Are you a Lax Bro? More like Lax Faux

Now that I finished my Latin IV final exam, I am officially on summer break. Nothing but my internship & beaches for weeks. But, before I begin my summer break, I need to address a very important issue: Lax bros.

This article came out in yesterday’s Boston Globe. The article features a few young dusters and lax rats and talks about the alleged lax bro phenomenon. Word to the Globe writer: this might have been interesting if you wrote it three years ago. The “Lax Bro” as a cool fad is DEAD.

Everything cool starts either with the high or the low. Trends start at elite frats from kids who went to prep school, or trends come from poor neighborhoods. We’ll focus on elite status because that’s what we know. Look at snap backs. They started at frats and prep schools, and as soon as public schools copied the style, it became uncool because it wasn’t an elite style. A few clueless hockey players still rock the look, but trust me, it’s fading fast. 

Lax bros are just like snap back hats. It was funny when the Ultimate Lax Bro video came out, but when 14 year old public school dusters who can’t use their off hand started wearing pinnies and shades to middle school  and called it “lax bro days” the fad was dead. No more “lettuce,” no calling your stick a “spoon.” If you have to wear clothes, hair or swag that lets everyone know you lax, you are trying way too hard.

The ULB video was funny because of the inside jokes about hotbeds of lacrosse and New England boarding schools. Now the little lax rats running around wearing sublimated Lacrosse Unlimited shorts are ruining lax. How long will it be before some stupid U13 team all wear feathers in their helmets like in “Crooked Arrows?”

One acceptable example of a lax pinnie worn off-field



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  1. TFM

    This is retarded no prep school hockey player rocks fucking snapbacks they all lax you’re basically going against your own statement.

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