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Last night for the J.J. Threads Giveaway–Everybody wins!

Last night for the contest!

Enter and win!

Northwestern U. All-American women’s lacrosse player Danielle Spencer looking hot in her J.J. Threads custom shirt

So here’s the competition:

Design the shirt of your dreams here:

Click the share by email button underneath “Choose size & fit” and email your design to

Top 5 shirts will be posted on site and voted on.

1st place wins the shirt of their dreams. All other participants will receive a 30% discount code!


Contest ends June 13, 2012. 12am ET

MLL player and Salisbury U. alumni Kyle Hartzell rocking his own custom JJ

Detail of Kyle Hartzell’s own custom JJ Threads shirt. Design your own.

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Are you a Lax Bro? More like Lax Faux

Now that I finished my Latin IV final exam, I am officially on summer break. Nothing but my internship & beaches for weeks. But, before I begin my summer break, I need to address a very important issue: Lax bros.

This article came out in yesterday’s Boston Globe. The article features a few young dusters and lax rats and talks about the alleged lax bro phenomenon. Word to the Globe writer: this might have been interesting if you wrote it three years ago. The “Lax Bro” as a cool fad is DEAD.

Everything cool starts either with the high or the low. Trends start at elite frats from kids who went to prep school, or trends come from poor neighborhoods. We’ll focus on elite status because that’s what we know. Look at snap backs. They started at frats and prep schools, and as soon as public schools copied the style, it became uncool because it wasn’t an elite style. A few clueless hockey players still rock the look, but trust me, it’s fading fast. 

Lax bros are just like snap back hats. It was funny when the Ultimate Lax Bro video came out, but when 14 year old public school dusters who can’t use their off hand started wearing pinnies and shades to middle school  and called it “lax bro days” the fad was dead. No more “lettuce,” no calling your stick a “spoon.” If you have to wear clothes, hair or swag that lets everyone know you lax, you are trying way too hard.

The ULB video was funny because of the inside jokes about hotbeds of lacrosse and New England boarding schools. Now the little lax rats running around wearing sublimated Lacrosse Unlimited shorts are ruining lax. How long will it be before some stupid U13 team all wear feathers in their helmets like in “Crooked Arrows?”

One acceptable example of a lax pinnie worn off-field



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J.J. Threads Giveaway/Competition

Have you ever bought that bright new Brooks Brothers shirt on the weekend, only to arrive back at school to see your classmate wearing the same one? What to do? Hide the shirt in your closet, hoping that your parents forget that you ever made the purchase? Intimidate the other kid into burning his? Text him/her the night before to make sure you don’t both wear it the next day? With all of the stores carrying the same swag, this has happened to me, but not since I discovered J.J. Threads. 

Thanks to J.J. Threads, I can easily design a unique shirt with endless possibilities with the click of a mouse. No overpriced independent tailor, no catalog, no hassle.

J.J. Threads has been rapidly growing as an up & coming name in the prep fashion industry thanks to their ties in the prep and lax communities. The founder of J.J. Threads attended prep school in Maryland and then became a four year starter on Harvard’s lax squad a few years ago. The company’s shirts have been featured on Inside Lacrosse and Bro Bible. There are many well-known names in the lacrosse community to have their own custom-designed J.J. Threads shirt on the website (Paul Rabil, Connor Martin/ConBro Chill and Quint Kessenich to name a few).

Customizable for both ladies and gents, J.J. Threads is perfect for any prep occasion, casual or formal.

J.J. Threads is more than just a shirt-maker. We have scoured the globe to put together a unique and interesting collection of the world’s best shirting fabrics. These textiles, combined with the skill of Hong Kong’s world-renowned tailors results in hundreds of years of expertise coming together to deliver a beautifully made shirt directly to your doorstep.

Using our interactive design interface, you can choose the fit, details and finishes of your preference to ensure that every J.J. Threads garment you purchase reflects your signature style. Our customer-centric attitude sets us apart from the typical shirt company. Unique in the industry, we strive to bring people from all over the world together to share their designs and collaborate on new ones via our online community.

Designed by you. Made by us.

So here’s the competition:

Design the shirt of your dreams here:

Click the share by email button underneath “Choose size & fit” and email your design to

Top 5 shirts will be posted on site and voted on. 

1st place wins the shirt of their dreams. All other participants will receive a 30% discount code!


Contest ends June 13, 2012. 12am ET

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The Best of Booker Corrigan 2012

To many prep school laxers in the Mid-Atlantic, Booker Corrigan has become a household name. He is well known for inputing rap lyrics into his play-by-play announcements at Pennsylvania and Maryland lax games. This guy is too classic!


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Florida prep lax game gets ugly

This video from a Florida prep lacrosse game has been making the rounds on the Internet the past week. In it, a St. Andrews’ lax player gets sucker punched by a St. Thomas Aquinas player as the STA player is leaving the field. St. Andrews went on to win the game 20-6.

Many people up in New England do not know about St. Andrews. The Scots play out of Boca Raton, and they are legit when it comes to lax. They have several players going D1 this year, and they are coached by none other than Syracuse lacrosse legend Casey Powell.

It’s too bad that people are focusing on the sucker punch instead of paying attention to the growth of lacrosse at schools outside of the Mid-Atlantic and the Northeast. St. Andrews’ only losses were to Boy’s Latin of Maryland and Brunswick of CT. Look for an upset as they play schools outside of FL in the future.


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Kimball Union grad is a lax cage monster by day & mix-master by night


From the Tufts Daily newspaper, April 24, 2012

On the night of Tuesday, April 10, the lights shone bright upon Bello Field. As the stars came out and the final seconds ticked off the clock in Tufts’ 11−5 defeat of Endicott, the Jumbos rushed the field and collapsed into a dog pile in front of the cage. In the middle of the scrum was backup goalie Mike “Cheese” Maggiore, a sophomore who had just seen his first minutes of collegiate play.

But that wasn’t the top moment of the night for Maggiore. As the Jumbos lined up to shake hands with the Gulls and fans assembled along the fence, a familiar song came blasting through the loudspeakers. It was Maggiore’s own voice, and all of a sudden even the goal he’d let in that night couldn’t wipe the toothy grin from his face. The song, ironically, was called “Smile,” a track on the rapper’s second studio album, “The SKLife, Volume Two,” which he released this month.

Dubbed “Cheese” in middle school by his brother Matt because of a scene in the film “Old School” (2003), Maggiore prefers these days to go by his artist name, “CheddaSK.” And while his imprint on the stat sheet may be small, he has his eyes on something bigger: giving a voice to Tufts by representing himself and his team through music.

Last spring, Maggiore debuted his musical talent with his first mixtape, “The SKLife, Vol. 1,” and in April, his sophomore album, a 10−track collection of studio quality recordings produced by local talent Mike Irish, hit the Web.

Pretty cool story, but if you know anything about prep schools, you can’t swing a d-pole without hitting a few aspiring rappers or DJ’s. Our school has a few who have been featured here on Twines & Vines, not to mention preps like Sam Adams and Jazz Cartier. 

Who would nickname their little brother “Cheese” from “Old School?” That was the dean’s nickname, and everyone hated him and locked him in a dumpster. I would have went with “Blue” if my little brother was a boss. Well, actually, my little bro is kind of a boss, but he’s already got a nickname.  

On another note, J.J. Threads has been outfitting Pro laxers to Djs with sick shirts–Why not hookup a combo of both?


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And the Celebrity Prep School Grad of the Week is…

Hakeem Lecky, Avon Old Farms ’10, Syracuse ’15!

Redshirted with an injury during his Freshman campaign with the Orange, Lecky has bounced back this year as one of their top midfielders. Before Syracuse, Lecky was born in Jamaica and then adopted by a family living on Nantucket Island, MA. Massachusetts lax rumors have it that in high school, Lecky moved to Duxbury to play for the reigning state champions and alma mater of Max Quinzani. After winning multiple state champions, Lecky pg’d at Avon Old Farms where they finished as one of the top teams in the elite Founders League.


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Another Belichick is coaching. Fear the hoodie.


Phillips Andover grad Amanda Belichick is an assistant coach for the women’s lax team at the Ohio State University. The Buckeyes are at Gillette Stadium to play in a women’s lax event against perennial women’s lax powerhouse Northwestern University (coached by Thayer Academy grad Kelly Amonte Hiller).

The prep tree grows wider, as Amanda Belichick has two brothers who have played prep school lax: Stephen, who played at The Rivers School, and Brian, who played at Suffield.

Check out that stare in the huddle. Does it remind you of anyone?


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Boston Lax

A new website entitled, Boston LAX, has recently launched covering all things Massachusetts lacrosse.  The website includes rankings by division, player rankings, game calenders and commit lists (with the ability to sort by school in order to track your favorite ISL powerhouse).  From the looks of the site it has just gotten off the ground, but already it is shaping up to be pretty a neat website for Bay State laxers.  BBN’s own Chris Coady `12 stands atop the Top 25 Poles, while Gov’s Sam Davis `12 and Seb’s Jack Connolly `12 hold #1 and #2 respectively for Top 30 Middies. Check out Boston LAX here.

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And the celebrity prep school grad of the week is…

Where's the lettuce?

…Mick MacLavarty of Hotchkiss and Northfield-Mt. Hermon.

This is my first stab at writing about a celebrity prep school grad, so I had to go with Brantford Winstonworth, the Ultimate Lax Bro, the alter-ego of Mick MacLaverty. For those of you who don’t know him, MacLaverty went to NMH and Hotchkiss before moving on to St. Lawrence University and their men’s varsity lax team. Inspired by a club lax duster who left a D3 college to play club lax at a school with a DI varsity lax program while claiming that he was taking his lax career to the “DI Club level.”

When it came out, the ULB video was an instant classic. Unfortunately, the “Ultimate Lax Bro” style got copied by so many public school dusters that totally missed the whole prep school angle and thought it was just about wearing a lax pinnie and shades. With the ULB merchanding that MacLaverty sold to LacrosseUnlimited, the ULB lost it’s appeal to most prep school kids who lax. It would have been far better to have not gone viral, but to have stayed an inside joke amongst prep school laxers from New England.

My favorite part is when he split dodges the girl in the hallway in the original.

Watch for yourself and you decide.

Ultimate Lax Bro (the original)

Ultimate Lax Bro II (the visit)

 Favorite Quotes: “Nantucket. Acklax, my first screen name when I was a little kid.” “Preakness? Yea never been to it. I heard it’s fun though. My parents cater the whole thing. Could I go? Yes, but I usually don’t have enough friends to go with.” “This summer I was pretty busy. I ran a couple camps. I didn’t really work much, I just kinda chilled out.” “I’m not really sure if anyone in my family has donated a building here, which is kinda rare for me anywhere on the east coast.” “I’m clearly a product of the New England Prep School world.”

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