5 Questions with Jack’s Heritage

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The Jack’s Heritage story began with a passion for American culture combined with an appreciation for high quality clothing. All of our products are created out of inspiration from traditional American sport, lifestyle, and our country’s unique and storied history.

Each product is produced in very limited quantities, completely in the United States. Our clothing is cut & sewn from soft, high quality fabrics and printed one-by-one in a small, one-man artisan shop in Brooklyn.

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Keeping with the tradition of Americans taking care of their own, we at JH are committed to giving back to those right here in our community who are less fortunate than ourselves. Find out how we are giving back here.

Thank you for supporting us and the entire Made in America movement.


5 Questions with Jack’s Heritage co-founders Pete Lucchesi and Cory Fahey

Pete, where did you go to prep school in New England?

I did a PG year at Kents Hill School in Maine

How did your experience at Kents Hill influence your sense of style?

My year at Kents Hill helped me to gain an appreciation for classic American style. I went to school with a lot of New England kids who really nailed the clean and classic preppy look. My roommate was into fashion and that’s when I started to gain interest in classic American clothing. I have always liked fashion (basically a life-long GQ subscriber), but it wasn’t until that year that I really started to appreciate this country’s rich history of men’s style.

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What inspired you guys to start JH and keep the production of your shirts domestic?

It was one of those ideas that was thrown around in college, but with all of our money going to beer in those days, there wasn’t much left to start a business. Once we got into the real world, we decided to give it a go. We had a solid vision of what we wanted the product to be: super soft tees that you would want to wear lounging on the weekends, but also great fitting and stylish enough to wear out to a night on the town; and we knew what we wanted the Jack’s Heritage brand to represent: classic and laid back, with a modern edge. It took us just over a year to do research, find a manufacturer that fit our needs, and develop our product. We definitely had no idea what we were getting ourselves into. It was a lot of time and money invested, but it was a lot of fun and we said that even if we didn’t sell a single shirt, we were satisfied with what we had done. 

There was also never any doubt that this would be a “Made in the USA” brand through and through. We love this country and both of our families have roots in American manufacturing in upstate New York, so we wanted to be a small part of the Made in USA movement. There has been this resurgence of a demand for American-made heritage goods, and we’re seeing that people are willing to pay a little bit more for American ingenuity and quality. We love it and want to continue to be a part of it.


Where do you see JH a year from now?

As any small business owners do, we have lofty goals for our company. We are also realistic, and know that it takes time to build a brand, so our main goal over the next year is to find new outlets to market our products and gain recognition. As long as we are steadily building our customer base, as we’ve been doing since December, we’ll be 100% satisfied.


Favorite spot to rock a JH shirt?

There’s no particular spot, but you can’t beat those laid back, long summer weekends with good friends and/or family with a cold one in your hand (or in a JH koozie). That’s the perfect setting to rock a JH shirt.


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