About Us

Our site contributors either attend or have have attended: The Rivers School, Milton Academy, The Groton School, St. Mark’s School, and The Bolles School.

Prep is where it’s at. You can either read about it in “The Preppy Handbook” or you can live it for real.

Can you name all sixteen schools in the I.S.L.? Have you partied with kids from more than five NEPSAC schools? Can you name three out of state prep schools? Do you have swag from multiple schools, some of which you have actually attended?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, Twines & Vines is the place for you.

What are Twines and Vines?

The twines are what we wear every day. Prep school swag leads the way when it comes to fashion.

The vines are the ties that bind us to our schools, and to our brothers & sisters at our friendly (and sometimes not so friendly) rival schools.

These ties will continue to bind us all long after we have graduated.

Who are we?

Twines and Vines was founded in the summer of 2011 by me–The Boss–a prep school student living in Greater Boston. I had a good summer job lined up, but I wanted to spend the summer playing in lacrosse tournaments. So, I had to make a decision and I gave up the job. Unfortunately, playing lacrosse was not going to replace my summer job money, so my dad told me to start a business. I decided to found Twines & Vines, and the result is where you have landed. Hope you like it. Please visit our sponsors!

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