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The Beach is Calling

With the winter term coming to a much needed end, most of us prep’s are headed to the airport for a mental breather. Some of us say au revoir to America and head to Europe for a dose of cultural indulgence, while the majority of us head south clad in our favorite preppy outfits: Nantucket red shorts, Sperry’s, and Raybans; nothing is better. Every preppy boy and girl needs the summer staples when heading south, and because most of us have forgotten due to the cold winter weather. I’ve taken the liberty of thinking of a few for you.


Don’t even worry about the bikinis, and the shorts yet any good girl knows the first thing to pack is shoes. If you remember three shoes for your spring vacation, I promise you will be more than pleased. Sperry’s, Tory Burch sandals , and Wedges. Sperry’s are a must, and if I have to give an explanation why then you are fooling yourself by thinking your preppy; just pack them. The beautiful thing about Tory Burch sandals and wedges are that they go with anything. You can dress up both, or wear them casually either way they’re fabulous.

Now that shoes are taken care of you can worry about clothing. First thing; Lilly Dresses. Any Lilly Dress is perfect for dinner after a day at the beach with their bright colorful prints you’ll attract all the preppy boys. For the beach, a big, worn oxford is the perfect cover up that always looks adorable. J.Crew Chinos are a must as well, and the brighter they are the better. Nothing beats Chinos and a vneck for a simple laid back look.


These are only a few things that are a must have while south of the Manson-Dixon Line. Yes, sun tan lotion is really important and all, but I’d rather be burnt and well dressed, then pale and out of style. Remember, its spring break its mandatory that you cut loose, but relaxation doesn’t imply that you neglect your style.

Seven Mile Beach, Grand Cayman

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Life’s a Party, Dress like it!

When she opened her Juice stand in Palm Beach in the 1950’s, Lilly Pulitzer had no idea how far a juice stained shift dress would take her in life. Born into a high class New York City family, Lilly attended Miss Porters School with her close friend and future first lady, Jackie Kennedy. She graduated in 1949, and after a year in college, she eloped with the grandson of the well to do publisher Joseph Pulitzer.

After the couple married they moved to West Palm Beach where her husband, Peter Pulitzer, opened a number of Orange Groves. It was on these groves that Lilly opened her infamous juice stand. To her dismay, Lilly found that making the juice left colorful stains all over her clothing. In attempt to cover up the mess, she decided to make brightly colored cotton shift dresses just as any innovative preppy women would.

Soon, her costumers began to want the dresses, more than they wanted the juice. Lilly ended her tenure in the juice industry and focused on her budding fashion career.

The story goes that once her friend, Jackie Kennedy, was seen on vacation wearing one of the vibrant print shifts women couldn’t get enough of them. By 1959 Lilly was the owner of her very own company, outfitting preppy elites such as the Kennedy’s, Vanderbilt’s, and the Rockefeller’s.

Despite the fact that the company has been bought, Lilly is still involved in every aspect of the company. Her legacy of fashion lives on through the vibrant prints which will always be a preppy stable for any girl. You know you’ve made it big when your company is mentioned in ‘ The Official Preppy Handbook’ as being a must have for preppy women.

In honor of Lilly Pulitzer‘s birthday today, embrace some colorful summer prints, despite the chilly weather.

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Keeping it Classy and Practical

It’s officially time to pack away your Sperry’s and time to weather proof the riding boots, girls! With the beautiful snow fall comes the harsh cold that can put a damper on any preppy outfit. There are a few key pieces though that are both functional and preppy for the sudden winter weather.

Riding boots are the go to shoe for this fall season, but water stains on new leather is an unwelcome style. Instead, throw on some Bean boots. They’re comfortable and practical and look great paired with dark wash jeans a sweater, and a quilted vest. If it’s chilly in the morning, grab a Barbour jacket–it keeps you warm and has a classic look to it.

Accessories can also help to fight the cold and can add a pop of color. Adding a scarf to a plain sweater is a great way to add color, and knee socks and riding boots (that are water resistant, of course) are always a great idea. There is no need to give up on your preppy style, even if the weather is against you!

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