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Flyover Press for the 4th

The first print in our Freedom Series, the Bennington Flag was flown during the Battle of Bennington in the Revolutionary War, an important turning point that helped lead to the eventual surrender at Saratoga. Recognizable by its large 76 and unique 13 star arrangement, we choose a slightly faded colorway to represent the immense history the flag has seen.  The flag may have never flown over the Midwest but without it there’s a good chance the Midwest would have never become part of the USA.

Made in the New Haven, CT, the Bennington Flag print by Flyover Press is the perfect purchase for this Independence Day. Whether it’s a gift for the interior of the old man’s yacht or a patriotic decoration for your man cave, get yours soon before this limited edition print runs out!

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Another West Coast Prep

Hi! My name is Grace and I began my blogging adventures in August of 2012 on my own blog, Preppy On The West Coast. I am a girl living on the West Coast who dresses as though she lives on the East Coast. A few of my favorite things are: Vera Bradley, J. Crew, Pink and Green, Monogramming, and Lilly Pulitzer. I basically love all things preppy! However, since I am born and raised on the West Coast, I do add a bit of a twist to the classic preppy look, by including the laidback California style into my everyday outfits, so think of me as, The Prep On The West Coast.  Here are some fun facts about me:

1 – I will eat caramel with anything.

2 – J. Crew is my favorite store. 
3 – Tretorns are my go-to sneakers. 
4 – The Clinque Chubby Sticks are my favorite lip products. #DefinitelyCheckThemOut
5 – I live in fuzzy socks to the point that I sleep in them. 
6 – Starbucks is my addiction to the point where the people know my first name… #Whoops?
7 – I can ONLY write with ball point pens. 
8 – Instagram is by far my favorite app. #FollowMe – @westcoastpreppy
9 – If I could be anywhere in the world, I would be at the beach… (Specifically Naples, FL)
10 – I wear running shorts… all the time. 
11 – I am a reality TV show junkie and I watch reality shows ranging from Survivor to the Bachelor to The Real Housewives…


Ashley’s Questions
1. If you could have any piece of clothing item, what would it be?
Hmmm, definitely a hard choice – I guess, since spring and summer are right around the corner I would have to go with a fun summer dress… I LOVE this one from Kate Spade {click here}! It’s definitely a classic dress with the nautical stripes and the white/navy combo!
2. Where is your favorite place to be?
The beach… #CaliforniaGirlProbz
3. How did you start blogging?
I had a blog my fresman year in high school, which was privated, for only myself and my family to see, and I thought it was so much fun to document things, and have my posts actually be “published”, so last August (2012), I chose to make this blog which ANYONE could see!
4. What are your favorite stores?
I LOVE J. Crew, Nordstrom, H&M and Forever 21 for the occasional find!
5. If there is one thing about yourself that you could change, what would it be?
Hmmm… I guess that I could be mroe flexible/pull cool gymanstics tricks! #WhoDoesn’t
6. Why do you love blogging?
The friends I’ve made! Due to blogging I have made tons of new friends which I most likely never would’ve met otherwise!
7. What do you want to be when you grow up?
A doctor.
8. If you were to be granted one wish, what would you wish for?
Shhh, I can’t tell!
9. What is your favorite way to spend a rainy Saturday?
With a cozy blanket, cup of tea, watching Netflix, blogging, or online shopping! #QuelleSuprise
10. What is your favorite book and why?
I don’t know! I love so many different kind of books for different reasons. It’s hard to choose one single book!
11. What is your favorite type of tea/coffee to have?
Tea – Any sleepytime/peppermint tea or Earl Grey!
Coffee – Definitely changes, especially when I am at Starbucks! #MyAddiction
dWa’s Questions
1. What is your ideal Spring Break vacation spot?
Anywhere with a beach!
2. What is your favorite online boutique?
I’ve recently been loving Hope’s – which I found out about through sarahbelle93x! They have so many cute new things being released for the spring time!
3. If you could have any type of dog what type would it be?
4. Hot coffee or cold coffee?
Hot coffee… UNLESS, it is a frappachino or Iced Vanilla Latte from Starbucks!
5. Jeans or dresses?
Recently, especially I’ve been loving dresses since they are so versatile and can be worn all year around!
6. Would you rather wear your hair straight or curly?
7. If you were a boy what was your name going to be?
Grayson or Griffin. My mother apparently had a thing for “G” names, given that my name is, Grace.
8. Favorite color combination?
A girl in my French class the other day wore mint jeans and a purple, slightly flowy top, which I thought was a really cute combination!
9. What is your favorite part of blogging?
Meeting new people I probably would’ve never met otherwise!
10. If you were heading to college, what color would your comforter be? (I need y’alls help!)
Hmmm… Maybe a bright pink to help you perk up after a long day of classes, or a mint color?! You can also never go wrong with white and add lots of fun accent pillows or a blanket?
11. Favorite Blog Post you’ve written?
Hmmm… This is definitely a tricky one! I guess, I would have to go with my post about my Top 5 Favorite Starbucks Drinks, because I definitely think it is a different sort of post in contrast to others’, and it really shows my obsession that I went to the extent of actually doing a post… #SorryNotSorry
So excited to be blogging for T&V!
XO Grace

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Prep School Fashion Blogs

We were surfing along Google trying to find a new cover photo for the Facebook page when we stumbled upon The Exeter Dress Code, a student run blog focused on “street style” found on the Exeter campus.  You would expect to see this kind of blog focused on NYFW, not New England prep schools, but alas with some further digging we were able to find a number of these blogs.  Without further adieu here is a list of prep school fashion blogs.  If you run one, or your school runs one which is not featured on our list, please comment so we can add you to the list!

With no given bias, the men of St. Paul’s really seem to be stepping up their fashion this winter.  Keep it up; we are impressed.

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Looking Foxy


Kiel James Patrick and Sara Vickers are easily my favorite preps of all time. Everything about them makes me envious. I’ve owned quite a few pieces from the KJP line for a while now, and I think it’s time to invest in something new. These foxy friends, a part of Vickers’ Bow Collection are perfect. I can’t wait to add Swift Slyfield and Mr. Claybrook to my own personal collection!

KJP Vickers Bow Collection

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Trueprep: Christmas Edition

Now that Thanksgiving is over and the snow is falling, there is something I must admit: I have a slight obsession with Christmas time (and by slight I mean quite extreme). You may or may not know this, reader, but I go a little overboard when it comes to the holiday season. As soon as the turkey is put away, the last piece of pumpkin pie is devoured, and my father is fast asleep on his chair by the fire, it begins. “It” entails decorating with as many lights as I can find around the house, consuming copious amounts of baked goods, and listening to Nat King Cole Christmas carols for days on end. I even make my dog wear stupid Santa hats and mistletoe… poor Liberty never has a chance. However, when I’m wrapped up in all this holiday spirit (no pun intended…), I seem to forget that others do not 100% share my enthusiasm all the time – much to my chagrin. Friends have shared with me that although they see tons of products they would love to have during the year, when it comes to the gifting season, they have no idea what they want. In response I say, “Cheer up, Scrooge! I have PLENTY of gifts that can help jog your memory.” They then reply with a joyous “Whipee!” and we skip off together to Candy Cane Land to enjoy our holiday treats. (Alright, maybe that part I made up but who doesn’t want to visit a place called Candy Cane Land???) So to help all of you get an idea of what you may want under your tree, menorah, etcetera here is my basic Christmas list that I’ll be placing in an envelope and mailing to the North Pole ASAP. Happy Chrismahannakwanzaa and don’t forget to stay preppy. <3

TruePrep’s Ultimate Christmas Wishlist:

  1. Ryan Gosling (shouldn’t be too much trouble, right?)
  2. Gibson Hummingbird Acoustic-Electric Guitar
  3. NuMe Hair Curler
  4. Frye Melissa Logo Boots
  5. Hamptons Navajo Jack Rogers (White/Gold) (since I ruin mine every season)
  6. Saint Christopher Pendant Necklace
  7. Gift Cards on Gift Cards on Gift Cards
    1. Vineyard Vines
    2. Lilly Pulitzer
    3. Madewell
    4. J-Crew
    5. Jack Wills

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Keeping it Classy and Practical

It’s officially time to pack away your Sperry’s and time to weather proof the riding boots, girls! With the beautiful snow fall comes the harsh cold that can put a damper on any preppy outfit. There are a few key pieces though that are both functional and preppy for the sudden winter weather.

Riding boots are the go to shoe for this fall season, but water stains on new leather is an unwelcome style. Instead, throw on some Bean boots. They’re comfortable and practical and look great paired with dark wash jeans a sweater, and a quilted vest. If it’s chilly in the morning, grab a Barbour jacket–it keeps you warm and has a classic look to it.

Accessories can also help to fight the cold and can add a pop of color. Adding a scarf to a plain sweater is a great way to add color, and knee socks and riding boots (that are water resistant, of course) are always a great idea. There is no need to give up on your preppy style, even if the weather is against you!

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Five Questions with Goodees Clothing

The New England prep school look is timeless and rich with history. Many brands established in New England have successfully cultivated the apparel which makes the prep school style so unique. L.L. Bean’s duck boots, Vineyard Vines’s ties, now Goodees Clothing pullover. One thing that makes Goodees Clothing stand out as an up and coming lifestyle brand is their classy yet outdoorsy New England prep school style. Founder Brian Ayers is a St. Mark’s School alum and current student entrepreneur at Middlebury College in Vermont.

How would you define the Goodees Clothing style?

Original and classy. It’s definitely preppy, but not over the top. I tried to just combine my favorite aspects of popular clothing styles into a single brand.

What inspired you to start your own clothing lifestyle brand?

I started Goodees because I like the look of the current preppy brands, but don’t like how they inflate their prices ridiculously high to make them a status symbol. I found that a lot of other people shared my feelings so I set out to create a brand that delivers the same quality, good looking clothing but puts an emphasis on fair prices and giving back to the community (each design is embroidered with the logo of a non-profit and 5% profit donated to that organization).

Where’s your favorite spot to rock a Goodees pullover?

Everywhere, it has great versatility. I’ve worn it in every situation from out to dinner with my girlfriend’s parents to parties on the weekends. Especially perfect for football game tailgates all fall.

What role did your education at St. Mark’s play in the creation of your brand?

St. Mark’s taught me how to manage my time and prioritize tasks which has been really important in balancing schoolwork, athletics, and running Goodees. It also taught me the importance of teamwork. This summer Nate Lubick, current Georgetown student and St. Mark’s alumn, started working with me and has been instrumental in growing the business. He is unbelievable at marketing and spreading the word about Goodees.

What’s next for Goodees?

Developing our next line of products. We’re experimenting with hoodies, shorts, and long sleeve pocket tees, putting our own twist on each to make them unique.

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Liquid Flow – $30 Off

Liquid Flow is currently running a $30 off sale until November 15th!  Just use the code: “October30” at checkout!  Liquid Flow are known for their go everywhere do everything shorts which come in a multitude of designs and patterns. The fast drying shorts come with a waterproof pocket, making them perfect for going from the links right into the surf or the hot tub. Pick them up now for Thanksgiving down in Palm Beach. Liquid Flow

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The Boss’ Back to School Style Guide via Vineyard Vines

As prep school orientations are wrapping up and classes are just around the corner, many preps are finding their summer outfits of choice (button downs and bathing suits) don’t quite meet dress code. So, here are a few back to prep school wardrobe ideas for all of our readers and fans.

For the nautical boarding schoolers. St. George’s. Tabor. You know who you are. You spend your summer days sailing off the shores of Newport, and by night you charter helicopters to local parties. For the fall, trade in your Rainbow flip flops for boat shoes and button up your button down.

This look is strictly for the adrenaline-junkie prep schoolers. I see you on the ISL ski teams. I see you VT, NH, and ME boarding schools, where 1 out of 10 alums become ski bums living off trust funds. You spend your summers on a lake up north, or chilling by the ocean with George Bush Sr. Your school has a somewhat casual dress code and this outfit gives you a rebellious, earthy crunchy look.

What’s up Mid-Atlantic preps? New England preps reign supreme, but I know you’re down there trying hard. Dad works in D.C. so you can enjoy crab cakes on the Potomac at the family estate. You a little geo-curious–much like your forefathers. You can’t decide if your Northern prep, or Southern. So, you bring the two styles together.

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Category 5 Boat Shoes

  The Yachtsman is Category 5’s inaugural Boat Shoe. Envisioned in 2010, it took nearly 2 years to perfect the design and engineering.  Made from durable and premium leather, The Yachtsman is perfect for a day on the water or a night on the town.  Optimizing style and functionality, The Yachtsman features non-marking and slip resistant outsoles, water resistant leather, rust resistant eyelets, and American Made laces.  Available today, The Yachtsman is being introduced in 3 different colors: Oak, Mahogany, and Walnut.

About Cat5:

Category 5 is a lifestyle.  Finding its roots on the beaches of Cape Cod, Cat 5 is for those that love the laid-back nautical life and represent what they believe in.  The company, founded on July 4, 2011, is the vision of 5 best friends. Unsettled by the abundance of overpriced products with subpar quality, The Cat 5 team sought a solution. After recognizing how much family and friends cherished custom attire, the journey finally set sail. Category 5 Boat Shoes became the best of both worlds, a company that offers affordable custom products with first-class quality.

My classmate and editor NEPSAC.PAT gave me the heads up on Cat5. Before attending Rivers, NEPSAC.PAT went to Belmont Hill, a fellow ISL school. He had heard about Cat5 through his former classmates and found out that one of Cat5’s founders, Greg Karelitz, is a Bel Hill alum.

I personally am a huge fan of fashion lifestyle start ups. The fact that the founders of Cat5 have the stones to call out the flaws in the boat shoe market (cough cough…sperry…cough cough) then research and develop their own superior product is flat out awesome. For some time, I’ve been looking for someone to make a fashionable boat shoe besides sperry. Note: our editor WHOLLEY points out every reason why prep schoolers hate sperrys here. While WHOLLEY may prefer Euro Loafers, I’m a long time boat shoe advocate. Hopefully, Cat5’s will take prep school campuses by storm this year!

Pre-Order yours here!

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