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Breaking News: Bomb threat at Groton

According to student sources, there was a bomb threat at the Groton School this past Saturday morning.

One Groton Senior-who preferred to remain anonymous-told T&V staff, “Somebody left a typed out note outside [the deans office] that said, ‘there will be a bomb tomorrow night.'”

Police were called in as well as dogs and the bomb squad.  Student sources report that the authorities are in the process of fingerprinting the letter. 

Students report the letter was written on a school computer the night before, as the computer had been left open by the author. 

In the most respective way possible, we have dubbed the alleged perpetrator, the Zebra Bomber.

We will keep our readers updated with news.

Scandals and scares at prep school are usually kept on the down low. Here at T&V, our goal is to inform prep school students the events at other schools in the most candid and informative way possible. This is an attempt to keep rumors from spinning out of control weeks down the road. To the best of our abilities, we’ll report the facts.

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Sandy messing with the prep life #That****IDontLike

Just when you thought Sandy was an irrelevant storm headed to destroy Atlantic City and leave New England at peace, she becomes relevant. All I wanted to do on my “college visit day” on Monday was pick up a new pair of L.L. Bean Duck Boots and she causes a state of emergency in MA–put into effect by Governor Patrick, a Milton Academy alum. 

Sandy even blew out the docks at multiple Cape Cod Yacht Clubs! From what I’ve heard, Thames St. in Newport is flooded and MV & ACK are underwater. WHERE DO YOU DRAW THE LINE, SANDY? Protect the preps. Do away with the Jersey Shore!

In response to Sandy: CUE THE MUSIC!


In all seriousness, the T&V team hopes all preps remained safe and sound throughout the storm.

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Taylor Swift dumps Deerfield junior

Say it ain’t so!

OK, so he is a repeat junior. Still, to be a junior at Deerfield and to have dated Taylor Swift definitely pumps up your cred and makes you achieve legend status amongst your bros. The word is that Taylor Swift will record and release a new album in the next week, and the top single will be “I will never, ever, ever date a prep school student again (ever).”

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And the celebrity prep school grad of the week is…

…Anthony Bourdain of the Dwight-Englewood School in New Jersey. DE is a well-known day school in Englewood, NJ, and Anthony Bourdain ’73 is one of their most well-known grads. Bourdain is in his final season as host of “No Reservations” on the Travel Channel. As host and a former chef, Bourdain has traveled to some pretty unusual places, including Iceland, Ghana, Namibia and Cleveland. He is pretty funny, kind of like your friend’s  dad who always has a good one-liner. Many shows focus on finding food to cure his inevitable hangover.

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Liquid Flow – $30 Off

Liquid Flow is currently running a $30 off sale until November 15th!  Just use the code: “October30” at checkout!  Liquid Flow are known for their go everywhere do everything shorts which come in a multitude of designs and patterns. The fast drying shorts come with a waterproof pocket, making them perfect for going from the links right into the surf or the hot tub. Pick them up now for Thanksgiving down in Palm Beach. Liquid Flow

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Fall is in the air and it’s time for a Red Fish Brand Lowcountry Coat

On my late winter trip to Charleston last year, I stopped in at Grady Ervin on King Street and spotted this sweet coat by Redfish Brand. Called the “Lowcountry Coat,” this outerwear equally at home in fighting off the chill in air on the way to classes as it is in warding off the cold in a duck blind.

The interesting thing about the Lowcountry Coat is that it can be used as a coat, as a seat and as a backpack. Check it out yourself on Red Fish Brand’s website, or better yet, stop by Grady Ervin if you are in Charleston.

  • Lightweight coat, 8 oz. canvas duck – double thick
  • Heavy Red Fish Logo buttons
  • Oversized shell pockets
  • Oversized expandable inside and back entry game pouch
  • Oversized front entry game pouches
  • Chest pocket
  • Inside chest pocket
  • Sleeves made for easy alterations
  • Inside bridle leather match strike
  • Solid brass weatherproof compass
  • Adjustable seat belt strap, back pack straps

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Prep School Death Match… I Mean Presidential Debate

Two of the most influential prep school alums go head to head tonight. If you missed the last debate, you missed a good one. Experts predict Obama will come back twice as strong and I’m excited to see if  Romney uses a defensive or offensive approach this time around. Tonight only: it’s Romney of Cranbrook vs. Obama of Punahou School.

Let’s get a prep school poll. Based on your opinion, who will win the Prep School Death Match–I mean, Presidential Debate tonight?

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And the celebrity prep school grad of the week is…

…Olivia Wilde of Phillips Academy Andover.

Olivia Wilde makes me wonder why we have not featured her until now. Looking at her IMDB trivia, I can summarize that she is a natural blond vegan who was ranked as #15 on the 2011 Maxim “Hot 100” list, is currently single and once won a pancake eating contest in Australia. My kind of girl.

You can catch Olivia Wilde in the next year in “Black Dog, Red Dog,” “Better Living Through Chemistry,” and “Drinking Buddies.”

Way to go, PA Andover!

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JJ Threads Giveaway

Thanks to our friend Jay Wich, Founder of J.J. Threads, we’re running an awesome giveaway! A few months ago, I designed and ordered my third J.J. and it’s safe to say, this is my best design yet. The perfect combination of preppy and frat. Casual and dressy. Overall a damned sharp custom button down. You only feel as good as you look, so why not feel as good as The Boss in your very ownCherry Blossom button down? 

The giveaway ends Wednesday at Midnight so hurry to enter!

If you aren’t an optimistic person, click our JJ add for 20% off your own custom shirt.

Hint: Get more points by tweeting at us and @jjthreads daily. Good luck!

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Milton Academy @ St. Sebastian’s ***Under The Lights***

If you’re around Boston tonight, head over to St. Sebastian’s in Needham. 7pm under the lights. Both school are undefeated. More info can be found on the FB event wall here.

If you can’t make it to the game, or just can’t wait to see the action, here’s what’s in store for Milton’s backfield. Meet Connor Strachan ’14. Strachan has been getting tons of legit D1 looks lately including BC, Stanford, and ND. He will eat you.

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