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NE prep school hockey represents in upcoming NHL draft

The New England Hockey Journal is a must-read for anyone following hockey in the Northeast. They always do a great job breaking down the local prospects moving up to the next level from prep school.

Here are some of the top prep prospects in New England, possibly joining The Show in a few years.

  • John Hayden–Brunswick School
  • Wiley Sherman–Hotchkiss
  • Ed Ellis–Phillips Andover
  • Ryan Segalla–Salisbury
  • Miles Wood–Nobles
  • Connor Light–Phillips Andover
  • Tyler Wood–Nobles

New England prep school hockey is some of the best HS hockey in the country, but there are not too many good quality videos online. First Scout does a ton of lax videos, but I found this one of PE hockey. Enjoy.

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Happy Birthday Ed Westwick!

Style for days

The staff at T&V would love to wish Gossip Girl starEd Westwick a Happy Birthday. For those of you who don’t know, Gossip Girl is a show that features a group of prep school students in NYC and their dramatic escapades. Ed Westwick plays the suave yet dark character, Chuck Bass. You could easily replace the “a” in his last name with an “o.”

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Is Ultimate Frisbee really a sport?


By Bill Kirk

There are no referees. No cheerleaders. And at the end of each game, the teams sing songs to each other.

This is certainly not your typical sport.

But it is Ultimate Frisbee.

Once derided as a game for hippies, Ultimate Frisbee has attracted growing interest from “nerds and geeks” who more than likely end up at elite colleges where they continue playing the sport they love.

– See more at:

The article states that lots of good schools have Ultimate Frisbee, including Phillips Andover. Big Deal. No officials means it’s not a sport. Can you think of one sport without some kind of official to enforce the rules? Even golf has officials in tournaments. And if you say Quidditch, just get out.

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Is this what happens at Barack Obama “Prep School?”

From The Daily Caller via Yahoo! News:

A seventh-grade boy was allegedly raped by another male student during gym class at Barack Obama Global Preparation Academy in Los Angeles two weeks ago.

The 13-year-old boy, identified only as Julian, is a special-needs student at the middle school, reports KTLA. He has the mental capacity of a six-to-eight year old.

The boy’s parents, who are also only identified by their first names, announced plans to to sue the Los Angeles Unified School District on Monday.

At a press conference, Brian Claypool, an attorney retained by the family, said that Julian’s physical education teacher left Julian unsupervised during class. The alleged assailant, an unidentified eighth-grade boy, then lured Julian behind a set of bleachers and sexually assaulted him.

Julian’s mother said she filed a complaint some two months ago because she feared that other students were bullying Julian during gym class. She says school officials did nothing in response.

Whoa, whoa, whoa! What is happening at Barack Obama Prep? Bad, bad stuff.

Shouldn’t you wait until someone is dead, or has actually done something before you name a school after them? And how is this school called a “prep school?” How does it compare to say, Deerfield or Choate?

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Boarding School sex ed taught by porn stars!

Guaranteed he isn’t wearing pants

From the Sun

SEX education classes by a PORN QUEEN are being considered at a posh boarding school.

Head Mark Slater said getting a blue movie star to tell her story to £28,000-a-year boys and girls could help put them off internet filth. But he stressed the historic school — whose former pupils include late News At Ten presenter Sir Alastair Burnet — could not invite just any old scrubber. The actress would have to possess proper “values” she could convey to kids. Mr Slater, who is retiring from The Leys at the end of the year, cautioned: “If somebody is spending their life doing that they may not have the sort of perspective on life that we would want.” But he stressed: “I wouldn’t rule it out — simply because of what they have done in their life — if I felt that person was going to put across good values and be a good influence.”

The 550-pupil Cambridge school — motto “In Fide Fiducia”, meaning “In Faith, Trust” — was founded by Methodists in 1875.
It boasts on its website of offering a “blend of traditional values and a forward-looking approach to education”.

Other famous ex-pupils include writers Peter Hitchens and his late brother Christopher. Another who spent schooldays there was film mogul J Arthur Rank.

 Just from the look on the Head of School’s face, you know two things: 1) This is a done deal; and 2) He has already been personally interviewing candidates. Total power move by Headmaster Slater.

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Rebel against the ordinary with Streaker Sports!

These shorts from our pals at Streaker Sports drop TOMORROW, and they are sweet.

Show your patriotic side by flashing the Bennington shorts, with the 76 & stars pattern from the Bennington Flag.

Or, show your wild side by rebelling in a pair of the Gadsden shorts with the “Don’t tread on me” snake. If you really are a prep school grad, you’ll impress people by telling them nemo me impune lacessit, which pretty much means the same thing.

Either way, you can’t go wrong. Believe me when I tell you that Streaker Sports shorts are some of the most comfortable shorts that I own.

Bennington_OB3 Bennington_OB1 3496 3491


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Thayer Academy grad testifies against Whitey Bulger

Coolly and calmly, former hit man John V. Martorano today continued to lay out a grim parade of murders in horrific, cinematic detail in his testimony in the trial of notorious gangster James “Whitey” Bulger in US District Court in Boston. 
Martorano, who testified that he tried to be a nice guy and rejected the label serial killer, has confessed to 20 murders but served only 12 years in prison after agreeing to testify for the prosecution.

My dad is really up on all of this Whitey Bulger stuff. Normally, I couldn’t care less, but when Dad said he heard that Martorano went to Thayer Academy, I got interested. After all, this guy killed 20 people. Not many people in the ISL can post that in their senior superlatives.

I looked it up, and sure enough, Thayer can claim this guy as one of their own! Sure, it was only for 6th and 7th grade, but so what?

You can take the boy out of Thayer, but you can’t take Thayer out of the boy.

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Catalina Island

As North Eastern preps rang in Memorial Day with barbecues on the Vineyard, all of us SoCal dwellers hopped on our boats and jetted off to Catalina Island for the weekend.  Many of the local yacht clubs have coves over at the island for their members to anchor/moor in.  Balboa Yacht Club in particular hosts an “Opening Day” over Memorial Day Weekend each year, signifying the official opening of the cove for the season.  While no wine mixers were attended, a fabulous time was enjoyed by all.  My family was spread across 3 boats and had at our disposal 4 paddle boards, 3 coves, 2 jet skis, and endless sun.  Saturday was spent hanging out between 2 coves (Moonstone and White’s); riding the jet skis, wakeboarding, paddle boarding, heading to shore to meet up with friends.  Sunday we headed to Avalon, the town everyone knows Catalina for.  We relaxed at the Tuna Club (the world’s oldest fishing club) for a while before hitting the bars and the Descanso Beach Club.  We left Monday afternoon, making it home just in time for the BYC barbecue.




PS- Family friend Corinne, from Boardwalks and Boulevards, came with us.  Check out her post about the trip here!

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