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Check out the #5 reason to vote for Obama, per Snoop Dogg


Snoop Dogg reposted a “Why I’m Not Voting for Romney” list on his Instagram page … which is totally blowing up … and it includes reasons like, “He’s a white n**ga” … and “He’s a ho.”

The list — originally created by @DragonflyJonez and was reposted by Snoop yesterday — includes:

— “He is a white n**ga.”
— “He looks like he says ‘n**ga’ all the time”
— “He always interrupts and talks over people like he’s better than them. Bitch, I will beat the sh*t out of you.”
— “He’s a Mormon but he ain’t got no hoes.”

The post also includes the top 10 reasons to vote for Obama … including the fact that Michelle has a “fat ass.”

Read more:

I re-read the article, and Snoop Dogg didn’t actually write the list; he only reposted it. I actually think that reason #7 to vote for Obama is the funniest. He sniffed Beyonce’s neck. He does more than that.

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Philly student mocked by teacher for wearing a Romney t-shirt

From Philadelphia Inquirer

A uniform-free “dress-down” day at Charles Carroll High School in Port Richmond turned into a public dressing down for a student who chose to wear a pink T-shirt supporting Mitt Romney for president.

Samantha Pawlucy, a sophomore at Carroll, said her geometry teacher publicly humiliated her Friday by asking why she was wearing a Romney/Ryan T-shirt and going into the hallway to urge other teachers and students to mock her.

“I was really embarrassed and shocked. I didn’t think she’d go in the hallway and scream to everyone,” Pawlucy said. “It wasn’t scary, but it felt weird.”

Pawlucy said she decided to wear the shirt after researching the candidate and President Obama and concluding that she was a Romney supporter. Her father, Richard, said she was especially interested in Romney’s opposition to late-term abortion.

He said he recently registered to vote as an independent but was not involved in the Romney campaign.

Samantha Pawlucy said that after going into the hall, her teacher called into the classroom a nonteaching assistant who tried to write on the T-shirt with a marker. She allegedly told the teen to remove her shirt and said she would be given another.

Pawlucy said her teacher told her that Carroll was a “Democratic school” and that wearing a Republican shirt was akin to the teacher, who is black, wearing a KKK shirt.

The teacher could not be reached for comment. Fernando Gallard, spokesman for the School District of Philadelphia, said an investigation was ongoing. He said the student had the right to wear the T-shirt.

The teacher said that it was a “Democratic school?” Welcome to my life. PC Central.

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Deerfield bro hooks up with Taylor Swift

THERE’s your headline!

Absolutely the worst looking bikini I have ever seen. Literally the worst look ever, and if other girls start copying it, I will be crushed.

Everywhere I turned on Cape Cod, I could not escape the headlines about Taylor Swift snuggling with Conor Kennedy. In case you are living under a rock and only briefly emerged for some Sunny Delite and Pop-Tarts, Conor Kennedy is the grandson of Robert F. Kennedy. He is also a JUNIOR at Deerfield Academy, a legendary prep school in Massachusetts.

The newspaper headlines have been abuzz about Kennedy and his GF Taylor Swift crashing his cousin’s wedding, and the bride’s mother getting all up in arms about it.

Personally, I do not get Taylor Swift. Yeah, you have been in love. You have been dumped. Get over it. There are about a dozen girls in my school who are easily better looking than Taylor Swift. If they could sing and write crappy songs, they would be multi-millionaires (on their own, not counting their family money). 

The REAL headline should be that a Deerfield Academy student is hooking up with Taylor Swift. That is your hook-up hero right there! How much of a god will Conor Kennedy be next month when he gets back to Deerfield? Do you think that his bros will be hitting him up for details?

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Private school girls left in a trance by amateur hypnotist

(AP) A group of young students at an all girls school were left in “mass hypnosis” after a demonstration from a fledging hypnotist reportedly left them locked in a trance.

Maxime Nadeau was forced to call on his mentor for assistance after the hypnotist could not reverse the condition of several 12 and 13-year-old girls at the Collège du Sacré-Coeur private school in Quebec. One of the girls was reportedly left in a trance for five hours.

“Being in a trance is a state of well-being,” Nadeau told the CBC‘s French-language service. “I wasn’t stressed. I knew they would get out of it.”

Still, Nadeau eventually called in his mentor and trainer Richard Whitbread to reverse the effects.

Interestingly, Whitbread said the girls may have been especially vulnerable to Nadeau’s suggestions because of his young age and “good looks.”

Of course this Nadeau dude knew what he was doing. Young? Good looks? I guarantee you that he was just practicing his hypnosis on these girls, sharpening his game for later on at the bars.

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Prep school pranks & the election


When you Google news for “prep school,” the top result is about Mitt Romney and some pranks he played when he went to Cranbrook. The story goes that Mitt and his buddies held down a student who they thought was gay and cut his long bleached blonde hair. The student who received the haircut later got kicked out for smoking a cigarette, and he passed away back in 2004.

Nowadays, there is NO WAY that you would ever think of doing something like that. Besides, from the anti-North Carolina posts trending on FB and Twitter, most kids at our schools seem to support gay marriage.

So what do you think? It’s too late for Mitt to reach out and say sorry Billy Madison style.


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Florida prep lax game gets ugly

This video from a Florida prep lacrosse game has been making the rounds on the Internet the past week. In it, a St. Andrews’ lax player gets sucker punched by a St. Thomas Aquinas player as the STA player is leaving the field. St. Andrews went on to win the game 20-6.

Many people up in New England do not know about St. Andrews. The Scots play out of Boca Raton, and they are legit when it comes to lax. They have several players going D1 this year, and they are coached by none other than Syracuse lacrosse legend Casey Powell.

It’s too bad that people are focusing on the sucker punch instead of paying attention to the growth of lacrosse at schools outside of the Mid-Atlantic and the Northeast. St. Andrews’ only losses were to Boy’s Latin of Maryland and Brunswick of CT. Look for an upset as they play schools outside of FL in the future.


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Starbucks will stop using ground up beetles in their products…what???

(Reuters) – Starbucks Corp said on its blog on Thursday that it will stop using a natural, government-approved coloring made from crushed beetles in its strawberry flavoring by late June, bowing to pressure from some vegetarian customers.

Kids at my school (especially girls) LOVE Starbucks. Little did we know that the red coloring in the strawberry Frappuchinos was made from crushed up cochineal beetles. And to think that it took vegans to help get this changed. Normally, I don’t like vegans, as our school serves some pretty disgusting food to satisfy vegans, yet won’t serve chicken fingers any more. Don’t even get me started. But at least we can thank vegans for getting the beetles out of Starbucks products.

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And the celebrity prep school grad of the week is…

Where's the lettuce?

…Mick MacLavarty of Hotchkiss and Northfield-Mt. Hermon.

This is my first stab at writing about a celebrity prep school grad, so I had to go with Brantford Winstonworth, the Ultimate Lax Bro, the alter-ego of Mick MacLaverty. For those of you who don’t know him, MacLaverty went to NMH and Hotchkiss before moving on to St. Lawrence University and their men’s varsity lax team. Inspired by a club lax duster who left a D3 college to play club lax at a school with a DI varsity lax program while claiming that he was taking his lax career to the “DI Club level.”

When it came out, the ULB video was an instant classic. Unfortunately, the “Ultimate Lax Bro” style got copied by so many public school dusters that totally missed the whole prep school angle and thought it was just about wearing a lax pinnie and shades. With the ULB merchanding that MacLaverty sold to LacrosseUnlimited, the ULB lost it’s appeal to most prep school kids who lax. It would have been far better to have not gone viral, but to have stayed an inside joke amongst prep school laxers from New England.

My favorite part is when he split dodges the girl in the hallway in the original.

Watch for yourself and you decide.

Ultimate Lax Bro (the original)

Ultimate Lax Bro II (the visit)

 Favorite Quotes: “Nantucket. Acklax, my first screen name when I was a little kid.” “Preakness? Yea never been to it. I heard it’s fun though. My parents cater the whole thing. Could I go? Yes, but I usually don’t have enough friends to go with.” “This summer I was pretty busy. I ran a couple camps. I didn’t really work much, I just kinda chilled out.” “I’m not really sure if anyone in my family has donated a building here, which is kinda rare for me anywhere on the east coast.” “I’m clearly a product of the New England Prep School world.”

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Why we love prep girls part II

I’m not trying to one up you dude! I know that The Boss posted this clip last summer, but this is so classic. It should be a follow up to the other prep school girl video from tonight. 

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Suffield grad moves on to UT-Austin, joins Al Qaeda and then gets blown up.

In this Nov. 18, 2011 photo, the dead body of Moeed Abdul Salam who killed himself with a grenade during a paramilitary raid on his apartment, is is carried by volunteers in Karachi, Pakistan. (AP Photo/Shakil Adil)

(AP) Moeed Abdul Salam didn’t descend into radical Islam for lack of other options. He grew up in a well-off Texas household, attended a pricey boarding school and graduated from one of the state’s most respected universities.
But the most unlikely thing about his recruitment was his family: Two generations had spent years promoting interfaith harmony and combating Muslim stereotypes in their hometown and even on national television.

Salam rejected his relatives’ moderate faith and comfortable life, choosing instead a path that led him to work for al Qaeda. His odyssey ended late last year in a middle-of-the-night explosion in Pakistan. The 37-year-old father of four was dead after paramilitary troops stormed his apartment.

Officers said Salam committed suicide with a grenade. An Islamic media group said the troops killed him.

The family, originally from Pakistan, immigrated to the U.S. decades ago. Salam’s father was a pilot for a Saudi airline, and the family eventually settled in the Dallas suburb of Plano. Their cream-colored brick home, assessed at nearly $400,000, stands on a corner lot in a quiet, upper-class neighborhood.

The family obtained American citizenship in 1986. Salam attended Suffield Academy in Connecticut, a private high school where tuition and board currently run $46,500. He graduated in 1992.

A classmate, Wadiya Wynn, of Laurel, Md., recalled that Salam played varsity golf, sang in an a cappella group and in the chamber choir, and that he hung out with a small group of “hippie-ish” friends. She thought he was a mediocre student, but noted that just being admitted to Suffield was highly competitive.

This happened in November of last year. How did this not make the news?

Suffield is one of the oldest prep schools in CT. I tried to get more info on their famous alumni from Wikipedia, but it’s blacked out because of that stupid SOPA thing. Instead I found the info from Urban Dictionary, and I think it’s not quite the same:

Back to Mr. Salam. If you enjoy the privilege of citizenship in this country, and then turn around and try to kill your fellow citizens, dead is how you will probably end up. 

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