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Keep Your Doggy in Style

Anchored Style – Crimson Signal Flag Dog Collar

New Anchored Style Dog Collars & Leads are made of the best quality ribbons and solid brass hardware.  Some things are just worth the investment.  American Made. 


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The Dress Code Diaries

This series of posts is intended to serve as a crutch for the unimaginative boarding schoolers who have to follow a specific dress code (coat, tie, khakis).

We all realize that many boarding schoolers have credit cards (their parents or their own), which can be used to add to their weekly wardrobe. Rather than wearing the same three pairs of pants and ties every week with that old, shiny Ralph Lauren blue blazer, I’ll be giving you tips/ideas for new clothing items you can purchase to swag up your style while still following the dress code.

For the first post of the series, I figure it’s safe to say every prep needs at least one bow tie in his rotation of ties. Learning how to tie your own bow tie is an essential rite of passage to being a gentleman.

Cordial Churchman – Waite Bow Tie

Cotton/Linen blend

Light blue and pink stripes


Seeing as how it’s Spring and all, it’s time to hide your bright red and green Christmas ties away in your suitcase. May is the perfect month to rock linen bow ties. This combo of Baby Blue and Pink will go well with almost any colored blazer. Try to match it with a ribbon belt too.

The Cordial Churchman offers some pretty unique hand made bow ties which are half the price of most preppy bow ties on the market. Check out their story and get yourself a new bow to add to your boarding school wardrobe.

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Now That’s a Frog

If this video doesn’t freak you out I don’t know what will.  Great pet for the dorms. Enjoy!



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Young Blood (Tiesto and Hardwell Remix)

New Remix by legendary DJ, Tiesto, along with up and coming DJ, Hardwell. Great progressive-house song, which is gaining a great deal of popularity recently. Great post game locker room song for celebrating.

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Twines & Vines hits 500!!!

Holy $@#&. Five hundred posts!

I never thought we would get this far, but here we are. I just started the site as a way to blog about prep school, prep clothing, movies and sports.

Twines & Vines is spreading and we just added a few more writers who should be adding more content to the site. Thanks to all of our loyal readers for your support!

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Summer can’t get here quick enough

I don’t know about you, but it’s late April, freezing cold and I am ready for school to be out and summer to kick into full swing.

Thank God that private schools are done with school on just 6 weeks–counting finals. No snow days. No extended school year. Out in early June y’all.

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How to look chill AF @ your prom

High Cotton Ties Blue Gingham

If you go to private school, chances are you already had your prom, or you are having it this weekend. If not, here is a hint: check out High Cotton Ties.  I went to prom rocking their blue gingham bowtie & cummerbund set and I must say that it looked pretty good. I think that there were only two kids wearing self-tie bowties. Not good, bros. Master that before you go to college, especially if you are going to school south of the Mason-Dixon line.

This particular set is sold out on High Cotton Ties’ website, but you can probably find it on eBay.

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Kimball Union grad is a lax cage monster by day & mix-master by night


From the Tufts Daily newspaper, April 24, 2012

On the night of Tuesday, April 10, the lights shone bright upon Bello Field. As the stars came out and the final seconds ticked off the clock in Tufts’ 11−5 defeat of Endicott, the Jumbos rushed the field and collapsed into a dog pile in front of the cage. In the middle of the scrum was backup goalie Mike “Cheese” Maggiore, a sophomore who had just seen his first minutes of collegiate play.

But that wasn’t the top moment of the night for Maggiore. As the Jumbos lined up to shake hands with the Gulls and fans assembled along the fence, a familiar song came blasting through the loudspeakers. It was Maggiore’s own voice, and all of a sudden even the goal he’d let in that night couldn’t wipe the toothy grin from his face. The song, ironically, was called “Smile,” a track on the rapper’s second studio album, “The SKLife, Volume Two,” which he released this month.

Dubbed “Cheese” in middle school by his brother Matt because of a scene in the film “Old School” (2003), Maggiore prefers these days to go by his artist name, “CheddaSK.” And while his imprint on the stat sheet may be small, he has his eyes on something bigger: giving a voice to Tufts by representing himself and his team through music.

Last spring, Maggiore debuted his musical talent with his first mixtape, “The SKLife, Vol. 1,” and in April, his sophomore album, a 10−track collection of studio quality recordings produced by local talent Mike Irish, hit the Web.

Pretty cool story, but if you know anything about prep schools, you can’t swing a d-pole without hitting a few aspiring rappers or DJ’s. Our school has a few who have been featured here on Twines & Vines, not to mention preps like Sam Adams and Jazz Cartier. 

Who would nickname their little brother “Cheese” from “Old School?” That was the dean’s nickname, and everyone hated him and locked him in a dumpster. I would have went with “Blue” if my little brother was a boss. Well, actually, my little bro is kind of a boss, but he’s already got a nickname.  

On another note, J.J. Threads has been outfitting Pro laxers to Djs with sick shirts–Why not hookup a combo of both?


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Starbucks will stop using ground up beetles in their products…what???

(Reuters) – Starbucks Corp said on its blog on Thursday that it will stop using a natural, government-approved coloring made from crushed beetles in its strawberry flavoring by late June, bowing to pressure from some vegetarian customers.

Kids at my school (especially girls) LOVE Starbucks. Little did we know that the red coloring in the strawberry Frappuchinos was made from crushed up cochineal beetles. And to think that it took vegans to help get this changed. Normally, I don’t like vegans, as our school serves some pretty disgusting food to satisfy vegans, yet won’t serve chicken fingers any more. Don’t even get me started. But at least we can thank vegans for getting the beetles out of Starbucks products.

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And the Celebrity Prep School Grad of the Week is…

Hakeem Lecky, Avon Old Farms ’10, Syracuse ’15!

Redshirted with an injury during his Freshman campaign with the Orange, Lecky has bounced back this year as one of their top midfielders. Before Syracuse, Lecky was born in Jamaica and then adopted by a family living on Nantucket Island, MA. Massachusetts lax rumors have it that in high school, Lecky moved to Duxbury to play for the reigning state champions and alma mater of Max Quinzani. After winning multiple state champions, Lecky pg’d at Avon Old Farms where they finished as one of the top teams in the elite Founders League.


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