Our Staff

Chris Tomaselli-Founder/The Rivers School

Will Holley–Editor & Social Media Commando–Groton School & Sewanee, University of the South

Briggs Hupper–Editor & Music Aficionado–The Rivers School

Noah Poindexter–Correspondent–Nobles & Greenough School

 Savannah Baron–Editor–Newport Beach, CA

Mary Santos–Editor & Correspondent–Miss Porter’s School

Pat Young-Correspondent/The Rivers School

Jake Hogan-Correspondent/Milton Academy

Eric Barnes-Correspondent/Lawrence Academy

Zach Ashourian-Correspondent/The Bolles School

Michael Paczkowski-Correspondent/The Rivers School


East Coast Yachter: Anonymous

Prepstar-DJ: Anonymous


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  1. Hey didn’t the boss get kicked out of groton for pulling his dick out in class?

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