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Prep School Grads – Sterling Archer

A few years ago, an American spy satire aired. Archer is a deadly concoction of James Bond’s suave style, plenty of action, and cynical humor. One woman’s douche is another’s prep school grad.

He spent up to 15 years at boarding school, despite American schooling taking 13 years. His hobby was lacrosse, and flashbacks have indicated he had few friends. At age 18, he was regarded as the most recruited lacrosse player in America, although an incident with a crazed stalker gut-shooting him cost him both his lacrosse career and a possible scholarship to Johns Hopkins University (although it is implied this would not have happened anyway because of his poor SAT scores). A picture of Archer in Placebo Effect shows him graduating from Georgetown University, implying he is at least smart enough to receive a bachelor’s degree in an unknown major (although according to his mother, he flunked out of college).

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Clash of the Titans – Avon Old Farms vs. Deerfield Academy

Outside of the MIAA in Maryland, the Founders League boasts the most depth in the country. AOF and Deerfield are two perennial contenders for the league title. Take note of the names in the highlights as you will see them again and again in NCAA scoresheets in the seasons to come.

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Live impressions: The Vineyard

First impression: What are a bunch of amateur actors from LA doing trying to impersonate New England prep schoolers?

Second impression: Pretty bad acting. Scratch that… really bad acting.

Third impression: Are these dudes really qualified to work at the Black Dog? Previous work experience must have included Gilly Hicks and A&F.

Fourth impression: I’m regretting watching this already.

Fifth impression: Get the girl with the cowgirl boots some braces.

Sixth impression: The scrawny blonde has wrinkles and the dude with the beard has grey hair. Yikes.

Seventh impression: The first customer is definitely a producer of the show or an owner of the BD.

Eighth impression: Normal girls who summer on the Vineyard don’t have lips like Angelina Jolie.

Ninth impression: Eerily similar to the Jersey Shore.

Tenth impression: Why are they wearing board shorts?

Eleventh impression: This makes Edgartown look like squid city.

Twelfth impression: The first mom on the show is pretty well casted for the role.

Thirteenth impression: Can’t keep doing this. Should have titled the post “13 reasons not to watch The Vineyard.

Fourteenth impression: I actually have met townies who have gotten tossed from different aquatic service schools. 

Fifteenth impression: How dare they self-proclaim themselves as preppy?!

Sixteenth impression: Haven’t seen anyone force a denim shirt on the Cape and Islands since our Chief Editor WHolley paired one with Versace denim.

Seventeenth impression: If Zuckerberg and Timberlake had a kid, it would be the squid in the denim shirt.

Eighteenth impression: Second mom needs dentures.

Nineteenth impression: Crashing townie parties is a hobby. Now I can relate.

Twentieth impression: Wholley and I do a much better job convincing strangers we know them.

Twenty First impression: The girls sound too much like the Kardashians… make it stop or bring in Lord Disick.

Twenty Second impression: They aren’t called locals in New England, sweetie. They’re townies.

Twenty Third impression: Girl crushes her drink when townie sits down with her. #TotalPowerMove

Twenty Fourth impression: Weak brawl. Weak. Sizzle down, cheeseburgers.

Twenty Fifth impression: Gonna have to live blog this again next week.


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Happy Birthday Ed Westwick!

Style for days

The staff at T&V would love to wish Gossip Girl starEd Westwick a Happy Birthday. For those of you who don’t know, Gossip Girl is a show that features a group of prep school students in NYC and their dramatic escapades. Ed Westwick plays the suave yet dark character, Chuck Bass. You could easily replace the “a” in his last name with an “o.”

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And the Celebrity Prep School Grad of the Week is…

…Jonah Hill of the Crossroads School in Santa Monica, CA.

If you don’t think that Superbad was one of the funniest movies of all time, you may want to check yourself. Jonah Hill made that movie, and I never get tired of him yelling at Fogel.

One of his other underappreciated roles was in Forgetting Sarah Marshall, where he had a man crush on Aldous Snow.

Jonah Hill will also be starting in the upcoming This Is The End which looks hysterical.

The Crossroads School has a ton of alumni who are now in Hollywood. I’m going to save them for future posts.

These posts are all NSFW or NSFS, so play them in the privacy of your room.

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And the Celebrity Prep School Grad of the Week is….

Patrick Bateman — Phillips Exeter

…Patrick Bateman (played by Christian Bale) from the film, American Psycho! In this film, Bale plays “A wealthy New York investment banking executive hides his alternate psychopathic ego from his co-workers and friends as he escalates deeper into his illogical, gratuitous fantasies,” as summarized by IMDB. 

I saw the movie a month ago and to be honest, it’s pretty fucked up. However, I do see how years of excessive, unhealthy stress from prep school and a career as a top investment banker could result in a fictional character driven to dementedness like Patrick Bateman. So, the moral I took away from PB pretty much don’t go to Exeter… kidding. In all seriousness, when life gets too stressful, take a break from the books and talk to your friends about your problems before you end up like the guy in the movie below.

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And the Celebrity Prep School Grad of the Week is…

John Robinson

…John Robinson of Oregon Episcopal School! Robinson is best known for his role as Stacy Peralta in the film Lords of Dogtown. In his free time at Oregon Episcopal, Robinson enjoyed snowboarding and playing lacrosse. 

John Robinson as Stacy Peralta

While skateboarding isn’t really a hobby of any prep school students I know, L.O.D. still had one of the better storylines of the decade. I would rank it up there with The Fighter and Miracle. Lords of Dogtown also has an awesome soundtrack featuring the classic rock legends of the late 70s. If you haven’t seen the movie yet, watch the trailer below and then set it to DVR on your TV.

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Not Sure Why This Is So Funny…

For some reason I found this hilarious. Something about Bane’s voice and the way this guy acts is pretty funny. This is fitting because Dark Knight Rises came out on DVD last week. The ending is great where the cashier tells him to, “watch out for weirdos.” Oh the irony. Also, why have I never heard of Krystal? I googled it and there’s one in Lawrence, MA?

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And the celebrity prep school grad(s) of the week are…

…Luke and Owen Wilson of St. Mark’s School in Dallas, Texas.

Actually, All three Wilson brothers attended St. Mark’s, one of the oldest and most well known prep schools in Dallas. Luke was allegedly elected class president as a freshman. It’s hard to pick which one has been in a funnier movie, with Luke Wilson in Old School and Owen Wilson in Hall Pass. Probably going to give the nod to Owen, because Old School was all about Vince Vaughn and Will Ferrell.

I also like Hall Pass because one of my friend’s dad and sister are extras an earlier coffee shop scene in the movie.

You can decide for yourself.

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And the celebrity prep school grad of the week is…

…Olivia Wilde of Phillips Academy Andover.

Olivia Wilde makes me wonder why we have not featured her until now. Looking at her IMDB trivia, I can summarize that she is a natural blond vegan who was ranked as #15 on the 2011 Maxim “Hot 100” list, is currently single and once won a pancake eating contest in Australia. My kind of girl.

You can catch Olivia Wilde in the next year in “Black Dog, Red Dog,” “Better Living Through Chemistry,” and “Drinking Buddies.”

Way to go, PA Andover!

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