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Media Tease — Figawi 2013

With the annual Figawi Race Weekend being only a month away, I figured I’d throw together a bunch of classic photos from years past.

Have any good Figawi photos worth sharing? Send them over.

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Lemon & Line gets roped into the the swag page

I stumbled across Lemon & Line on my facebook. They have a few ads that pop up every now and then on my sidebar, so out of intrest, I gave their site a look. In my opinion, you couldn’t find a preppier thing to put on your wrist, (aside from a Twines & Vines wrist band of course). Lemon & Line has four collections of bracelets: Newport, Vineyard, ACK, and Limited Edition. They named their collections after Newport, Marthas Vineyard, and Nantucket… enough said.

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Classic Movies for Your Stockings


One Crazy Summer

Dead Poet’s Society

School Ties

School of Rock

Outside Providence


If you know of any other prep movies, comment on this post, write on our fb wall or tweet at us @twinesandvines.

Happy Holidays!

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Talk about a small fish

Come on Jeremy Wade, I have foul hooked bigger rays off the ACK on the Swag Surfer.

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