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And the celebrity prep school grad(s) of the week are…

…Luke and Owen Wilson of St. Mark’s School in Dallas, Texas.

Actually, All three Wilson brothers attended St. Mark’s, one of the oldest and most well known prep schools in Dallas. Luke was allegedly elected class president as a freshman. It’s hard to pick which one has been in a funnier movie, with Luke Wilson in Old School and Owen Wilson in Hall Pass. Probably going to give the nod to Owen, because Old School was all about Vince Vaughn and Will Ferrell.

I also like Hall Pass because one of my friend’s dad and sister are extras an earlier coffee shop scene in the movie.

You can decide for yourself.

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Power vs. Sail: The Great Debate

Having grown up on a harbor bordered by yacht clubs on every side, the rivalry between powerboats and sailboats has always been unavoidable.  Most clubs even host annual “Power vs. Sail” tug-of-war tournaments on their Opening Days.  On one hand, sailors consider themselves to be more “skilled” boaters; easily justifiable since sailing is more about the act of boating itself, with rigging and hoisting being the most important actions.  Whereas, power boating is more focused on arriving at a destination.

Personally, after a few childhood years spent in summer sailing camp, I much prefer power boating.  Coming from a family with a love for waterskiing and fishing, a sailboat seems to be an impractical choice.  However, I could not have more respect for the sailing culture—knot tying, tacking upwind, making sure the boom doesn’t knock anyone out…

Whether it’s an FJ or a catch, a picnic boat or a sport fisher, everyone has their own preference.  Which side do you identify with?

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Setting Sail with The OC Prep


Hey everyone!  I’m Savannah (The OC Prep), newest addition to the T & V staff and the first West Coast correspondent.  Born and raised in Newport Beach, California, I’ve grown up surrounded by all things prep: sailing, golden retrievers, cottages, art museums, yacht clubs, golf courses, monograms… I’ll be covering everything from weekends in Catalina (wine mixers, anyone?), to style spotting at Brooks Brothers on Rodeo Drive, to Duffy Electric Boat cruises in the Newport Harbor.  I’m more than overjoyed to begin my journey with loyal readers from all over the country and bring light to prep life in the West!


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GANT Rugger Holiday Collection

Subtlety vibrant colors  define GANT Rugger’s 2012 Holiday Collection.  Check out the entire collection at and see if there’s something that catches your eye for the Xmas list (or Dad’s!)

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It’s Black Friday. Time for your Christmas wishlist

Today is Black Friday–a common euphemism for the ultimate day in American consumerism.

Have you made up your wishlist? If you are a lovely lady reader of T & V, you will doubtless ask for something Lilly Pulitzer. Here in New England, it’s cold in the wintertime. Think Barbour.

If you are a guy, think outside the box. Buy your own copy of Assassin’s Creed and ask for this Dalvey shaving kit instead.

Here is a classic Christmas wishlist from a Deerfield bro. It’s been posted on Deadspin and Brobible, but they overlooked the prep school angle and just listed it as being from a Richmond bro.

The fact that he wants a new Deerfield lax hat is priceless. I know it’s from a few years ago, otherwise he could have claimed that Taylor Swift had stolen his.

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Happy Thanksgiving!

There is NOTHING better than turkey & football. Of course, prep schools do not have Thanksgiving football games, since boarding students go home or to a friends house for Thanksgiving. Our football season is over. However, there will be tons of great football on TV today and this weekend with college football rivalries on tap.

Have a great weekend!

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Harvard Yale Game

Despite the outcome of today’s rivalry matchup, Yale will always be superior due to the fact a group of Yale students disguised as Harvard pep rally members fooled thousands of Harvard students and alums to hold up an intricate grid of signs saying ‘WE SUCK’. My former english teacher/advisor was good friends with the Yale tricksters. Enjoy this timeless prank. 

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Sideline Swap

If you’re an athlete you love having apparel from you’re sport. Wether it’s a club team, college or at the professional level. Sideline Swap is the way to go. You can sell trade and buy things pertaining to your favorite sport. They even have stuff worn by pros and top college players. If you’re a lacrosse player like I am, this is heaven. They have helmets, heads, and uniforms worn by household names. Check out the website,, create your own locker where you can sell and trade. Give them a follow on twitter for some sweet promos as well(@SidelineSwap).

Founder Brendan Candon attended Chaminade in NY and played lax at Holy Cross as well.

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And the celebrity prep school grad of the week is…

…Tom Werner, co-owner of the Fenway Sports Group (Owner of the Boston Red Sox, Rousch Racing Group and Liverpool FC). Werner graduated from the Hotchkiss School before going to Harvard. After leaving Harvard, Werner went to Hollywood and produced many successful TV shows, including That 70’s Show.

As part of the Red Sox ownership, Werner was present for one of the worst collapses in history, and then actually signed paychecks for the Most Unlikeable Team Ever last season.

I remember my dad waking me up to watch the last inning of the 2004 World Series, and loving the Red Sox. Now, they have faded into obscurity for me and many of my friends. We’ll see what 2013 brings.

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Prepped for Success

Now that my equestrian meets are over and I have basically adjusted to college life, I think it’s time for me to start posting again. (Sorry about that…)

It has recently come to my attention that people feel caught between seasons when mid-November rolls around. People don’t know if they should still be in the autumnal mindset – since Thanksgiving festivities have yet to take place – or if it is socially acceptable to start blasting “A Holly, Jolly Christmas.” I’m here to tell you that if Hurricane Sandy and that weird tropical storm met up and gave you some snow, it is more than OK to start decorating. I’m never one to rush the seasons but making a wish list, drinking hot cocoa, and going to hockey games (despite the NHL lockout) gets me more excited than a teenage boy on the opening sales day for Black Ops 2.

Take a cue from socialite Olivia Palermo and her friends Matthew Williamson & Johannes Huebland by putting some prep in your step this Thanksgiving and  holiday season. The leftward photograph features Palermo and Williamson in fall attire and the right transitions to her more recent winter garb with Huebland. In the meantime while we wait for winter to approach, here’s a question for you to consider not just on Thanksgiving but every day: What are you thankful for?

♥ Stay Preppy

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