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The Confessions of trueprep

Dear Readers,

I have a confession. I was trifling through my things getting ready to leave my house for a day trip and came to the realization that I have a serious problem. It’s called monogramitis. This terrible disease is basically the need to monogram everything one owns. From pillow cases to gym shorts to my backpack, I have my initials on practically everything. Not only is monogramitis a personal issue, but it is infectious and has caused many of my friends to start down its dangerous path. It has proven quite difficult for me not to adore things that are specifically mine and cannot be mistaken for anyone else’s so I have decided that, despite how risky this is, I need to share my love of monogrammed items with all of you. I have found Converse shoes, iPhone cases, virtually indestructible “Roadie” cups, and rain boots that can be monogrammed to your liking. (By the way, Vineyard Vines also has phone cases that make me happier than a five-year-old in Disney World.) If monogrammed things aren’t for you, that’s fine too. I discovered some classy knit bow ties to keep you/your guy’s preppy neck warm for the fall and winter and some tacky shorts to watch the London Olympics in. Enjoy!

Send in pictures of your favorite monogrammed item to the Twines & Vines Twitter page and you may be featured on our Instagram!

<3 Stay Preppy


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And The Celebrity Prep School grad of the week is…

Kevin Systrom, the founder of Instagram, of The Middlesex School


 Ever used Instagram? Of course you have.

After graduating Middlesex in 2002, Systrom attended Stanford. A previous employee of the predecessor to Twitter, Systrom has changed the mobile upload game big time and has earned a great amount of money by selling the startup to Facebook. Whether Used for an upload of your friend sleeping in the library, or an artsy shot of kids hanging out on your school’s quad, Instagram has grown to become the go to app for prep schoolers with iPhones and other smart phones. 

A big question posed by The Boss: should Twines & Vines get an Instagram? Would our readers follow us? Comment below with your thoughts.

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Goldman Sachs Elevator Talk is a must-follow Twitter feed

Twitter is the greatest for things like this. People are talking about the feed from someone (allegedly) inside of Goldman Sachs.

Check out @GSElevator for all of the elevator talk at GS:

GS Elevator Gossip

GSElevator GS Elevator Gossip

#1: WASPs kiss their kids on the forehead and their dogs on the mouth.
GS Elevator Gossip
GSElevator GS Elevator Gossip

MD #1: Greece is like a miserable 40yr old dude. Why wait? Face the inevitable and just get divorced now. #default #CDS
GS Elevator Gossip
GSElevator GS Elevator Gossip

[Columbia lecture today] Prof: Why’s it so hard to get a job at Goldman Sachs? Student: I’m not the right person to ask, I got an offer.
GS Elevator Gossip

GSElevator GS Elevator Gossip

#1: An M3 is for college kids.
For convenience, you can find the Goldman Sachs Gossip Twitter feed here:

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College and HS kids can’t figure out QR Codes

According to a recent study conducted by youth marketing company Archrival, the majority ofcollege students with smartphones have no idea how to scan a QR (Quick-Response) code. The study was conducted with over 500 college students across 24 different college campuses. While 81 percent of students owned a smartphone and 80 percent were familiar with the concept of a QR code, only 21 percent were able to scan a provided QR code when asked. Of the 79 percent that were unable to scan the code, some tried and ultimately gave up while others attempted to take a picture of the code with the built-in camera. Others complained of the process taking too long and some students didn’t want to download an app to scan it.

The result of the study found that 75 percent of college students are “Not Likely” to scan a code in the future. This trend should serve as a warning sign to advertisers attempting to reach a younger demographic through QR codes. According to Bart Johnston, the Interactive Director at Archrival, students with Android phones were most proficient at scanning QR codes followed by iPhone users, BlackBerry users and Windows phones users. Females showed slightly more interest in scanning QR codes over males. Some of the colleges included University of Florida, Ohio State, Penn State University, Texas A&M, University of Cal-Berkeley, University of Michigan and North Carolina State.

OK, if you have an iPhone and can download a QR app, you should be able to figure this out. If you can, you should get a laugh.

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