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J.J. Threads Giveaway/Competition

Have you ever bought that bright new Brooks Brothers shirt on the weekend, only to arrive back at school to see your classmate wearing the same one? What to do? Hide the shirt in your closet, hoping that your parents forget that you ever made the purchase? Intimidate the other kid into burning his? Text him/her the night before to make sure you don’t both wear it the next day? With all of the stores carrying the same swag, this has happened to me, but not since I discovered J.J. Threads. 

Thanks to J.J. Threads, I can easily design a unique shirt with endless possibilities with the click of a mouse. No overpriced independent tailor, no catalog, no hassle.

J.J. Threads has been rapidly growing as an up & coming name in the prep fashion industry thanks to their ties in the prep and lax communities. The founder of J.J. Threads attended prep school in Maryland and then became a four year starter on Harvard’s lax squad a few years ago. The company’s shirts have been featured on Inside Lacrosse and Bro Bible. There are many well-known names in the lacrosse community to have their own custom-designed J.J. Threads shirt on the website (Paul Rabil, Connor Martin/ConBro Chill and Quint Kessenich to name a few).

Customizable for both ladies and gents, J.J. Threads is perfect for any prep occasion, casual or formal.

J.J. Threads is more than just a shirt-maker. We have scoured the globe to put together a unique and interesting collection of the world’s best shirting fabrics. These textiles, combined with the skill of Hong Kong’s world-renowned tailors results in hundreds of years of expertise coming together to deliver a beautifully made shirt directly to your doorstep.

Using our interactive design interface, you can choose the fit, details and finishes of your preference to ensure that every J.J. Threads garment you purchase reflects your signature style. Our customer-centric attitude sets us apart from the typical shirt company. Unique in the industry, we strive to bring people from all over the world together to share their designs and collaborate on new ones via our online community.

Designed by you. Made by us.

So here’s the competition:

Design the shirt of your dreams here:

Click the share by email button underneath “Choose size & fit” and email your design to

Top 5 shirts will be posted on site and voted on. 

1st place wins the shirt of their dreams. All other participants will receive a 30% discount code!


Contest ends June 13, 2012. 12am ET

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Avicii vs. Lenny Kravitz – Superlove (Original Mix)


New Beats from Avicii. This Progressive House song is sure to make your speakers bumb in the locker room before and after a game. Avicii comes to the TD Garden June 15 and he will put together a great set.

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Happy Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day. Remember that it’s not all about BBQ & ballgames.

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The dress code diaries–Cape Madras pants

Another day and a late season edition of the dress code diaries. School is almost done for us private schoolers. That means prize day, awards, ceremonies, etc. By this time of year, your favorite khakis are probably stained from the chocolate soft-serve ice cream that your buddy spilled on you, or they are frayed at the cuffs. In any event, you would probably look pretty damned chill in another pair of pants.

If you get the drift, check out a certified Twines & Vines favorite: Cape Madras. Founded in Cape Elizabeth, Maine,  Cape Madras offers cool styling for both guys & girls. I love a girl in madras. In fact, Twines & Vines could really use a new female style correspondent. Hit me up if you are interested.

True fact about The Boss: like Cape Madras, I was born in Maine.


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Headed to Figawi This Weekend?

Are you headed to ACK to see the first major regatta of the Northeast this year? If so, you should probably stock up on some new threads to replace the favorite shirt or hat that you will invariably lose during the weekend.

For a great deal on things you love, check out the Tuckernuck online store over at

True trivia about The Boss: I have a classmate named after Tuckernuck Island

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Nine Fantastic Prep School Novels…I mean Films


The Huffington Post just put up an article titled “Nine Fantastic Prep School Novels.” I looked over the list and I have read exactly one of these books, which was Catcher in the Rye. I thought that Holden Caulfield was kind of a whiny loser, so that wouldn’t make my list.

This is a visual world, and movies are the new books. It doesn’t matter that some of the facts in “The Social Network”are wrong. Because they are on screen, people believe them.

With that in mind, here are nine great prep movies:

  1. Dead Poet’s Society–No brainer
  2. Scent of a Woman–No brainer part II
  3. School Ties–Filmed at Middlesex School. I have a friend who could play Matt Damon in the remake.
  4. Outside Providence–“Exactly how many people do you know named ‘Drugs,’ Mr. Dunphy?”
  5. Old School–Not exactly at a prep school, but it’s frat.
  6. Point Break–“Utah, gimme two!”
  7. The Social Network–They were all prep school grads
  8. Mighty Ducks III–Ducks on scholarship
  9. Superbad–OK, Seth and Evan were public school kids, but this movie crosses all lines. Plus, Evan and McLovin were going to Dartmouth. Actually, what are the odds that they would BOTH get into Dartmouth?

(Profanity in both clips)

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Prep school video of the week

Teachers at The Rivers School in Weston, MA with a flash mob performance of “Call Me Maybe”

You can easily see which teachers had experience at the legendary prep school dances when they were in middle school and which ones didn’t. 

Classic Mr. Caplan.

In a related story, The Rivers School was ranked as the 21st best high school in the country in an article in the Washington Post. I’ll bet that the author did that rating before he knew about Twines & Vines.

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Prep Video of the Week


(Warning: Profanity)

Here’s a new series of posts dedicated to brightening up your week. Need something besides facebook and twitter to procrastinate and avoid writing your research papers? Watch these videos!

This cover really reminds me of Wedding Crashers for some reason. 

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Vineyard Vines 30% off Sale Today!

Get over to the Vineyard Vines site for a big 30% sale on select items today!

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The Dress Code Diaries

This series of posts is intended to serve as a crutch for the unimaginative boarding schoolers who have to follow a specific dress code (coat, tie, khakis).

For this edition of The Dress Code Diaries, we’re featuring the newly back-in-style Pocket Squares. As you see above, both Daniel Craig and Yeezy look especially dapper.  Pocket squares have been around for the past hundred years worn in suits, but only recently have made a resurgence amongst the well dressed.

A pocket square can instantly add a splash of color or taste to any blazer or sport coat. We at T&V recommend color matching your pocket square to tie or bow tie, or simple working with a traditional Irish linen square.  Owning at least one linen and one silk pocket square is recommended,  as each material brings a different tone to your attire.  Linen is more of a day square, while silk looks excellent in the evening with your Stubbs.

If you don’t already know how to fold a pocket square, Brooks Brothers has a nice guide on different folds.

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