lowrie (Roxbury Latin), Tevin Montgomery (Tabor)

Bowdoin: Harrison Carmichael (North Attleboro), Brian Mullin (St. Sebastian’s), Daniel Wanger (Belmont Hill), Dylan Mann (Masconomet)

Brown: Richard Jarvis (Belmont Hill), Matt Girard (Phillips Exeter), Jake Whalen (Phillips Exeter)

Bryant: Aaron Gilmer (Thayer), Matt Rega (BB&N), Brandon Owens (BC High), Hunter Taute (Xaverian)

Colby: Justin Lamere (Milton Academy), Duncan Sewall (Milton Academy), Chris Marano (St. Sebastian’s), Mike Roberts (BC High)

Columbia: Willie Peoples (BB&N)

Cornell: Nick Bland (Milton Academy), Adam Basri (Milton Academy)

Dartmouth: Lucas Bavaro (St. John’s Prep), Jonathan DiBiaso (Everett/Phillips Exeter)

Elon: Ikenna Nwokeji (Thayer)

Endicott: F.J. Murphy (St. John’s Prep)

Franklin and Marshall: Brian Wolpe (St. Sebastian’s), Brendan Daly (St. Sebastian’s)

Hamilton: Matt Snider (BB&N), Conor Powers (St. John’s Prep)

Harvard: Devon Robertson (Phillips Exeter)

Holy Cross: Mark McGuire (BC High)

John Carroll: Pat O’Hearne (BC High)

Maine: John Reddington (Xaverian/Loomis Chaffee)

Mass. Maritime: Skyler Evans (BC High)

Merrimack: Stephen Camarro (St. John’s Prep), Jaleel Johnson (BC High), Justin Mount (Westford Academy)

McGill: John Oda-Gallagher (Milton Academy)

Michigan: Maurice Hurst (Xaverian)

Middlebury: Will Fleming (St. George’s), Ryan Rizzo (Milton Academy), Nick Andonian (Middlesex)

Penn: Alex Moore (St. John’s Prep), Austin Kreinz (Portsmouth Abbey)

Penn State: D.J. Crook (Barnstable/Worcester Academy)

Princeton: Luke Catarius (BC High)

Rhodes: Petros Davos (Belmont Hill)

Sacred Heart: Tim Johnson (BC High), Korey Kajko (Lexington/Wilbraham and Monson)

Simon Fraser: Andreas Robinson (Phillips Exeter)

Stanford: Lucas Hinds (Dexter)

Stonehill: Colin Smith (Governor’s Academy)

Trinity: Darrien Myers (Lawrence Academy), Archi Jerome (Thayer), Ben Rosenblatt (BB&N)

Tufts: Connor Drinon (St. Paul’s), Tucker Mathers (St. John’s Prep), Jackson Bockhurst (BC High)

UMass: Tyshon Henderson (St. George’s), Peter Ngobidi (Catholic Memorial), Costa Toubekis (Dexter)

Union: Harry Kennedy (St. Sebastian’s)

Villanova: Lincoln Collins (BC High)

Virginia: Jack McDonald (BC High)

Wake Forest: Brendan O’Neil (BB&N)

Wesleyan: Ryan Welch (Cushing) * also playing baseball

Williams: Jon Linen (St. Paul’s)



Georgetown: Jonathan Green (St. John’s)


UNC: Tate Jozokos (Governor’s Academy), Ryan Macri (Governor’s Academy)


Northeastern: Robert Schallmo (Thayer), Harrison Balder (Thayer)


Tufts: Carrie Copacino (BB&N)

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What to wear this New Year’s Eve

One prep’s New Year’s Eve plan is often different from the next. A night in Boston is much different from a night in NYC. A party in Wellesley, MA is completely different than a night in the city. In NYC our contributing editor WHolley is pushing the borders of metro and the unknown with his immoderate velvet ensemble. A typical New Year’s Eve for preps in Boston will be spent outdoors on the streets of Back Bay, particularly on Newbury Street. Patagonia jackets and Vineyard Vines Cords are ubiquitous. Travel a few dozen miles southwest of Boston and you’ll find yourself in the affluent suburb of Wellesley. Half prep schoolers, half public schoolers, each group knows how to dress as well as the other. As far as dress code goes, the “Dub” is known for their themed parties, so text friends in advance before planning an outfit.




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Prep School Game of the Week: Roxbury Latin vs. Brooks

For any New England preps who are around Boston tonight, you should add this game onto your list of to-dos tonight.

Roxbury Latin squares off against the Brooks School @ Catholic Memorial under the lights @ 7pm.

Roxbury Latin is the ISL favorite this season led by senior QB and BC commit, Mackay Lowrie.

Check out some film from previous seasons below.

Old school:

vs. New School


All info on attendance and such can be found on this Facebook event page.

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Boston Lax

A new website entitled, Boston LAX, has recently launched covering all things Massachusetts lacrosse.  The website includes rankings by division, player rankings, game calenders and commit lists (with the ability to sort by school in order to track your favorite ISL powerhouse).  From the looks of the site it has just gotten off the ground, but already it is shaping up to be pretty a neat website for Bay State laxers.  BBN’s own Chris Coady `12 stands atop the Top 25 Poles, while Gov’s Sam Davis `12 and Seb’s Jack Connolly `12 hold #1 and #2 respectively for Top 30 Middies. Check out Boston LAX here.

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