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Five Questions with Goodees Clothing

The New England prep school look is timeless and rich with history. Many brands established in New England have successfully cultivated the apparel which makes the prep school style so unique. L.L. Bean’s duck boots, Vineyard Vines’s ties, now Goodees Clothing pullover. One thing that makes Goodees Clothing stand out as an up and coming lifestyle brand is their classy yet outdoorsy New England prep school style. Founder Brian Ayers is a St. Mark’s School alum and current student entrepreneur at Middlebury College in Vermont.

How would you define the Goodees Clothing style?

Original and classy. It’s definitely preppy, but not over the top. I tried to just combine my favorite aspects of popular clothing styles into a single brand.

What inspired you to start your own clothing lifestyle brand?

I started Goodees because I like the look of the current preppy brands, but don’t like how they inflate their prices ridiculously high to make them a status symbol. I found that a lot of other people shared my feelings so I set out to create a brand that delivers the same quality, good looking clothing but puts an emphasis on fair prices and giving back to the community (each design is embroidered with the logo of a non-profit and 5% profit donated to that organization).

Where’s your favorite spot to rock a Goodees pullover?

Everywhere, it has great versatility. I’ve worn it in every situation from out to dinner with my girlfriend’s parents to parties on the weekends. Especially perfect for football game tailgates all fall.

What role did your education at St. Mark’s play in the creation of your brand?

St. Mark’s taught me how to manage my time and prioritize tasks which has been really important in balancing schoolwork, athletics, and running Goodees. It also taught me the importance of teamwork. This summer Nate Lubick, current Georgetown student and St. Mark’s alumn, started working with me and has been instrumental in growing the business. He is unbelievable at marketing and spreading the word about Goodees.

What’s next for Goodees?

Developing our next line of products. We’re experimenting with hoodies, shorts, and long sleeve pocket tees, putting our own twist on each to make them unique.

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Fresh Off The Boat

Vineyard Vines put out some prep new releases this spring! They combine island style with prep style and tie it all together with a classic feel.

I was just in the VV store at the Prudential Center in Boston yesterday and picked up a Mariner 1/4 Zip for the spring. Check out the above styles and get yourself some ASAP! 

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Off-Season Clothing by Sandy Drawers

Started By two St. Sebastian’s School alumnus, Sandy Drawers provides you with the “Cape Cod Prep Look.” Even though we can’t all spend our Winters on the Cape, we can still dress like it. Gear up for the off-season with your very own Sandy Drawers 1/4 Zip Fleece!

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Happy holidays! Enjoy The Boss' Christmas Wish List

Green Hat with Needlepoint Lobster

Harding-Lane forest green hat with needlepoint lobster on the front and back strap made from sail cloth.


The Hayward 1/4 zip by Southern Point Co.

The Hayward 1/4 zip encompasses true southern class.


Classic Straight Wharf Shirt Pink Rose Gingham

Try a classic button down shirt in our various colors and patterns and be the best dressed guy in town.


Bayou Needlepoint Belt


Twill Club Pants 

Khakis. Chinos. Twill pants for men go by many names. We call our version the men’s Twill Club Pants. You’ll call them the most comfortable you’ve ever owned. You may even call them your favorite.


Skipjack Boxers


Men’s Sport Socks

Bring a little color to your wardrobe with this fun accessory. Embroidered logo gives these socks that all-important “topspin”. One size fits all.

Men’s Penfield A/O 2-Eye

 Introducing a limited edition collection of men?s and women?s footwear from two New England brands that have defined iconic American style. This unique collaboration combines the classic silhouettes of Sperry Top-Sider with the signature outerwear fabrics from Penfield.

The original patented neoprene eyewear retainer, the croakie, is a must have for any activity, especially as you are living our tagline ‘swim against the current’.  Available with the Salmon Cove logo in gray or navy.   Neoprene rubber.  Dimensions: 16″ long 3/4″ wide – 2″ of adjustment, colorfast.

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Get outfitted for Thanksgiving

Hayward 1/4  Zip

Original Knot Belt

Corduroy Club Pants

Castaway Ivy Buck Dirty

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Elements Stretch Windbreaker 1/4 Zip

Just because the weather isn’t perfect outside shouldn’t keep you from getting up and at ’em. 

A soft brushed knit interior keeps you warm inside and the polyester/spandex woven exterior keeps wind and water outside.

A little stretch ensures this jacket won’t hold you back. 

98% Polyster / 2% Spandex = 100% Awesome

johnnie-O is putting out some great outerwear this fall! If you live where it’s just warm enough to hit the links, this is a great buy! Also a great 1/4 zip for layering (hint hint: skiers). 

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