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Boston Marathon Bombing

The thoughts and prayers of the Twines & Vines family go out to everyone involved in today’s terrorist attack, the entire city of Boston and the state of Massachusetts.  A few of our writers are from the Boston area and I personally have been to several Boston Marathons; this one definitely hits home.  

I would like to quote something which a friend and classmate of mine posted today on Facebook regarding the event;  Ward Scott is a sophomore at the United States Naval Academy and a proud American.

I normally don’t post about these things, but I felt compelled today. Boston’s a great city full of great Americans and great people.
Just at a time when popular support for the War on Terror is at what seems to be an all time low, this happens.. It’s incredible to see how time and time again, the terrorist for some reason thinks that his tactics of targeting innocent civilians will strike fear in the heart of the American, that his bombing our cities will shake us, will make us weak and prompt us to hide and revert to the pre-WWII isolationism that emboldened Imperial Japan and Nazi-Germany.
But just as Bin Laden learned, these attacks on our innocents do NOT shake us; these attacks do NOT make us weak. Contrary to their incredibly short sighted and historically ignorant strategies, tactics and goals, the United States only comes closer when cowards attack from behind.
Behind Boston, we will stand, and we will make sure that any ass-clown that thinks bombing a street in the US will scare us into isolation learns that you don’t mess with the U.S. I am certain that we as a country and a community will only come closer and rally behind this to ensure that this type of cowardice is wiped from the face of the Earth. I only hope that our leaders – especially our politicians – can do so in a more informed and responsible way than has happened in our past.

God bless the city of Boston… It stands today, and it will stand tomorrow.

*this is my own personal opinion and in no way reflects the opinions of the USN, USMC, or DoD

God Bless Boston and God Bless America.

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