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Hit the links if you aren’t at Figawi


There has been so much noise in the golf world about Sergio Garcia talking about Tiger Woods and fried chicken. We’re all just way too sensitive. The real focus should be on how Sergio plays slower than a Galapagos Tortoise.

Many of our readers will be at Figawi, even though the weather is supposed to be less than ideal. We expect to have some of our readers sending us photos from Figawi parties, so follow us on Twitter and Facebook for updates.

The Boss will most likely be on the links after picking up a new set of sticks for a graduation present. I think that we would all agree that the hardest part about golf is getting into the right club.

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Concord Button Downs Announces New Collaboration


With the upcoming release of its spring line, Concord Button Downs has joined forces with five additional clothing companies to help expand the importance of American made clothing. In partnering with these other organizations, Concord Button Downs plans to release a lookbook highlighting products exclusively made in the United States. The project has been coined, “The Made in America Collaboration.” Along with this new partnership, Concord Button Downs will release their new line of fine shirting, as well as a renovated website. Just like their previous line of men’s shirts, Concord Button Downs’ founder, Dan Castelline, continues to produce quality products that are made in the United States. To help with “The Made in America Collaboration,” Castelline connected with: Collared Greens, an eco-friendly neck wear company located in North Carolina, Jack Donnelly Khakis, a Georgia based pant company, Lemon & Line, a bracelet brand founded in Rhode Island, Gameday Blazers, a South Carolina company producing colorful sport coats, and Orvis, a renowned sporting brand with headquarters in Vermont and Virginia. All five companies seek to create products that represent the richness and history of American-made clothing. “My hope for this lookbook was to create a collaboration of quality products made in States for alike customers. We want to highlight the craftsmanship of domestically made goods via multiple boutiques and companies” said Castelline. Concord Button Downs is excited to bring its customers a completely renovated website, spring line, and a new collaboration on Thursday, May 16, 2013. To purchase these products or learn more about upcoming promotions, visit


“The Made in America Collaboration is a stockpile of photographs, which highlight garments produced by local craftspeople. This collaboration was established to further unify companies that promote American made products, and believe in domestic ingenuity. Through the generosity of five independent clothing brands we outfitted our model entirely in American made apparel. As a result, this lookbook accentuates the unsurpassed quality of American products, while also demonstrating each company’s allegiance to support alike organizations. We feel privileged to have hosted such an event, and believe this shoot proves that Made in America is stronger now than ever before.”

-CBD Founder, Daniel Castelline


I’m really looking forward to seeing this “Made in U.S.A.” Lookbook as well as Concord Button Downs’ new site and Spring Line. Keeping a clothing brand’s manufacturing process domestic is no easy task. Celebrate the quality and history of domestic apparel by hash tagging #MadeinUSAcollab and liking CBD on Facebook.

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Prepping Your Wardrobe for Yachting Season

Saturday May 11th was the Opening Day of Yachting Season for Balboa Yacht Club, the official start of my summer mindset.  Below you’ll find many of the outfits donned by boaters and non-boaters alike to inspire your wardrobe. Enjoy!


photo (2)

Both outfitted entirely in Vineyard Vines



White and pastels were common


Stripes were clearly a popular choice

What are your summer staples?

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Independent School League Campus Rankings

St. George’s School in Middletown, RI

Reflecting upon my 5 years spent in the Independent School League, (I didn’t repeat; I included my year in the lower school) I’ve seen a fair amount of each campus in the distinguished league. After playing in a lacrosse game at St. Sebastian’s yesterday, I realized that while a handful of schools in the ISL have beautiful campuses, some are a bit inglorious in comparison. After discussing this observation with Groton alum and Chief Editor of T&V, Will Holley IV, we decided to put our heads together and rank the campuses of the ISL.

The Groton School on a rainy Fall day

3 Categories: Layout, Buildings, Grounds

Each category rank 1/5

#1: 15 Points – The Groton School

#2: 14 Points: – St. George’s School & Middlesex School

#3: 13 Points: – The Governor’s Academy, Nobles & Greenough School , Roxbury Latin School

#4: 12 Points – Lawrence Academy

#5: 11 Points – Milton Academy & St. Paul’s School

The Rest: Belmont Hill School, Brooks School, The Rivers School, St. Sebastian’s School, Thayer Academy, St. Mark’s School, Buckingham Browne & Nichols School

The famous castle of Nobles & Greenough for boarding students

Groton ultimately takes the cake due to its gorgeous grounds. Its landscape was designed by Frederick Law Olmsted who is famous for his design of Central Park in NYC.

   Layout  Buildings  Grounds Total Score
 Belmont Hill  2  4  4  10
 Brooks  2  2  3  7
 BB&N  1  2  2  5
 Governor’s  4  5  4  13
 Groton  5  5  5  15
 Lawrence Academy  4  5  3  12
 Middlesex  4  5  5  14
 Milton  4  3  4  11
 Nobles  4 5  4  13
 Rivers  2  3  3  8
 Roxbury Latin  3  5  5  13
 St. George’s  5  4  5  14
 St. Mark’s  3  2  3  8
 St. Paul’s  3  5  3  11
 St. Seb’s  1  1  2  4
 Thayer  1  3  3  7

While the endowments of the ISL range from unpublished (cough..Thayer..cough..) to $433 million (St. Paul’s), each school has a uniquely beautiful campus. As F. Scott Fitzgerald put it, “Riches have never fascinated me, unless combined with the greatest charm or distinction.”

The Rivers School

Roxbury Latin

St. Paul’s School

St. Mark’s School

Milton Academy


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