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Thayer Academy grad testifies against Whitey Bulger

Coolly and calmly, former hit man John V. Martorano today continued to lay out a grim parade of murders in horrific, cinematic detail in his testimony in the trial of notorious gangster James “Whitey” Bulger in US District Court in Boston. 
Martorano, who testified that he tried to be a nice guy and rejected the label serial killer, has confessed to 20 murders but served only 12 years in prison after agreeing to testify for the prosecution.

My dad is really up on all of this Whitey Bulger stuff. Normally, I couldn’t care less, but when Dad said he heard that Martorano went to Thayer Academy, I got interested. After all, this guy killed 20 people. Not many people in the ISL can post that in their senior superlatives.

I looked it up, and sure enough, Thayer can claim this guy as one of their own! Sure, it was only for 6th and 7th grade, but so what?

You can take the boy out of Thayer, but you can’t take Thayer out of the boy.

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Hit the links if you aren’t at Figawi


There has been so much noise in the golf world about Sergio Garcia talking about Tiger Woods and fried chicken. We’re all just way too sensitive. The real focus should be on how Sergio plays slower than a Galapagos Tortoise.

Many of our readers will be at Figawi, even though the weather is supposed to be less than ideal. We expect to have some of our readers sending us photos from Figawi parties, so follow us on Twitter and Facebook for updates.

The Boss will most likely be on the links after picking up a new set of sticks for a graduation present. I think that we would all agree that the hardest part about golf is getting into the right club.

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Independent School League Campus Rankings

St. George’s School in Middletown, RI

Reflecting upon my 5 years spent in the Independent School League, (I didn’t repeat; I included my year in the lower school) I’ve seen a fair amount of each campus in the distinguished league. After playing in a lacrosse game at St. Sebastian’s yesterday, I realized that while a handful of schools in the ISL have beautiful campuses, some are a bit inglorious in comparison. After discussing this observation with Groton alum and Chief Editor of T&V, Will Holley IV, we decided to put our heads together and rank the campuses of the ISL.

The Groton School on a rainy Fall day

3 Categories: Layout, Buildings, Grounds

Each category rank 1/5

#1: 15 Points – The Groton School

#2: 14 Points: – St. George’s School & Middlesex School

#3: 13 Points: – The Governor’s Academy, Nobles & Greenough School , Roxbury Latin School

#4: 12 Points – Lawrence Academy

#5: 11 Points – Milton Academy & St. Paul’s School

The Rest: Belmont Hill School, Brooks School, The Rivers School, St. Sebastian’s School, Thayer Academy, St. Mark’s School, Buckingham Browne & Nichols School

The famous castle of Nobles & Greenough for boarding students

Groton ultimately takes the cake due to its gorgeous grounds. Its landscape was designed by Frederick Law Olmsted who is famous for his design of Central Park in NYC.

   Layout  Buildings  Grounds Total Score
 Belmont Hill  2  4  4  10
 Brooks  2  2  3  7
 BB&N  1  2  2  5
 Governor’s  4  5  4  13
 Groton  5  5  5  15
 Lawrence Academy  4  5  3  12
 Middlesex  4  5  5  14
 Milton  4  3  4  11
 Nobles  4 5  4  13
 Rivers  2  3  3  8
 Roxbury Latin  3  5  5  13
 St. George’s  5  4  5  14
 St. Mark’s  3  2  3  8
 St. Paul’s  3  5  3  11
 St. Seb’s  1  1  2  4
 Thayer  1  3  3  7

While the endowments of the ISL range from unpublished (cough..Thayer..cough..) to $433 million (St. Paul’s), each school has a uniquely beautiful campus. As F. Scott Fitzgerald put it, “Riches have never fascinated me, unless combined with the greatest charm or distinction.”

The Rivers School

Roxbury Latin

St. Paul’s School

St. Mark’s School

Milton Academy


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Pingree School senior dies in car crash

Tim Chaloux of the Pingree School in South Hamilton, MA


By Jeremy C. Fox, Globe Correspondent

Tim Chaloux was a senior at the Pingree School in South Hamilton, a talented infielder on the school’s varsity baseball team looking forward to graduation on June 9.

Early Saturday, Chaloux was killed when the 2011 Honda Civic he was driving veered off Route 128 and into a wooded area near Exit 23 in Danvers, according to State Police.

Chaloux, 18, was pronounced dead at the scene.

Authorities believe the North Reading resident’s car left the highway and rolled over between 1 and 1:30 a.m. Saturday, State Police spokesman David Procopio said in an e-mail.

But he wasn’t found until hours later, when another motorist noticed the car and called police, Procopio said. Chaloux’s family had reported him missing about 10 minutes earlier, he said, when they realized the teen hadn’t come home all night.

Procopio said Chaloux was wearing a seatbelt. The accident is under investigation.

Buddy Taft, dean of students at the Pingree School, said Chaloux was known by almost all of the small private school’s faculty and approximately 338 students, and he will be deeply missed.

“For me, he was one of those kids that I just … want to see every day, because every day he got better,” Taft said. “He grew every day, and it was just great to see him. It’s going to be a real challenge not seeing him.”

My school plays Pingree in many sports, and some of my classmates may have played against Tim in baseball. Really sad story. Shout out to all you seniors out there. Keep it safe. Graduation is just a few weeks away. R.I.P. Tim Chaloux.

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And the Celebrity Prep School Grad of the Week is…

…Jonah Hill of the Crossroads School in Santa Monica, CA.

If you don’t think that Superbad was one of the funniest movies of all time, you may want to check yourself. Jonah Hill made that movie, and I never get tired of him yelling at Fogel.

One of his other underappreciated roles was in Forgetting Sarah Marshall, where he had a man crush on Aldous Snow.

Jonah Hill will also be starting in the upcoming This Is The End which looks hysterical.

The Crossroads School has a ton of alumni who are now in Hollywood. I’m going to save them for future posts.

These posts are all NSFW or NSFS, so play them in the privacy of your room.

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Twines & Vines is on sick break


Just like Ferris Bueller, but I am actually sick and my friends are all way cooler than Cameron.

Sorry for the lack of fresh material, but The Boss has had mono and has felt like dying for the past week. I  am hoping for some of our other editors to step up and post some new material while I convalesce and then catch up on my mountain of schoolwork (thanks for that, by the way, since it’s senior year and I’m already accepted to college).

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Late breaking emergency Prep School Grad of the Week!

And it is…Kristen Saban of Tuscaloosa Academy.

OK, Kristen Saban really isn’t a true celeb, but her dad Nick Saban just made Notre Dame roll over with their paws in the air, winning his third BCS National Championship in the past 4 years.

I saw Kristen Saban’s picture on one of my favorite Twitter follows (GS Elevator), and I just had a feeling that she may have gone to a prep school. I Googled her and sure enough, she graduated from Tuscaloosa Academy in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. OK, it’s probably not Deerfield, but hey, it’s an independent school.

Here is where it gets interesting. Besides being pretty hot, Kristen Saban made news about 6 months ago for beating the crap out of one of her sorority sisters. I won’t go into all of the details. You can read a pretty good account HERE.

Roll Tide!

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And the Celebrity Prep School Grad of the Week is…

…Eduardo Saverin of Gulliver Prep in Coral Gables, FL.

Great way to kick off the new year. Saverin is from Brazil and went to Gulliver Prep before moving on to Harvard. While at Harvard, he became a member of the Phoenix. He also met a fellow PSGOTHW (Mark Zuckerberg of Phillips Exeter), and they went on to found Facebook. Yes, that same Facebook your parents now use to play Farmville and post stupid stuff on your wall.

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Ringing in the New Year

Happy New Year’s Eve, preps!  Tonight, we celebrate new beginnings, new experiences, and new adventures.  If you don’t have a party lined up yet, you’re just in luck! Here’s my guide to throwing a totally last minute Great Gatsby themed New Year’s party:


Outfits | This is the night to go all out with dressing up…and there’s no decade classier than the 1920’s.  Tell the gals to dress in flapper attire; long pearl necklaces, short dresses, hair pieces.  Guys shouldn’t be admitted without proper suits and bow ties.


Decor | It’s last minute, so don’t worry too much about having to buy flowers and do place settings.  However, this most definitely is not a night to use red solo cups. Bring out the champagne flutes, hang a “HAPPY NEW YEAR” banner, pick up some noise makers at the grocery store.


Have Fun | Throw on the Carson Daly Countdown, kick back with your friends, and have fun.  Don’t stress over little details because everyone will already be grateful for your hospitality.

Hope you all have an amazing New Year!


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Happy Holidays!

Attention prepsters everywhere:

No matter what you celebrate, this should be a throwback for all of you. Enjoy.

Happy Holidays from the Twines & Vines Staff!

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