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1984 City of Angels Olympics Shorts

The Story: Awarded the games by default after the withdrawal of Tehran, the Games of the XXIII Olympiad also saw a boycott by 16 countries (mainly those of the Eastern Bloc) and truly represent a historic moment in Olympic history.  Since the United States’ withdrawal from the 1980 Olympics in Moscow, 1984 would be the first time since Montreal in ’76 that American athletes would have an opportunity to represent their nation in sports competition.  On a shoe string budget, Los Angeles hosted one of the most successful Olympics for the United States to date, winning a total of 174 medals, a staggering 115 medals more than West Germany’s second most of 59.


Streaker Sports, one of The Boss’ favorite athletic apparel companies is owned by former prep schooler Grant Hewit. Grant attended the Delbarton School in NJ before playing lacrosse at Princeton. Oh, and his bro (same schooling) starts in cage for the LXM Pro Tour. If you aren’t wearing these shorts cheering on USA in London, you should just quit.

Get yours here!

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4th of July Video Montage

From ACK & MV to the Hamptons to Myrtle Beach, here are some of the T&V staff’s favorite videos. Have a safe and fun 4th.

(Warning: Some videos contain profanity).


No better beach gathering than Nobadeer.


Wish my pool parties were that cool.


Gotta love the lead actors in the most American movie of the century being Aussies.


Love the mayor’s coat.


Kenny f*ckin’ Powers.


The hub.

Send us your 4th of July photos and stories! Rep the prep!

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Celebrate Spring with Sammy Adams


I haven’t posted any music in a while, but came across this new video by Sammy Adams and thought it be a good share. Sammy Adams graduated the Beaver Country Day School in Chestnut Hill, MA a few years back and then went on to play soccer at Trinity College in CT. Sounds a lot like the path of most Boston area prep school grads. Below is my favorite Sam Adams video. It’s also the first day of Spring and most preps are taking a break from the classroom on the beaches further south, so I felt it was appropriate. 


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Spring Sports Are Just Around The Corner!


Although southern prep school’s Spring seasons are mostly underway, the Mid-Atlantic and North East are just getting rolling. Lots of teams are headed south for preseason training this year. Look around Tampa for some prep school lax this week. Here’s a taste of prep school lacrosse in New England this Spring.

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Can’t wait for Spring Break

Spring Break is just around the corner and I’m ready to ‘let the dogs out.’ Warmer weather. Clothing is optional. There are no alarm clocks. And plenty of good memories. Where are you headed? Aruba? Mustique? Spain? Australia?

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Grady Ervin is a must stop in Charleston

I was in Charleston, SC over winter break. As I was checking out King Street, I walked into Grady Ervin, a men’s boutique.

Let me first tell you that Charleston is a really chill city, Poogan’s Porch is a great spot to eat dinner, Jack’s Cafe serves up an awesome breakfast really cheap, King Street is a must see, and Grady Ervin is a store that every guy should visit.

The people working at Grady Ervin were great. In fact they were much nicer than another menswear store down the street. Grady Ervin carries  some great clothing, including a unique field coat from Redfish Brand, which I will write about later. Grady Ervin carries swag from Peter Millar, Southern Point Co, some great belts by Smathers & Branson, Loggerhead Apparel and Coast Apparel.

If you are lucky enough to be in Charleston, maybe checking out C of C or just there for Old South or some other event, stop in and see Grady Ervin, and tell them that you read about them on Twines & Vines.


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