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Goodees Clothing Hat Giveaway!

Goodees Turtle Hat (Light Blue)

A few months back, we ran a giveaway with our friends from Goodees Clothing. We got another sweet hat to giveaway just in time for Spring Break!

To enter, gather points from the box below. The contest will open for entries at 12am, February 28th and end at 12am, March 14th. A winner will be randomly selected at the contest’s end. 

*Hint: gain extra points by tweeting at us once a day*

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Happy Valentine’s Day Weekend!

I know this day of serious PDA, mushy poems, and the smell of “love” in the air can be an annoying holiday for some people BUT I still thought it would be nice  to give all of you prepsters a Valentines Day Weekend Gift Guide and an Activity List of things to do no matter if you’re single or in a relationship. You may have forgotten to get that special someone a gift on Thursday and I wish you the best of luck with all of your attempts for redemption this weekend!

Valentine’s Day Weekend Gift Guide:

For Her:

  • Lilly’s New White Dress Collection

Wishlist lilly






  • The Best Bouquet She’ll Ever Receive








  • Studs from Tiffany’s




  • Chocolate, Duh!







For Him:

  • Cigar Chocolates

Choc. Cigars







  • Bow Ties






  • Tickets to See His Favorite Band/Team Play







  • A Nice Watch







Valentine’s Day Weekend Activities:

If You’re Romantically Involved:

  • Do the whole mushy, romantic dinner at a fancy restaurant and surprise each other with gifts
  • Go out on the boat for a night
  • Do something you’re both scared of
  • Spend the night in getting warmed up by the fire
  • Reenact your first date
  • Go ice skating together/play in the snow

If You’re Single & Loving It:

  • Grab your friends and go out
  • Have a fun night in with movies and your favorite treats
  • Write Valentine’s Day cards to soldiers or children
  • Spend the night with family making sure they know how much you love them
  • Go to an “Anti-Valentine’s Day” Party
  • Tell your crush you’re into him/her with a decorative cupcake

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And the Celebrity Prep School Grad of the Week is….

Patrick Bateman — Phillips Exeter

…Patrick Bateman (played by Christian Bale) from the film, American Psycho! In this film, Bale plays “A wealthy New York investment banking executive hides his alternate psychopathic ego from his co-workers and friends as he escalates deeper into his illogical, gratuitous fantasies,” as summarized by IMDB. 

I saw the movie a month ago and to be honest, it’s pretty fucked up. However, I do see how years of excessive, unhealthy stress from prep school and a career as a top investment banker could result in a fictional character driven to dementedness like Patrick Bateman. So, the moral I took away from PB pretty much don’t go to Exeter… kidding. In all seriousness, when life gets too stressful, take a break from the books and talk to your friends about your problems before you end up like the guy in the movie below.

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KillSwitch App Release

KillSwitch: The app that seamlessly and discretely removes traces of your ex from your Facebook profile!”

This Valentine’s Day, the KillSwitch app will release! Some questions obviously are running through your mind as you are reading this. Why do I care? Why is The Boss posting this? Well, I got the chance to talk to the co-founders, Clara and Erica, of KillSwitch and learned some pretty cool stuff about the app!

How did you get the idea to start up KillSwitch?
My co-founder, Erica Mannherz, and I have this one friend who every time she breaks up with her boyfriend, deactivates her FB account. It would take her forever to finally get up the nerve to re-activate and even then, it was a super painful process having to go through the minefield of FB pictures where she was still tagged w/her ex–reminders of when she was happy and in love. We couldn’t believe that there wasn’t a mechanism in place to account for this–after all, we live so much of our lives digitally now, and a big part of life is the end of relationships! So we invented KillSwitch, as a way to help people move on and reclaim that little corner of the internet you call your own (your FB profile).

With the small student bodies at private schools, how can KillSwitch help smooth over break ups on Facebook?
Quoteth Erica:  “The biggest bonus of KillSwitch is that fresh start. It’s hard enough trying to avoid your ex in the small student bodies of prep schools, why should you face the same challenges in your digital life as well? More than anything, it’s a way to really start a-new when you go on to college, an opportunity to meet new people and form opinions based on in-person interactions, not last year’s prom date.”
What is the best Valentine’s Day Gift you’ve ever received?
I can’t say there’s ever been a stand-out in Valentine’s Day gifts I’ve *received* (pretty standard jewelry, etc.) but I did *give* a pretty rad Valentine’s Day gift last year–I sent my long distance beau a taxidermied piraña with the note “you eat my heart alive.” 

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Spring Threads

Since Punxsutawney Phil indicated the upcoming seasonal change, it’s time to add a few new threads to your Spring wardrobe.

Indian Cotton Shirt — J.Crew

Whether you’re an online shopper (boarding students) or live a convenient 20 minutes from the nearest J.Crew (day students), every guy should be adding a few new button downs to their wardrobe. The J.Crew shirts have patterns to layer with solid sweaters, and also come in brighter colors for brighter days.

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5 Questions with Haymakers for Hope

I was recently put in touch with Andrew Myerson, Co-Founder of Haymakers for Hope, thanks to our friends at Streaker Sports! After getting in touch with Andrew, I had the pleasure of learning more about his charity organization.

1. How can prep schoolers around NYC and Boston get involved? 

There are a lot of different ways, but unfortunately fighting is reserved for men and women who are already out of college and in the work force. We are always looking for people to help us sell t-shirts around to help build awareness, and people who can help us spread the word about our organization. We always can use an extra set of hands on the night of the event as well.

2. Favorite moment while training/fighting in the ring?

Training is the toughest part, and the actual fight should be fun (should be). I would say win or lose the best moment is when that final bell rings because you get the most amazing sense of accomplishment. As Muhammad Ali said, “I hated every minute of training, but I said, ‘Don’t quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion.”

3. Where do you see Haymakers for Hope heading in 2013?

We’re going to do 3 shows in 2013. The timelines for our flagship Boston and NYC shows will be the same, and then we’re adding an all women’s show in October to benefit breast cancer month.

4. Favorite boxing movie?

Gotta be Rocky 4!

5. What are the most rewarding parts of involvement with Haymakers for Hope?

Outside of writing big checks to organizations like Dana Farber and Memorial Sloan Kettering, I would say being able to watch the development of each fighter over the four-month training program is really great to see. For a lot of fighters day one is the first time they’ve ever put on boxing gloves, so to see them go from learning to throw a punch, actually being able to get in the ring to fight in four months is a really amazing transformation.

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Preppiest Couple West of the Mississippi

Hi all! Based on my incessant habit of Instagramming (we can make it a verb, right?) this week, some of you may have picked up that my senior year Winter Formal took place last Friday, February 1st.  I guest posted for Grace from the blog Preppy on the West Coast this week and talked about everything from asking my date, to finding a location, to what everyone wore.  Click over to her blog to read all about it!

Everyone knows that the best part of a school dance is taking pictures with your date and getting to post them everywhere, so I’m taking full advantage of that.  We hired a photographer and took pictures at Balboa Yacht Club, looking over Newport Harbor. These are the results:


 We’ll pretend that the boutonniere didn’t poke him…


On him: shirt, Vineyard Vines | bow tie, Vineyard Vines

On her: dress, Lilly Pulitzer | belt, Another Line |shoes, Steve Madden

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Greater Boston Prep School Commits — 2013

Here’s a list of 2013’s most recent private school commits via The Boston Herald.


Amherst: Brian O’Malley (St. Sebastian’s), Matthew Gustafson (Belmont Hill), Anthony Bongiorno (St. John’s Prep), Nick Widen (Middlesex)

Bates: James Fagan (St. John’s Prep), Nick LaSpada (Billerica/Taft)

Bentley: Sean Myers (Roxbury Latin)

Boston College: Mackay Lowrie (Roxbury Latin), Tevin Montgomery (Tabor)

Bowdoin: Harrison Carmichael (North Attleboro), Brian Mullin (St. Sebastian’s), Daniel Wanger (Belmont Hill), Dylan Mann (Masconomet)

Brown: Richard Jarvis (Belmont Hill), Matt Girard (Phillips Exeter), Jake Whalen (Phillips Exeter)

Bryant: Aaron Gilmer (Thayer), Matt Rega (BB&N), Brandon Owens (BC High), Hunter Taute (Xaverian)

Colby: Justin Lamere (Milton Academy), Duncan Sewall (Milton Academy), Chris Marano (St. Sebastian’s), Mike Roberts (BC High)

Columbia: Willie Peoples (BB&N)

Cornell: Nick Bland (Milton Academy), Adam Basri (Milton Academy)

Dartmouth: Lucas Bavaro (St. John’s Prep), Jonathan DiBiaso (Everett/Phillips Exeter)

Elon: Ikenna Nwokeji (Thayer)

Endicott: F.J. Murphy (St. John’s Prep)

Franklin and Marshall: Brian Wolpe (St. Sebastian’s), Brendan Daly (St. Sebastian’s)

Hamilton: Matt Snider (BB&N), Conor Powers (St. John’s Prep)

Harvard: Devon Robertson (Phillips Exeter)

Holy Cross: Mark McGuire (BC High)

John Carroll: Pat O’Hearne (BC High)

Maine: John Reddington (Xaverian/Loomis Chaffee)

Mass. Maritime: Skyler Evans (BC High)

Merrimack: Stephen Camarro (St. John’s Prep), Jaleel Johnson (BC High), Justin Mount (Westford Academy)

McGill: John Oda-Gallagher (Milton Academy)

Michigan: Maurice Hurst (Xaverian)

Middlebury: Will Fleming (St. George’s), Ryan Rizzo (Milton Academy), Nick Andonian (Middlesex)

Penn: Alex Moore (St. John’s Prep), Austin Kreinz (Portsmouth Abbey)

Penn State: D.J. Crook (Barnstable/Worcester Academy)

Princeton: Luke Catarius (BC High)

Rhodes: Petros Davos (Belmont Hill)

Sacred Heart: Tim Johnson (BC High), Korey Kajko (Lexington/Wilbraham and Monson)

Simon Fraser: Andreas Robinson (Phillips Exeter)

Stanford: Lucas Hinds (Dexter)

Stonehill: Colin Smith (Governor’s Academy)

Trinity: Darrien Myers (Lawrence Academy), Archi Jerome (Thayer), Ben Rosenblatt (BB&N)

Tufts: Connor Drinon (St. Paul’s), Tucker Mathers (St. John’s Prep), Jackson Bockhurst (BC High)

UMass: Tyshon Henderson (St. George’s), Peter Ngobidi (Catholic Memorial), Costa Toubekis (Dexter)

Union: Harry Kennedy (St. Sebastian’s)

Villanova: Lincoln Collins (BC High)

Virginia: Jack McDonald (BC High)

Wake Forest: Brendan O’Neil (BB&N)

Wesleyan: Ryan Welch (Cushing) * also playing baseball

Williams: Jon Linen (St. Paul’s)



Georgetown: Jonathan Green (St. John’s)


UNC: Tate Jozokos (Governor’s Academy), Ryan Macri (Governor’s Academy)


Northeastern: Robert Schallmo (Thayer), Harrison Balder (Thayer)


Tufts: Carrie Copacino (BB&N)

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Lilly’s Newest Line

Lilly Pulitzer has released their newest Spring 2013 Line!  Here in Southern California, it’s somewhat tough to pull off all of the adorable patterns Lilly provides, but that doesn’t stop me from wearing the best southern prep brand on the market.  Here are my favorite pieces from the Spring Collection that can be rocked without getting wear looks from the girls in Brandy Melville (ew).

Rylan Dress
Sandrine Dress
How cute would this be for V-Day with a pink cardi?
Delia Dress
Cassie Dress
Pair with a floppy hat, and you have the perfect outfit for an afternoon out on the boat.
What are your favorite pieces from the Spring Collection? Comment below!

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And the Celebrity Prep School Grad of the Week is…

John Robinson

…John Robinson of Oregon Episcopal School! Robinson is best known for his role as Stacy Peralta in the film Lords of Dogtown. In his free time at Oregon Episcopal, Robinson enjoyed snowboarding and playing lacrosse. 

John Robinson as Stacy Peralta

While skateboarding isn’t really a hobby of any prep school students I know, L.O.D. still had one of the better storylines of the decade. I would rank it up there with The Fighter and Miracle. Lords of Dogtown also has an awesome soundtrack featuring the classic rock legends of the late 70s. If you haven’t seen the movie yet, watch the trailer below and then set it to DVR on your TV.

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